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How many times has it happened that you open your closet, it is overflowing, and yet you have “nothing to wear“? Or you bought just the perfect new shoes in the it-color of the season, but can’t figure out how to build an outfit around it? That’s where your wardrobe essentials come in. Having your basics in place can save you in those “I-want-to-look-perfect-but-I’m-super-late” situations.

Building a perfect, versatile wardrobe collection is not a day’s job, but it certainly helps to strategize your needs, just like you would in, let’s say, a project in your office. So I’m listing down all items or wardrobe essentials from apparel to accessories that are absolute must-haves in a girl’s wardrobe. These staples can be mixed and matched to create numerous outfits, from work to casual, to night-outs to anything. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Let’s go to Part 1 then –

the Fashion Clothes Wardrobe Essentials!

1. A flattering pair of jeans: We all have many pairs, but the essential one would be in a style that’s in, right now, for example, a faded skinny jeans in the denim shade of your choice, but not other colors, just basic denim. It should be comfortable and yet flattering for you. It shouldn’t be baggy or make you look too fat or too skinny. Yes, it is possible, and yes, that’s why it is the #1 fashion essential.


Alexander Wang High-Rise Skinny Jeans

2. A basic black tee: For all those times when you want to wear that new skirt and “put the focus on it”, and those times when you have a new jacket to flaunt and need something to layer it on, and those times when you can’t decide what to wear, and on those long-haul flights when you just don’t care what to wear, and even those when you haven’t shaved your underarms. The perfect tee should not be too lose or too short. It should be a comfortable length with a comfortable neckline, and have short sleeves, almost 5-inch long, so it looks chic.


James Perse Casual Slub Cotton T-Shirt

3. A basic knee-length or maxi dress: A comfortable knee-length or maxi dress in a solid color is a must-have. Try a basic color like blue or black, or something that suits your skin-tone, such as peach or white. The perfect dress should fall just above or below your knee, it can be in a style that flatters your body-type, but should not be too tight. It should be casual but you can wear it in the evenings too. That’ll make it very versatile so you can travel with it, as well as wear it on a day out, etc.

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Chicwish Mint Blue Skater Dress

4. A button-up white shirt: I love white shirts because they look very classy, effortless, and they can be used to create both formal and casual outfits. A perfect shirt can have either full or half or three-quarter sleeves, it can be long (pair it with skirts and jeggings) or short (with jeans).


Yves Saint Laurent Vintage White Diamante-Button Shirt

5. A little black dress: No one can overstate the importance of the LBD, everyone’s favorite piece of clothing, loved by celebrities and the girl-next-door alike! This is so versatile, and can be dressed up or down.

Read my article on the Perfect Little Black Dress- How to wear from Day to Night | Pack Light for Travel-Part 1.


Vero Moda Little Black Dress

6. Black or navy button-up cardigan: I can say how important this is, because I have both black and navy. These work so well when you still want to wear a dress and it’s a bit cold out, or when you are indoors but the air-conditioning doesn’t let you be comfortable. These also work when you feel like wearing a nice strapless dress or a lingerie-inspired top but don’t wanna show too much skin!


Tory Burch Navy Cardigan

7. Opaque leggings: These can come in handy so many times you can’t even count. Anytime from when you’re traveling to a conservative place but you have only shorts to wear, to when you want to wear that mini at halloween, to when you haven’t waxed/shaved your legs but still want to wear a dress!


Donna Karan Stretch Jersey Leggings

8. Formal trousers: Even if your office doesn’t call for formal wear, it’s always good to have at least one pair of basic formal trousers in your wardrobe. Why? Because you’ll want to wear them for interviews, or quick business meetings, networking events, or any other formal evening when you don’t have anything to wear. They should be straight-cut and structured, so they don’t look too skinny like jeans or baggy like pajamas, and so that they still fit well if you don’t use them often and have gained or lost a few pounds.


Dorothy Perkins Black Straight-Cut Trousers

9. A silk top: To pair with those formal trousers, or to wear under jackets or cardigans, to wear on dates or just parties, theatre or recitals, on your brother’s graduation or when you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents, or whenever you want to look polished! Because those times when you’re invited to fancy events, or want to make that perfect first impression always crop up unexpected!


Lola Jeanne Purple Silk Top

10. Black formal jacket/blazer: I love these, and am never without one! They can be worn to work, meetings, parties, weddings, or even casually. I like to pair them with anything and everything, sometimes formally, and sometimes sleeves rolled up in a fun way!


Alice+Olivia Satin Trim Cropped Blazer

So what do you think of this ‘wardrobe essentials’ list? How many of these do you have? Comment below, lemme know!!

I’ll write soon about the essential must-have accessories. Until next time, au revoir! 🙂

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