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Rishika Agarwal is a Staff Writer at ShilpaAhuja.com. She has completed her Bachelors degree in English Literature from Magadh University, Patna. She aspires to build a career in fashion writing, and is currently contributing for Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media.Before this, she curated content for a media firm, Patna Beats, writing news articles, promotional articles, and creating podcasts. She has also worked in schools teaching English, creative writing and communication to younger students.Her love for writing dates back to her teenage years, it used to be her escape from reality. She's an awesome listener, she'll always have an ear for your stories. She enjoys sharing her views on social issues. Having many friends, she's a private person at heart. She was a big-time foodie, a voracious reader, and an ambitious traveler. When not writing, she snuggles up in a quiet corner with her novels. She abides by the rule 'what goes around comes around!'

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