May 2022 Issue

The Glamour Shoot Issue

Fulfill Your Glam Fantasy!

May 2022 Issue |
May 2022 magazine cover

Model: Matilda Foley (@matildafoley_) (Agency: N Management @nmodelmanagement_); Photographer: Anand Kulkarni (@anandkphoto); Hair & Makeup: Jodie Elizabeth (@rougebeautynz)

How to Prepare for a Glamour Shoot

How to Prepare for a Glamour Shoot: Expert Guide

by fashion & portrait photographer Anand Kulkarni

cover story

A glamour shoot is essentially a portrait shoot but for the sole purpose of glamourizing the subject. A shoot that flatters the subject by creating an aura of fantasy, emphasizing their beauty or sometimes even adding a hint of borderline erotica.

A glamour shoot is perfect for anyone who wants to see themselves in the best light possible, no pun intended. It helps to build confidence in oneself and getting comfortable in one’s own skin. Should you plan a glamour shoot if you don’t “look like a model”? Absolutely! Working with a professional photographer for your shoot will make you fall in love with yourself and really boost your confidence!

So how do you find your “signature style” based on your personality? Read more…

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