Guide to Om Yoga | Your Gateway to Meditation & Stress Busting

Om – this monosyllabic word holds power to connect you with your inner divine and bust all your stress. Here’s the only guide you need about om yoga!

om-yoga-benefits-complete-guide-mediotationHey there! After writing about different forms of yoga, I’m already feeling like a pro. The only thing I need is a certificate to show off. Lol! If you still haven’t read my articles on Bikram yoga, prana yoga, power yoga, then you guys are missing out on some cool stuff. So, after focusing on physical exercises and breathing techniques in yoga, I’m writing about om yoga, also referred to as chanting and meditative vibration yoga. The word om is quite significant in yoga and Hinduism in general, and almost all yoga classes start and end by chanting it.

So, how can chanting be a form of exercise or yoga? Ever wondered the importance of om in yoga?! It’s the vital element in breathing and pranayamasWell, we have listed everything about om yoga. Let’s check out!

What is Om Yoga?

Om yoga is a form of prana yoga that focuses on breathing and is a stepping stone to meditation. When practiced regularly, it yields to mental and spiritual well being. This form of yoga focuses on chanting Om – when chanted, it’s stretched out to consist of four syllables, A, U, M and a silent syllable. So, we chant each syllable with or without mudras and finally om.


According to Hinduism, om is the basic sound of the universe and everything is vibrating and nothing stands still. So, when we chant omkara (om syllable), the sound vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same throughout the universe. By this way, we connect to other beings and nature. Though it’s more about spirituality, om yoga has a lot of health benefits and there’s science behind it, too.

Benefits of Om Yoga

Simply said, om yoga has a soothing effect on meditation. But it also has many health benefits. Let’s check ’em out!

1. Chanting om gives better immunity and self-healing power.

2. Meditation is all about disconnecting with our surroundings and concentrating on nothing. When you chant om, the vibrations slow down the nervous system and calm the mind similar to meditation. With the help of verbal concentration, you’re able to begin emptying your thoughts and that has a soothing effect.

where-to-do-om-yoga-peaceful-calm-mind3. When your mind is calm, the blood pressure decreases and your heart health improves.

4. The vibrations and rhythmic pronunciation lead to a positive energy around you.

5. Concentration is improved, deep relaxation is achieved through deep breathing, and leads to better blood flow to the internal facial muscles that help in making your skin glow.

6. Your vocal cords and muscles around it will improve. If you have sinus then chanting om is beneficial as the vibration open up the airways and clear the sinuses.

7. It also helps to restore energy by eliminating tiredness. In fact, it’s a good way to start your day in the morning to stay energetic the whole day.

8. Better digestion and better oxygen flow to lungs can be achieved.

9. Om yoga improves mental health and reduces anger and frustration.

meditation with mudra pranayama om yogaOm Yoga vs Prana Yoga

Prana yoga involves different types of breathing techniques while om yoga concentrates on chanting the prase om. Both types of yoga concentrate on breathing. Om yoga can be classified under prana yoga. Also, om and prana yoga both have mudra (symbolic hand gesture) pranayamas.

How to Do Om Yoga?

Om yoga is to be practiced sitting simply cross-legged like in the lotus position padmasana or sukhasana or sulabhasana, or vajrasana or even by sitting comfortably in a chair.

Close your eyes and breathe normally for a few seconds. Then take a deep breath and start with ‘A’ syllable for three counts (you can increase it to five, seven and so on), followed by ‘O’, ‘M’ and the silent syllable. Then proceed to ‘AUM’ chanting. There are mudra pranayamas that help to enhance the internal energy, too. These are performed using the five fingers and each finger represents an element of the universe.


The forefinger represents air, middle finger represents space or sky, ring finger represents earth, little finger represents water and the thumb represents fire. So, while performing mudra pranayama, when the fingertips are held in such a way that each mudra has a meaning.

When to Do Om Yoga & for How Long?

Usually, om yoga should be performed during dawn or dusk. But you can practice any time of the day. It’s even ideal to practice before or after hatha (physical) yoga. It shouldn’t take more than 7 to 10 minutes. But it may exceed depending on how long one wants to practice. There’s no harm in practicing for a longer time. Also, practicing in an empty room with dim light is ideal.

meditation at sea peaceful calm mind om yogaWhat Do I Need for Om Yoga?

There’s nothing much required for om yoga. A yoga mat or any mat that you’re comfortable with and a peaceful environment like an empty room or park (you won’t feel embarrassed if you take a friend!). Basically, anywhere!

meditative-spiritual-world-yoga-omWhat to Wear for Om Yoga?

Wear something comfortable. You can even practice in daily wear, too, if you have time constraints. However, a tee shirt and yoga pants or leggings or track pants are the best. You will feel relaxed and you can monitor your breathing, too. It’s especially beneficial if you’re gonna use on yoga as a starting point to a prana yoga session.

meditation with mudra symbol deep pranayama om yogaSo, this was a complete guide to om yoga. Are you gonna try it? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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