35 Top Indian Menswear Fashion Designers: Industry Rankings

We compared the work, pricing and popularity; and ranked the 35 top Indian menswear fashion designers. Prepare yourself to be amazed by these industry stalwarts!

Top Indian Menswear Fashion Designers Industry Rankings

Hey, there! Gone are the days when the true essence of fashion was reserved for women. We’re sprinting towards fashion that embraces all genders the same way. Speaking of genders, designer menswear collections are at times overshadowed by the grandeur of womenswear collections. So, it’s time that we take a tour of some amazing menswear collections. Wondering how? Well, your search ends right here! In this article, we have compiled a list of top Indian menswear fashion designers.

We took a deep dive into an ocean of designer sherwanis, tuxedos, suits, kurtas to find the best designers – the rulers of the menswear fashion industry. To put together these rankings we carried out a detailed analysis, wherein we assigned certain points to the designers based on the following factors:

1. Price range
2. Social media reach
3. Website traffic and authority
4. Popularity on the internet
5. Appearance in fashion weeks
6. Couture collections

And many more. After days of browsing the menswear collections of top Indian fashion designers, we are proud to present the list of the 35 top Indian menswear fashion designers.

Slub RankDesignerOnline Popularity ScoreTotal CategoriesInstagram FacebookTwitterFoundedStarting Price (INR)Most Expensive (INR)Fashion Week ParticipationOutletsNo. of intl OutletsSlub Score 
1Sabyasachi Mukherjee16676450000 1,400,00034601999 ₹ 89,000 ₹395,00011 2314 
2Manish Malhotra8144     620,000     140,000290001998 ₹29,000 ₹1,200,0002411608 
3Anita Dongre3805     150,000     501,0003950001999 ₹10,000 ₹500,00031111481 
4Gaurav Gupta2253     429,000     244,0001200002004 ₹58,000 ₹528,00024 868 
5Shyamal & Bhumika564 1,200,000     230,000 2003 ₹75,000 ₹500,000241784 
6Rahul Mishra1606     271,000       65,00060672006 ₹39,000 ₹470,00042 703 
7Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla1394     833,000       10,5003971987 ₹ 32,000 ₹500,00012 649 
8Tarun Tahiliani1545     100,000     180,00065001987 ₹39,000 ₹ 54,00035 633 
9Rohit Bal1485     400,000       45,000 1990 ₹19,000 ₹54,00035 611 
10Anamika Khanna1854     567,000     327,00010001998 ₹ 34,000 ₹235,00032 564 
11Falguni Shane Peacock804     567,000       85,00047002002 ₹ 66,000 ₹350,0001  530 
12Anushree Reddy645     552,000     104,000 2010 ₹ 35,000 ₹395,00011 497 
13Shantanu & Nikhil755     555,000     503,000122000 ₹10,000 ₹40,00012 482 
14Varun Bahl934     188,000       59,000 2001 ₹8,500 ₹450,00012 482 
15Amit Aggarwal1015     212,000       19,0006172012 ₹12,000 ₹85,00031 459 
16Sonam & Paras Modi714     183,000       25,00016482015 ₹9,500 ₹375,00010 396 
17Anju Modi903     328,000     131,00064001990 ₹ 7,800 ₹165,00032 392 
18JJ Valaya773     221,000     102,00028001992 ₹50,000 ₹105,00030 368 
19Manav Gangawani0473001200075002007 ₹90,000 ₹225,00021 360 
20Shivan & Narresh894162000 160002010 ₹4,000 ₹289,00021 329 
21Samant Chauhan704       60,000       25,00013002002 ₹36,000 ₹80,00023 314 
22Kunal Rawal811     128,000     100,000600002006 ₹13,440 ₹180,4322  312 
23Siddartha Tytler572       28,400         1,400 2002 ₹7,000 ₹600,00020 309 
24Krishna Mehta1253120001400001982 ₹ 5,000 ₹15,00000 257 
25Abraham & Thakore75250,000         2,40023001992 ₹3,000 ₹45,00022 256 
26Masumi Mewawalla696       21,300                –   2014 ₹9,600 ₹129,00010 236 
27Shyma Shetty & Pranav Misra1092       27,000         9,300 2011 ₹4,975 ₹60,00020 233
28Kaveri593       19,000       12,0001582011 ₹6,000 ₹26,00014 204
29Purvi Doshi623       39,000       25,000 1997 ₹4,000 ₹  20,00010 196
30Raghavendra Rathore4274000  1994 ₹25,000 ₹78,00010 162
31Kanika Goyal502       30,000         7,50002014 ₹8,000 ₹65,00010 144
32Prashasti Goyal & Kanupriya125         5,000         1,400 2016 ₹2,000 ₹6,00011 137
33Sneha Arora262         3,913         6,700 2011 ₹7,000 ₹33,00010 116
34Sayantan Sarkar103         4,667       10,000 2014 ₹6,000 ₹16,00010 106

Top Indian Menswear Fashion Designers

1. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Image credit: Metromela

Sabyasachi Mukherjee holds the first place in our recent rankings for top Indian fashion designers. Interestingly, he ranks first in our list of top Indian menswear fashion designers as well! Sabyasachi has set the bar high for designer wedding collections. Grooms of Sabyasachi are eminent portrayal of royalty. His works are a vibrant with rich textiles, bright colors, simple and subtle designs. He also designs accessories that enhance the look of modern-day grooms.

DesignerSabyasachi Mukherjee
Slub Rank1
Online Popularity Score1667
 Facebook 1.4M
Price Range ₹ 89000 to ₹ 395000
Outlets Indian3
Slub Score2314

2. Manish Malhotra

Image credit: UK in India

Manish Malhotra, a prominent propagator of creativity entered the industry as a model himself. He now designs some striking apparel for fashion models and celebs all across the globe! Be it menswear or womenswear, his exotic collections lure everyone to his den. He has also designed costumes for various movies and has won several accolades for the same. Bollywood actors and famous personalities are often spotted in his attires.

Malhotra’s first menswear-only fashion show took place as a part of LFW 2015. Malhotra is popular for his fusion wear, evening wear, and wedding wear such as jackets, tuxedos, suits, bandhgalas, etc. His designs reveal intricate craftsmanship and an even blend of traditional patterns and modern sensibility.

DesignerManish Malhotra
Slub Rank2
Online Popularity Score814
 Facebook 1.4M
Price Range ₹ 29000 to ₹ 1200000
Outlets Indian4
Slub Score1608

3. Anita Dongre


Anita Dongre is yet another popular figure among our list of top Indian menswear fashion designers, who specializes in creating wedding wear. She’s a successful entrepreneur and owner of several stores all across the nation. Her works include sherwanis, bandhgalas, pathani kurtas, and nehru coats. The kurtas and coats are subtle yet attractive. Her minimalistic designs satiate the demand for hassle-free fashion among the youth. Hailing from Rajasthan, her work represents intricate threadwork and traditional prints, which speaks volumes of the beautiful heritage of the city.

DesignerAnita Dongre
Slub Rank3
Online Popularity Score380
 Facebook 559K
Price Range ₹ 10000 to ₹ 500000
Outlets Indian11
Slub Score1481

4. Gaurav Gupta


Gaurav Gupta is a couturier famously known for his sculpted designs and metallic hues. His costumes are a perfect fit for evening parties, weddings, or special occasions. He usually plays with one or more elements like collars, shoulder pads, or hems. His menswear collections such as tuxedos, and suits, sport angular cuts, floral prints, turtle necks, and exaggerated shoulder pads. His silhouettes are dominated by futuristic styles and deep color palettes.

DesignerGaurav Gupta
Slub Rank4
Online Popularity Score225
 Facebook 244K
Price Range ₹ 58000 to ₹ 528000
Outlets Indian4
Slub Score868

5. Shyamal & Bhumika


Shyamal and Bhumika are one of the top Indian menswear fashion designers. This duo has been in the business of creating some wow ethnic wear for grooms for over two decades. Their designs draw their DNA from the rich heritage of India.  The sherwanis and wedding wear are usually paired with bright colored dupattas. Their works feature bold prints and the use of pastel colors. The collars, shoulders, and hems are often embellished with rich embroidery or zari work.

DesignerShyamal & Bhumika
Slub Rank5
Online Popularity Score56
 Facebook 2.3M
Price Range ₹ 75000 to ₹ 500000
Outlets Indian4
Slub Score784

6. Rahul Mishra


Rahul Mishra is the winner of the International Woolmark Prize. He is also a representative designer of India in many foreign fashion weeks and events. Mishra’s work draws his inspiration from nature. His designs are rooted in tradition yet attract universal attention. Both womenswear and menswear are adorned with botanical motifs, and floral prints. His sherwanis and nehru coats are perfect examples of beauty.

DesignerRahul Mishra
Slub Rank6
Online Popularity Score160
 Facebook 65K
Price Range ₹ 39000 to ₹ 470000
Outlets Indian2
Slub Score703

7. Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla


Having a humble beginning, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla have now become a brand name. Amitabh Bachchan is their regular client. Nick Jonas sported several outfits by them on various occasions during his high profile wedding with Priyanka Chopra. Speaking of their foreign clientele, even Brett Lee walked the ramp for during the India Couture Week back in 2010. Similar to the womenswear, even menswear collections feature use of intricate embroidery, heavy embellishments, mirrors, stones, etc.

DesignerAbu Jani & Sandeep Khosla
Slub Rank7
Online Popularity Score139
 Facebook 105K
Price Range ₹ 32000 to ₹ 500000
Outlets Indian2
Slub Score649

8. Tarun Tahiliani


Tarun Tahiliani is a Delhi based designer who originally comes from a business background. Over the years he honed his skills as a designer. Long kurtas, sherwanis, churidars, and bandhagalas are an integral part of Tahiliani’s menswear collections. His ethnic wears are often paired with shawls, adding an affluent look to the attire. His collections are a blend of zari work, detailed embroidery, thread work, etc.

DesignerTarun Tahiliani
Slub Rank8
Online Popularity Score154
 Facebook 186K
Price Range ₹ 39000 to ₹ 54000
Outlets Indian5
Slub Score633

9. Rohit Bal


Rohit Bal is a Kashmiri couturier. However, he has spent most of his life in Delhi. But his designs depict the beauty of Kashmir. Bal is one such designer who has revamped the arena of Indian menswear. He designs casual wear for men, for example, jeans, jackets, suits, etc. His works portray a blend of contemporary styles and botanical prints. Jeans paired with sherwanis, bandhgalas, etc. fused with birds and floral motifs are his usual styles. Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Vicky Kaushal are often spotted in Bal’s collection.

DesignerRohit Bal
Slub Rank9
Online Popularity Score148
 Facebook 45K
Price Range ₹ 19000 to ₹ 54000
Outlets Indian5
Slub Score611

10. Anamika Khanna

Image credit: TEDxIIMShillong

Anamika Khanna is a Kolkata based designer who creates contemporary wear for both men and women. As far as her menswear collections are concerned, she fuses them with modern designs. They display abstract and geometrical prints that look trendy. Her attires are appropriate for young boys and men for outings and casual wear.

DesignerAnamika Khanna
Slub Rank10
Online Popularity Score185
 Facebook 353K
Price Range ₹ 34000 to ₹ 235000
Outlets Indian2
Slub Score564

11. Falguni Shane Peacock


Coming from a different background, Falguni and Shane Peacock have now established themselves as diligent Indian fashion designers. Their costumes are usually in demand by B-town stars. Other than the vast clientele and unique designs, they are also popular for their ethnic menswear collections. Their designs are simple yet attractive. They use zardozi work, floral motifs, etc. to add beauty to the garments.

DesignerFalguni Shane Peacock
Slub Rank11
Online Popularity Score80
 Facebook 85K
Price Range ₹ 66000 to ₹ 350000
Outlets Indian 
Slub Score530

12. Anushree Reddy


Anushree Reddy is an ace Indian menswear fashion designer who earlier worked as a fashion editor. Her relentless efforts and diligence paved her way to excellence in designing. She now deals in ethnic wear for men such as bandhgala, sherwani, kurta, churidar, etc. Her designs are a balance of subtle sensibility and bright hues. She makes use of different prints, patterns, and styles.

DesignerAnushree Reddy
Slub Rank12
Online Popularity Score64
 Facebook 104K
Price Range ₹ 35000 to ₹ 395000
Outlets Indian1
Slub Score497

13. Manish Arora


Manish Arora is a popular couturier known for his quirky and fun designs. He has been a prominent figure in international fashion weeks. His vibrant collections are a deft combo of neon colors, sequins, and unusual motifs. Ranveer Singh, who has an eye for bold and eccentric fashion styles often picks clothes from Arora’s label.

DesignerManish Arora
Slub Rank13
Online Popularity Score35
 Facebook 103K
Price Range ₹ 7000 to ₹ 319000
Outlets Indian2
Slub Score484

14. Shantanu & Nikhil


Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra are not only brothers but also partners in design! This sibling couturier duo has firm faith in opulent designs romantic hues. Their ethnic menswear collections are fused with contemporary styles. S&N’s seamless drapes, abstract prints, and intricate ensembles can be the ideal pick for minimalistic grooms.

DesignerShantanu & Nikhil
Slub Rank14
Online Popularity Score75
 Facebook 502K
Price Range ₹ 10000 to ₹ 40000
Outlets Indian2
Slub Score482

15. Varun Bahl


Varun Bahl is another famous Indian menswear designer. His collections balance innovation and opulence. His sherwanis, bandhgalas are paired with churidars and shawls. Being a haute wedding couturier he doesn’t forget to make his client’s ease a priority. Intricate embroidery, use of various textiles, prints, etc. adds to the beauty of his collections.

DesignerVarun Bahl
Slub Rank15
Online Popularity Score93
 Facebook 59K
Price Range ₹ 8500 to ₹ 450000
Outlets Indian2
Slub Score482

16. Amit Aggarwal


Amit Aggarwal is the founder and creative director of his eponymous label and ready-to-wear clothing line AM.IT. He specializes in creating fusion wear for men. Aggarwal’s menswear collections feature structural patterns and metallic hues similar to his womenswear collections. Natural elements like serpents, corals, flowers, butterflies, microbes, etc. are a predominant part of his collections. Many B-town actors Vicky Kaushal, Ayushmann Khurana, for instance, like to dress up in his menswear collections.

17. Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna


Starting out in 1997, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna have stood the test of time. They have lived up to the expectations of both generation X and millennials. Their garments are famous for their simplicity. They deal in fusion wear, contemporary wear, formal wear. They have attires for all occasions! The use of sequins, beaded, and granulated designs are a few prominent features of their collections.

18. Sonam & Paras Modi


Creative instincts of Sonam Modi and business expertise of Paras Modi came together to create label SVA, which means ‘soul’ in Sanskrit. Their designs give a break from the fast paced trends and have a classic touch. The duo values quality over quantity and trudges to create timeless pieces. Their ethnic menswear collections include floral prints, linear patterns, bold stripes, etc.

19. Anju Modi


Anju Modi is a veteran designer who has been an integral part of the fashion industry since 1990. Modi has designed costumes for movies like Bajirao Mastani and Ram Leela. She has also been instrumental in promoting Indian textiles. She designs ethnic and wedding wear for men. Her use of rich textiles, silk, organza, and velvet, for instance, connects her garments to the roots of the rich Indian culture. Heavy embroidery, prints, and textures add to the beauty of her costumes.

20. JJ Valaya

Image credit: Asian Business Leadership Forum

JJ Valaya is a notable Indian menswear designer. Moreover, Valaya’s menswear collections include both heavily embellished garments for special occasions and printed shirts for regular use. Not only his attires but also his collections of luxury footwear for men have us drooling! The footwear collections showcase traditionally embellished velvet jootas.

Next 15 Top Indian Menswear Fashion Designers

Stunned by the menswear collections of above mentioned designers? Well, our list of 35 top Indian fashion designers doesn’t end here. An array of designers are effectively invested in fabricating new styles. Every season the Indian menswear designers impress us with their opulence, futuristic silhouettes, and robust designs. However, some are doing the job better than others! Hence, listed below are the rankings for next 15 top Indian menswear fashion designers.

21. Manav Gangawani
22. Shivan & Narresh
23. Samant Chauhan
24. Kunal Rawal
25. Siddartha Tytler
26. Krishna Mehta
27. Abraham & Thakore
28. Masumi Mewawalla
29. Shyma Shetty & Pranav Misra
30. Kaveri
31. Purvi Doshi
32. Raghavendra Rathore
33. Kanika Goyal
34. Prashasti Goyal & Kanupriya
35. Sneha Arora

Designer menswear collections take pride in minimalistic designs. Angular cuts, structured silhouettes, rich embellishments breathe new life into such collections. So, that sums up to our list of 35 top Indian menswear fashion designers. Who’s your favorite menswear fashion designer? Who do you think has made immeasurable contributions to the Indian fashion industry? We need all the details! Share your views with us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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