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Accessories can make or break an outfit. They have the power to make your outfit look run-of-the-mill, or very you! “A woman makes her outfit her own with accessories,” said Oscar de la Renta. And how you pair them with your clothes is totally up to you, whether you want to wear sneakers with a dress, or a pearl necklace with your shorts, but there are some essential accessories that should be in every girl’s closet. So, as a part two of my previous post, 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Girl | Fashion Clothes, I am making a list of 11 essential accessories.

So here goes – Wardrobe Essentials for Every Girl – Part Deux:

1. A pair of sneakers/ trainers: So comfortable, so versatile! A pair of sneakers can not only be used for your daily jogs, but be your pair of go-to shoes when your feet are just tired from a night of partying. Pick any color or style you like!


Nike ‘Roche One’ Trainers

2. Go-To Shoes: Preferably flat or wedges, something comfortable that you can walk in, for all those days when you go to the movies, meet friends, classes, and what not. The perfect shoe should be in a color that goes with most of your wardrobe, and should be comfortable enough to not give you a shoe-bite every time!


Charles and Keith Ankle Strap Sandles

3. Sunglasses: A great pair of sunglasses is not just for utility, but also to make a fashion statement, so investing in one is a must. They jazz up every outfit, and make you look really cool and sexy! The perfect essential pair would be in a color that doesn’t clash with your hair-color, and large enough to give good protection to the eyes, as well as look chic and trendy.


Burberry Oversize Square Frame Sunglasses

4. A go-to handbag: This can be big or small, cross-body or shoulder, but it shouldn’t be a backpack, or a clutch. The essential handbag should be in a color that either camouflages with your wardrobe, like white or beige, or a color that contrasts it well, like red or turquoise. It should also be in a style that you can wear to work as well as out casually or in the evening. Check out this article for more on this!!

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Philip Lim Soleil Mini-Chain Shoulder Handbag

5. Signature pendant: Something small, yet personal – a signature pendant should reflect your personality and look beautiful and unique. It can be anything, a geometric shape, a flower-shaped, gothic or just a tiny ring or diamond, or even your name or initials, like the famous ‘Carrie’ necklace from Sex and the City- anything that you can wear when you want to dress down or wear multiple, layered accessories.


GBGH Jewelry the Pyrite Pendant

6. Chic outdoor flip-flops: I personally love flip-flops so much, because I can wear them anytime without hurting my feet or giving myself shoe bites at the back of my feet. They are good for the beaches, for going out with friends or to classes. An essential pair should be in a color that matches your go-to handbag (see above), and should be soft and comfortable, something you wouldn’t wear while showering but yet wouldn’t mind getting wet if it rains or on impromptu plans to the beaches. Try something fun like glittery or studded.


Melissa+Jason Wu Harmonic Flip-Flops

7. Skinny belt: This is a must-have for any girl who likes to layer her clothing, like cardigans or scarves. So you can use your belt with your dresses, or to slim down those lose cardigans over dresses, or to give shape to those long tops when you wear it with a scarf. It is always nicer to bring a little structure to your outfit. And I chose skinny belt over broad as an essential item because skinny belts can work both for formal outfits as well as casual, they feel more versatile. For parties, you can go for an embellished skinny belt.


Maison Boinet beige Rhinestone Skinny Belt

8. Black comfortable low-heeled pumps: Pat yourself on the back if you find a pair of shoes that have heels and are still comfortable. Because they can be worn with dresses, jeans, work-wear, what not. And you also have something to pair with the formal trousers and silk tops I mentioned above!


Modcloth Redefine Refinement Heel in Patent Black

9. Pearl necklace: I believe every girl should have a pearl necklace, even though lots of girls think otherwise, and that’s ok, but a nice white pearl necklace looks very classy, elegant, and can make any outfit seem expensive. It’s a good investment, because they last forever, and don’t look tacky (Did you catch my Breakfast at Tiffany’s reference?)!


Azza Fahmy Classic Pearl and Diamonds Collar

10. Statement necklace: You need at least one statement necklace that you can wear to jazz up any plain outfit. It can be bib, or layered, stoned or enameled, take your pick! You can pair it with tees or dresses, so make sure it’s unique, trendy and fun!


Miriam Haskell Leaf Statement Necklace

11. Statement scarf: A scarf is perhaps a girl’s most underutilized accessory. A statement scarf should be one that is a conversation-starter, maybe you picked it up while traveling, or inherited it from your grandmother. It can be hand-painted or sequinned, but it’ll help put any outfit together and make it distinct!


Julia Cocco The Illustrated London News Print Silk Scarf


So what do you think of this ‘essential’ accessories list? How many of these do you have? Did I miss anything? Comment below, lemme know!! 😀

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