Latest Saree Trends for 2021 from Top Designer Collections

From Manish Malhotra to Sabyasachi, border styles to silhouettes, here’s your guide to the chicest saree designs. We have compiled the latest saree trends for 2021 that will leave you drooling!

Latest saree for 2021 Top Designer Collection designs style

Hey gorgeous! Sarees probably define the elegance of an Indian woman. Over the decades, we’ve been picking sarees for weddings, parties, farewells, and other important celebrations. Hence, the designers keep coming up with new saree trends every season. Even this year, we are spotting some cool saree trends that you can rock at weddings or other celebratory events!

For creating the list of saree trends for 2021, we looked into the designer collections of India’s most promising designers and fashion weeks, making a list of the best styles and designs. Let’s take a look at the most popular saree trends for this season!

Saree Trends for 2021

1. Thin Borders

L to R: Anita Dongre, Neetu Lulla, Sabyasachi

Gone are the days when our wardrobes sheltered sarees with pretty broad borders. We have been seeing thin border sarees this year and we have all the reasons to love them. They are lightweight, highly manageable, and easy to wear for different occasions. Hence, thin bordered sarees rank as the #1 trend in our latest saree trends for 2021. Thin borders look chic and are a good fit for different occasions, be it weddings or low-key events, you can always pick thin border sarees for such occasions.

L to R: Suneet Verma, Shyamal Bhumika, Manish Malhotra

We saw printed and plain sarees with thin embellished borders. The borders are mostly decorated with mirrors, sequins, zari work, and floral embroidery. Jahanvi Kapoor wears a bright yellow saree with a thin gold border and a heavily embellished blouse. The sheer black saree by Shyamal and Bhumika showcasing intricate gold embroidery giving it a subtle but elegant look.

2. Belted Silhouettes

L to R: Amit Aggarwal, Shubika, Manish Malhotra

Remember just a couple of seasons ago, we were obsessed with Sabyasachi brides wearing belts with sarees and lehengas? Well, we’re still quite there! This season we are seeing saree-gowns that have a belt as their main highlight, designed into the silhouette and sewn into the saree.

You can also wear a regular saree with a belt, as we also spotted some beautiful sarees adorned with belts. Belts not only adorn the sarees but also define your waist. These belts are specifically designed for sarees picking a similar fabric and color that matches perfectly.

L & R: JJ Valaya; Center: Ridhi Mehra

We’re seeing both broad and sleek belts. Some sarees are even adorned with ornamental belts sporting gold or silver buckles. Belted sarees are an amazing choice for parties as you don’t have to worry about your pallu! While wearing belts you can either pleat the pallu onto the shoulder or let it sway.

3. Double Fabric

L to R: Amit Aggarwal, Gaurav Gupta, Shubika

Fusing a variety of fabrics in one saree is a chic idea, it gives a unique look and helps the saree stand out in a crowd. We have already seen a version of this trend a few years ago with contrasting pallus and the trend is back, in an even better way! We’re seeing a variety of fabrics this season, satin or georgette paired with net, heavily embellished net fused with velvet, and so on. This is one of my favorite trends in the list of saree trends for 2021.

L to R: Shyamal Bhumika, Manish Malhotra, Torani

The beauty of these sarees is quite intriguing. Gaurav Gupta’s black saree looks exceptional with the georgette pleats and structural net pallu. It’s exotic yet surprisingly minimalistic. On similar lines, Amit Aggarwal’s baby pink satin saree sports the signature pallu.

4. Ruffles

L to R: Ridhi Mehra, Suneet Verma, Shyamal Bhumika

Though not a new trend, ruffles are quite celebrated. And even this year ruffles have made it to the top five trends of our saree tends for 2021. We are seeing many B-town actresses in ruffled sarees for red carpet events or community functions. Kiara Advani dazzles in a silver sequin saree with ruffles at the bottom of the hems.

L to R: Abu Jani, Anushree Reddy, Manish Malhotra

This season we are noticing enticing ruffles in the designer saree collections of the top designers. We are spotting both light sarees with delicate ruffles and heavily embellished sarees with large ruffles. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s black saree is covered in antique prints and multicolored ruffles making the saree look trendy and chic.

5. Pleatless Concept Sarees

L to R: Manish Malhotra, Gaurav Gupta, Tarun Tahiliani, Ridhi Mehra

Concept sarees are sarees that have a striking design that breaks out from the usual pattern. This season we are seeing pleatless concept sarees paired with exotic blouses. If making pleats is not your thing then go with these super trendy pleatless sarees. These are ready-made sarees that you can put on in minutes, the chic silhouette gives you a graceful look. They are easy to wear and even easier to carry, as you don’t have to worry about pinning the pallu or arranging the pleats.

Fretting over wearing a saree is a thing of the past with pleatless concept sarees. We are seeing sarees with embellished pallus teamed with blouses having a variety of sleeves and added embellishments. I am loving Ridhi Mehra’s white saree with the net pallu embellished with linear patterns and long ruffles dangling from one end.

6. Embroidered and Cut Hems

L to R: Torani, Abu Jani, Anushree Reddy

Embroidered and cut hems is one trend that has my heart among all the saree trends for 2021. These are the sarees whose hems are cut according to the embroidery done alongside the border. This looks chic yet classy. Recently we’re also seeing a lot of cloud hems embellishing the lehengas, dupattas, blouses, and of course sarees. If you’re tired of the plain hems, cloud hems or embroidered cut hems are an interesting alternative.

L & R: Shyamal Bhumika; Center: Manish Malhotra

The pistachio green saree by Shyamal and Bhumika has delicate pink flowers etched on the borders. It is intricately carved according to the embroidery and it is adorned with zari work. These sarees are excellent examples of minimalistic designs.

7. Pastels

L to R: Sabyasachi, Torani, Sue Mue

We already saw this one coming. Pastels are one of the top trends of the hour, not surprisingly they have been a part of several trend forecasts and I believe they are here to stay. We are seeing lightly embellished pastel sarees which can be handled with ease. We noticed light pastels such as pistachio green, rust pink, cream white, and turquoise blue. The sarees sported floral prints or slightly embellished borders, and threadwork. Pastel sarees are your shot at looking elegant with ease ’cause why not?! You can team these sarees with long danglers or thin matching pendants.

8. Multicolor Sarees

L to R: Shubika, Neetu Lulla, Sabyasachi

In recent years, we have been seeing a lot of monochromatic or dichromatic sarees. Multicolor sarees give us a break from that and bring along a splash of colors! It not only impacts your look but also lifts your mood. What better can we ask for during this pandemic? Multicolor saree is your go-to option to be cheerful all day long! We are seeing some of the top designers playing with bright candy colors like hot pink, orange, red, turquoise blue, etc. Pastel sarees are embellished with multicolor stones, threadwork, large sequins, etc. We also spotted lightly embellished sarees sporting a myriad of colors. These sarees look lively, you can wear these to parties or daytime engagements.

9. Sequin Work

L to R: Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Rimple & Harpreet

Sequins are literally everywhere! Be it gowns, lehengas, sarees, we are seeing a lot of sequin work. Yet again we are spotting sarees covered in colorful sequins. This shimmery look is a sure eye-turner. The sequin sarees are usually solid-colored or show an even gradient of two colors with extremely thin borders. Pair these sequin sarees with embroidered or printed blouses. I’m loving the white silver worn by Madhuri Dixit Nene, neatly covered in tiny silver sequins with delicate fringes adorning the hems. Whereas Konkana Sen has draped a navy blue and white gradient sequin saree by Manish Malhotra.

10. Statement Blouse

L to R: Manish Malhotra, Suneet Verma, Tarun Tahiliani

A blouse is just as important as the saree itself but the designers are covering this front as well. We are noticing some beautiful blouses with intricate embroidery and we want to share! We saw backless blouses, fringes, stones, sequins, and so much more. The grey sequin blouse by Manish Malhotra reveals the back in such a sexy way. Suneet Verma’s design sports prominent use of fringes, mirror work, and zari work. I’m loving Tarun Tahiliani’s nude-colored blouse with a deep V neck and balloon sleeves with embellishments near the wrist.

11. Borderless Saree

L & R: Manish Malhotra; Center: JJ Valaya

Sarees with broad borders are a thing of the past. But what’s newer is borderless sarees! Yes, you heard it right. Sarees with borders is a timeless affair but this season the designers have ditching the borders. We are seeing some unique sarees without borders, and they look minimal and trendy. We’ve spotted gradient colors, linear prints, and sequin work throughout the saree but without any borders. These sarees are lightweight and easy to handle, you can pick these for college farewells, or lunches. It’s manageable and gives you an elegant feel.

Those were some of the top saree trends for 2021. Belted silhouettes or statement blouses, pastels, or a splash of colors let us know which one you liked the best by tagging @shilpaahujadotcom or tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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