11 Types of Haircuts for Men to Try During Quarantine & Beyond

If you want to make a chop or get few snips, bookmark this page because our list of the types of haircuts for men are the fiercest. And did I mention, minimal commitment?

types of haircuts for men cool hairdos for men to try 2020

May I just say it? Men’s shag hair has run its course and maybe, just maybe, it’s a good thing! I’ll tell you why: If you think about it, every 40 odd dudes you meet is wearing a shaggy cut or a rugged variation of it, each looking like a replica of one another. Add in a beardstache, and you get the picture. I can literally count quite a few on my fingers-all of them, dear ones!

So, guys what I am trying to tell you that it’s a whole new season which means it’s time to embrace a fresh hair trend; or for a lack of a better term, trendy. Though most hairdos aren’t completely off the hook, some of them have been existent in and out. And all of sudden, certain types of haircuts for men are everywhere-influencing the pop culture world to the common man.

Get Inspired By Some of the Dopest Types of Haircuts for Men Right Here

Like me, if you are tired of seeing of all-things normal and want a change, here are 11 hairstyles that are game and have the potential to make you look timeless. From bro flow blowout look to Caesar cut to temp fade, we have one for everyone. Now, go forth and pick your favorite from our list of best men’s haircuts you’ll see this year and beyond. We’ve got you covered on this.

1. Side Burn Curls

Do you know that the sideburns were popularized by celebs like James Dean in the 1950s? Back in the day, the duck-wing inspired hairdo didn’t have long sideburns. In fact, if you look up for James Dean photos you can see that he had short and medium-length sideburns. At present, sideburns are for people who want to stay in touch with the retro look. Lookup for types of haircuts for men and you will know what we’re talking about.

In a nutshell, this hairdo has a tousled finish but not too messy. Case in point: Shawn Mendes with the curl of cuteness. Yup, sideburn curls! And they’re adorable.

Shawn Mendes with side burn curls

2. The Shag Cut

2019 saw a surge of the messy hairdo, with all our favorite celebs and close pals alike going for the unkempt look in favor of a well-trimmed, minimalistic style. But frantically rising in 2020’s hair trend is the shag. After a successful spell in the early 2000s, this hairstyle is predicted to be stronger in the mix this year. Most recently, Justin Beiber, debuted a shag fringe ‘do-and went full platinum for good measure.

If you wish to achieve the same for yourself, we suggest going for a style with choppy, clean ends coupled with maximum layers. Although termed a messy style, the shag is deemed to be the *one and only* hairdo that suits everyone-largely because of the variation of ways you can style it. Sold yet?

How to style the shag look

3. Retro Flipped Hairdo

Now, in a season of pompadour and blowouts, we didn’t think flipped curls would be the next thing again, but, here we are. This style is a blast from the past and has been revived with a contemporary spin all over. So far, the flipped hairdo has been prevalent on mid-length strands. I assume that it has made a comeback as it’s definitely statement-making and it blends well with mid-length hair, which is a popular hair length at the moment again.

If you’re inspired to flip those locks out, it’s a pretty simple process. Blow-dry your hair using a thermal brush putting the focus on your ends. Finish with a hair spray to give your style that extra dose of gloss. Kit Harington’s flip is dramatic with the curls, and that’s why so much better.

Kit Harington retro flipped men's hairdo

4. Bro Flow Blowout

What could have been a catastrophic hair trend turned out to be a nuanced one? Also known as the lax bro cut, guys rocking flowing locks is badass and it’s easy to make out why: maintenance is low at best, and girls seem to like it. To achieve the look, there’s no one way to it, and that’s the cool part of the point. It indicates that a guy has a carefree demeanor about him, even if it took him some effort.

And while the bro flow comes in all lengths, shapes, and colors, guys like Brooklyn Beckham will inspire your next cut for sure. We can see that he is still in the early phases of his cool flow-ness, but it looks promising to go for the year ahead.

how to style a bro flow blowout

5. Caesar or Buzz Cut

A buzz or Caesar cut is trendy with an air of class. Each set of buzz hairdo looks different on every type of hair, so even with the same buzz, no two guys look alike. If you wish to go for this hairdo, then you may try the classic type, or the blunt cut, or other creative styles. Leave small inches of extra length in the front, instead of trimming. Finish with a mousse to get the faded buzz look. In fact, with a little effort, this cut is something you or your gal can even achieve at home during the lockdown.

South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in has an ultra-fresh buzz cut and looks great. This type of cut is workable for almost all face shapes.

Yoo Ah’ Caesar haircuts for men

6. Slicked Back Hair

In a sea of similar-looking hair trends, it’s refreshing to see some guys step it up with slicked-back hair. It portrays a polished variation, as the hair doesn’t fall on the face. The classic hairdo can work on men with a well-defined structure and who like to maintain a neat appearance.

That being said, these types of haircuts for men aren’t simple to pull off. So we were happy to see Chris Evans who worked a variation of the sophisticated hairdo that’s subtle enough for the real world. Again, with a little practice, this is one your bro can even cut for you at home during the quarantine.

classic slicked back hairstyle for men

7. French Crop with Short Bangs

The summer is quickly approaching, which leaves you with the only option to keep your hair trimmed-but instead of getting a regular trim, why not consider a neat French crop with shorter length bangs? My reasoning: they highlight the face; work on all types of texture, and the best thing? The bangs will grow out, anyways.

If you need some French crop-spo to influence you, see Harry Styles hairdo below guaranteed to look cool on all and sundry. Chop, chop, anyone? This is one of those types of haircuts for men that you can’t get wrong even if you trim it yourself.


8. Temp Fade with Undercut

Temp fade is one of the most requested men’s hairdos at the moment. Also known as Brooklyn Fade, this modern hairstyle has a neat finish with a rectangular shape. For a unique touch, you may go for a progressive undercut effect like Zac Efron’s-longer on top, and shorter on the sides. The actor is totally nailing the look – I mean, look at him – this hairdo was clearly made for the dude. But you don’t have to look like Zac to make this work.

In fact, this is the less-committed, cooler version with serious smart-guy look benefits. Also, trimming off the underside of your head will help maintain that extra dose of cool.

temp hair medium haircut for men

9. High Fade

It’s time to part with the man bun because it’s what every second guy you meet is wearing. Instead, you can take off with the high skin fade to get a structured finish. Everyone can keep up with it as it is totally low-maintenance, which is great. See, Nick Jonas. After a phase of curly hair and buzz cut, Nick is all in with a clean, mature look, and girls kind of heart it.

Here, the hair at the back and sides have a shorter cut and tapered across the top. If you are looking up for good-boy types of haircuts for men, this one will make a good start.


10. Razor Faded Pompadour

Pompadour has made a resurgence in hair trend news. And why not – it is edgy and versatile. This polished style is quite simple to revamp. Those who have a wild streak to their style and personality can channel a razor faded pompadour. If this seems up your alley, the shape and feel of the pompadour are up to you. In this case, the sky is the limit, literally. At the same time, it is essential to pull it off with the right foundation and a balanced height.

modern pompadour haircut for men's inspiration

11. French Crop Skin Fade

I am very much here for French crop skin fade hairdo, and I say 2020 is the season to embrace this super-fun hairstyle. Why do I love this one so much? Mainly, the hairdo is relaxed, leaves room for movement, and embraces the ‘current’ word.

If the thought of trimming off the majority of your hair fills you with dread, this is the style to go for. This means embracing the style’s staying power and ability to relax the look. Once you master the side gradient, these types of haircuts for men are something your wife/girlfriend can easily create for you at home too.

haircut names for male with names

So, these are the top types of haircuts for men. Which haircut would you want to try at home during lockdown, and which one for your next salon appointment? Do let us know by commenting below or by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja. Or if you try any of these haircuts for men, then we would love to see your look below or tag us on your selfie on Instagram at @shilpaahuja.com. We would love to hear from you.

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