How to Find Your Body Type and How to Dress for it

Here’s how to find your body type the easiest way: no calculations required! With these tips on dressing for your body shape, you’ll NEVER go wrong again!

Hey wonderful! You know what’s the most basic thing all well-dressed girls know? Their body type and what clothes best suit their frame. Knowing your body type will ultimately give you a better sense of the clothes to shop for that you’ll actually end up wearing. Let’s just say it’s the first step towards developing your personal style.

The Easiest Way: How to Find Your Body Type

There are five major body types – pear, rectangle, hourglass, diamond and strawberry.

Step #1: Measure Yourself

The first step is to pick a measuring tape and take 3 measurements:


Step #2: See Which Body Shape Most Closely Resembles You

According to your measurements, find out which of these body shapes yours is. Lemme detail it out below:

How to Find Your Body Type Body Shape female-different-pear-shaped-diamond-hourglass-strawberry

Pear Shaped Body Type


When the largest number amongst all your measurements is that of your hips. You have a well-defined waist but your hips are fuller than your breasts.

How to Dress for Pear-Shaped Body Type

  • Wear outfits that make your bust seem proportional to your butt.
  • Avoid poofy skirts that make your butt look even bigger –  like tulle or ruffled.
  • Try long cardigans, cape tops and maxi dresses in thin fabrics.

Celeb example: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have pear-shaped bodies.

Rectangle Body Type


When all your measurements are equal or appear similar. Your waist is less well-defined.

How to Dress for Rectangle-Shaped Body Type

  • Wear dresses with a well-defined waist.
  • Try feminine tops and skirts to balance your rectangle-shape – such as ruffles.
  • Wear fringe tops and bubble skirts. Add a belt.
  • Avoid dresses that don’t have a well-defined waist, especially in semi-stiff fabrics.

Celeb example: Selena Gomez and Anne Hathaway have rectangle bodies.


Hourglass Body Type


When the smallest number amongst all your measurements is that of your waist AND it is considerably smaller than the rest (more than 5 inches smaller). You have a well-defined waist.

How to Dress for Hourglass Body Type

  • Accentuate your well-proportioned body by cinching your waist with a skinny belt.
  • Wear well-fitted pieces for balance so that no extra poof is added.
  • If you wear flared skirt, balance the top with a ruffle top.
  • Wear crop tops to show-off your well-defined waist.

Celeb example: Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Rihanna have hourglass bodies.

Diamond Shaped Body Type


When the largest number amongst all your measurements is that of your waist AND you have curvy breasts and hips. Women usually also get this body-type during or right after pregnancy.

How to Dress for Diamond-Shaped Body Type

  • Wear clothing that hides your curvy waist. Such as cowl tops with long cardigans.
  • Wear empire waistline or babydoll-type tops/dresses. Try maxi dresses.
  • Avoid stiff fabrics like tulle or organza. Wear floaty or thin fabrics like lycra, chiffon or cashmere.

Celeb example: Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have diamond-shaped bodies.


Strawberry Shaped Body Type

how-to-dress-for-strawberry how to find your Body Shape female-type apple-full-bust-breasts-curvy

When the largest number amongst all your measurements is that of your bust AND your breasts are fuller and curvier than your butt.

How to Dress for Strawberry-Shaped Body Type

  • Wear skirts or jeans that are fuller, so that your hips look proportional to your bust.
  • Avoid ruffle tops or fringe tops.
  • Wear skinny tops or peplums with boyfriend jeans or tulle skirts.
  • Try thin fabrics like georgette or cashmere for tops and stiff fabrics like tulle or denim for skirts/bottoms.

Celeb example: Kate Upton and Salma Hayek have strawberry shaped bodies.

“Your true body type is what’s in your mind, not what’s in the mirror.”

Lastly, these are some points to remember:

Things to Remember

  • All of these are just GUIDELINES and not RULES.
  • Every girl is different. And your true body type is what’s in your mind, not what’s in the mirror. So wear what you feel the best in!
  • The best way to find out what looks best on you is to try out different styles of clothes when you are out shopping.
  • When you buy a new style, try it in front of the mirror with different things that are already in your closet to see what it can be best paired with.

So beautiful, I hope now you know not only how to find your body type, but also what it is, and how you’re gonna dress for your body type! I’m sure you love your body, now matter what shape it is, and with a little effort, you can rock just about any type of outfit!

Keep it stylish! XOXO

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