21 Hairstyles for Wavy Hair for Short, Long and Medium Lengths

Gotta go for interviews, movies, or clubbing but your hair is not behaving? Worry not! From braids, to buns to cute half-dos, we’ve got 21 hairstyles for wavy hair that you can try on the go!

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair ideas Short Long Length

Whether you have long, short or medium hair, that’s not a problem anymore. We’ve got some cool hairstyles for wavy hair that you can try at home with minimal efforts (or not at all!). No over the top hair accessories, no hours of heating or teasing. Hairbrush, clips, and elastic, that’s all you need to try these. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

21 Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

1. Clip the Sides with Loose Strands

Gigi Hadid

If you’re running short on time but want to give your hair a sleek look, then get hold of some ornamental clips and try this hairstyle. Part your hair in the middle, brush a section of your hair from the front, and secure it right behind the ear. You can consider spraying some water on your scalp to get the baby hairs in place. Do the same on the other side. You can use stone studded pins or decorative clips to enhance the look. Also, you can never get this one wrong!

2. Twist and Clip

Emma Watson

Twist and clip is another variation of clipping your hair. For making this hairstyle, part your hair from the side. Take a section of your hair from the smaller side, twist it and pin it behind your ear. You can also separate your hair into more than one section, twist them and secure them using bobby pins. Comb the other side well and you’re good to go! Whether you’re wearing a blazer or a sequin dress, this hairstyle is perfect both for partying and professional meets.

3. Loose Half Up Style

Camila Mendes

Who wouldn’t love to have absolutely frizz-free hair all day long? Some clutching and brushing can take care of that! Brush out all the tangles. Take half portion of your hair and brush them away from the forehead. Collect the hair at the center of the head and secure them using a clutch. Use ornate clutches, back clips, or banana clips to hold your hair firmly and add beauty to the hairstyle. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for wavy hair to try!

4. Headband Look

Taylor Hill

The headband look is one of the prettiest hairstyle in our list of all hairstyles for wavy hair. Smoothen your hair by brushing out all the tangles. Push your hair back, or part it in the middle. Slightly dampen the length of your hair and apply serum to maintain the tangle-free look or use hairspray. Next, wear your favorite headband. This effortless hairstyle makes you look sassy with the 90s twist. Try this before grabbing brunch or going out with friends.

5. Half Pony

Hailey Beiber

While most of us are working from home, shuffling between household chores and zoom meetings. It hardly leaves us with any time to try out different hairstyles. Here’s a classic hairstyle for all those workaholics. Take a section of your hair from the front and tie it at the back of your head using a clear elastic. If you have a broad forehead then pull a few bangs from the front to give a fuller look.

6. Side Parted Low Pony

Camila Mendes

Side parted low pony is a hassle free hairstyle that can go with almost any outfit. Be it regular jeans and tee or a dress. You can make a low pony while lounging around at home or even for an evening party. Camila Mendes sports a low pony here. For making a low pony tail, all you need is elastic. Part your hair sideways and tie it at the base of the neck using an elastic band. You can also use ribbons or scrunchies to sport a fun look.

7. Space Buns

Cara Delevingne

This is my personal favorite hairstyle for wavy hair. For making space buns, part your hair at the center and divide it into two sections. Take one section of hair and tie it on one side of the head. Tease the length of the hair and circle the length into a bun. Repeat the same on the other side and you’ll have two cute, tiny buns on your head. This hairstyle does wonders in keeping your hair from bothering you during the course of the day!

8. Two Ponies

Bella Throne

If you’re tired of the regular ponies and braids and you want to try something different and cute then you can go for double ponies. Divide your hair into two symmetrical sections, take a tiny part from one section, and tie it with an elastic near the top of the head. Do the same on the other side. Pull the pony to add some volume. You can also use decorative bands to level up the cuteness quotient.

9. Side Bun


Side bun is an amazing hairstyle for all your evening programs. For making a side bun, comb all your hair to one side of the head and tie it using a thin elastic band. Take a scrunchie or donut band and start rolling your hair around it from the bottom. Roll it up till the nape of the neck and secure the end with a pin. Side buns are sassy and looks best with evening gowns. But you can also try this with a chic modern outfit like boyfriend jeans or a mini dress.

10. Messy Chignon


A messy chignon turns you into natural, effortless beauty. It is chic and looks elegant. Moreover, you can try it anytime, whether at home or going out. Make a low pony and divide the length of your hair into two strands. Next, twist both stands clockwise and cross the two strands over each other. Secure the bottom using a thin elastic. Roll the length of your hair into a bun and secure the bottom with bobby pins.

11. Half Up Loose with Pouf


Pick this hairstyle to look sporty and cool. Going at the beach, college, or mall? This look blends in well for every occasion. Surprisingly, it’s just as easy as tying your hair up! Take the top section of your hair and tease the hair using a comb. Pull a few strands from the front to make it look messier. Now secure the hair using bobby pins or a small hair claw at the back of the head loosely. Let the rest of the hair loose and lightly brush the waves. This can be one of the go to hairstyles for wavy hair!

12. Fishtail Braid

Sarah Hyland

To make a fish braid brush all your hair to one side of the head. Smoothen out your hair and divide it into two sections near the base of your neck. Pick a tiny section of hair from one section, cross it over and incorporate it at the base of the second section. Take a tiny section of hair from the one section and cross it over to the bottom of the first section.

Keep repeating the same until you have incorporated the desired length of your hair into the braid. Make sure to pick really small strands of hair each time to give your hair a more elaborate look. Lastly, you can pull lightly at the braid to give it more volume.

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13. French Braid

Taylor Swift

For making a french braid brush the hair away from the forehead. Free it from any sort of tangles and divide it into three parts. Pick a small section of the right strand from near the forehead and cross it over the middle strand. Pick a section from the left strand and cross it over the right strand. Include a new section from the right strand into the braid before making the second knot.

Do the same from the left end as well. Keep repeating the same and a beautiful pattern will surface by the time you reach the base of your neck. Now incorporate the rest of the hair into a regular three-strand braid or even fishtail braid. You can also tie your hair at the base of the neck if you have short hair.

14. Loose Side Fishtail Braid

Gigi Hadid

Braiding your hair is the best way to make it behave on a bad hair day. This look has also been spotted on the runways. Part your hair sideways. Comb all your hair to one side. Now, divide your hair into two sections and cross them over each other (see fishtail braid above for details). Tie the hair at the bottom using an elastic.

15. Side Braided Sections


Braided section can be your last minute hairstyle to look fabulous and you can try this even when in the cab! Comb your hair and part it sideways but really low. Take a small section on one side and divide it into three parts. Make a french braid out of the lower section of hair until you reach the bottom of the section and secure it with an elastic. You can also divide the hair into two sections or braid another section on the other side of your head or leave it to that, totally your wish!

16. Bun with Center Parted Fringes

Camila Mendes

Here’s another bun in our list of hairstyles for wavy hair! Middle parted buns are a good pick for multiple occasions. For trying this bun, part your hair in the middle, brush the sides and secure it at the back of the head. Next, pull the rest of your hair up in a pony. Leaving two fringes at the front. Circle the length of your hair around the pony and secure the bottom using pins. If you want you can curl the fringes.

17. Braided Headband


For making a braided headband take a section of your hair from near your ear. Divide the section into three parts. Cross the section near the forehead over the middle strand. Pick the third section and cross it over the first strand to make a basic three-strand braid in the direction of the other ear. Again take a tiny chunk of hair from near the forehead and incorporate it into the braid.

Keep taking a new strand of hair from the front of your head every time you add a new knot to the braid. Repeat this until the entire hair near the forehead is pulled back into the braid. Lastly, secure the tip behind your other ear using bobby pins.

18. Bun with Braided Sections


When it comes to a braided bun, all you gotta do is comb all the hair away from the forehead. Divide the hair on one side of the head into three sections and make a clean french braid until you reach the center of the head. Pin the braid using bobby pins.

Brush the hair to detangle it and pull up all the hair into a pony at the center of the head. Twist the length of your hair and circle it over the pony to make the bun. Secure the tip of the bun with clips.

19. High Pony

Barbara Palvin

A high pony with a twist can be your go to hairstyle for all your outdoor activities. Brush the hair into a high pony. Secure the pony using a thick rubber band. Take a slightly thicker strand of hair from your pony and circle it around the rubber band hiding it completely with the hair. Secure the tip of the strand with pins at the base of the pony.

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20. Loose and Messy Side French Braid


Take a break from the regular french braid and try this! Pick a section of your hair on one side of the head and incorporate it into a loose french braid. Once the braid is completed, pull the knots to make the braid look fuller. Brush the rest of the hair well and let it loose. This is one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair, especially for short length.

21. Messy Bun with Loose Strands


So many hairstyles for wavy hair, but this steals your heart every time! Divide your hair into three sections. Make a rough bun near the nape of the neck with the middle section. Take a comb and tease the right strand to add volume. Next, twist the right strand and circle it over to the rough bun. You don’t need to be clean about it, the messier, the better! Now, do the same with the left strand and secure it with as many many pins as you need. Next, pull a few strands to add volume.

Those were some quick and effortless hairstyles for wavy hair. Let us know which one you’re picking before heading out next. Don’t forget to tag @ shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram whenever you try one of these 21 wavy hairstyles!

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