Types of Blush: How to Choose the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

There are so many types of blush available and your choice can make or break your look. So here’s a complete guide to different types and how to choose them.


From rosy cheeks to sun-kissed looks and a youthful glow, almost any look can be achieved with the help of a blush. It has been around for a long time and is an essential part of our makeup routine. Red, pink, peach, nudes, it comes in many different shades.

A blush is used to get a radiant look by adding color to the cheeks. Many women use just the blush as their makeup, as it is a simple way to improve your look. According to makeupmuseum.org, Egyptian women were most likely the first ones to use blush for their makeup routine. They used to extract the juice of mulberries and strawberries and stain their cheeks. It was done to highlight their elite status and was seen as a sign of good health and fertility.

However, the first blush as an actual cosmetic was launched in the 18th century. And since then, it has evolved into many more forms. Does this description of blush remind you of the cartoon character Pikachu with big red circles on her cheeks? But of course, that’s not how it should be. Continue reading to find out what are the different types of blush available in the market today and find some pro tips on choosing the right shade for you.

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The blush you choose should be tailored to cater to your needs. Here we show you nine different types of blush:

Types of Blush

1. Liquid Blush

As the name suggests, a liquid blush is in fluid form. It blends in beautifully with the skin to make your makeup look natural. It is long-lasting and is heavily pigmented. So, it is better to use it in small amounts.


It gives a realistic hue and texture to the skin. You can even glide it with your fingers. In addition to that, it is hydrating and moisturizing. That is why this is one of the best types of blush suited for normal and dry skin types. If used in a larger-than-necessary quantity, it can look overdone. For example, I remember trying a drugstore liquid blush once and I couldn’t blend it properly. But of course, I am just a rookie at liquid blush. The best way to apply it is to take a small drop on the back of your hand, then use a wet sponge to take very small amounts and gradually build it up. Keep on blending it so that it does not settle in one place. NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush has us impressed with its thin but highly pigmented formula.

2. Compact Blush

It is impossible not to mention the pressed powder blush when talking about the different types of blush as it is one of the most common one used by makeup-a-holics. It can be used on almost all skin types. It is lightweight and is available in a broad range of colors. It gives a more polished look, and is easy to apply.


It gives a matte finish and the coverage is good. You require a brush to blend it properly. But it is not waterproof, hence it will not last long. Also, it can look cakey if not applied correctly. If you have pimples or acne, the compact blush will emphasize them. This was the first type of blush that I had decided to buy when I was just getting into makeup, very easy to blend and looks very natural. I recommend Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush and Shilpa recommends Clinique pressed-powder blush, saying, “I have used it in multiple shoots and also for everyday makeup.” Both come in a myriad of shades and with a blush brush.

3. Loose Powder Blush

Just like the compact blush, we can create a matte look with the loose powder blush as well. It gives a translucent effect and is best for people with oily skin as it absorbs the excess oil. If you are into heavy makeup or Instagram shoots, this is the one you should go for.


It makes your skin look slender. Although, it can make your cheeks look dull and the shade may appear duller after a few hours. It gives very little coverage and is harder to apply as there is little control over how much products gets into the brush. Personally, I haven’t tried loose powder blush so I pinged Shilpa, and she recommends L’Oréal True Match Mineral blush, which she says comes with a wonderful fluffy blush and is long lasting too.

4. Gel Blush

This is a kind of liquid blush but a bit more hydrating and a little less messy. It gives a dewy finish and is used to create a sheer glow. However, if applied incorrectly, gel blush can settle on specific points making your makeup look improper so make sure to blend evenly and take small amounts.


It can be used on any skin type. A few things to consider before buying this is that it might not last long, it dries off easily so you have to be quick while blending it. And also, it is very pigmented so you will need some practice to take just the right amount. But that makes it perfect for photoshoots. Shilpa approves Estee Lauder Cheek Rush Gel Blush, as it is very pigmented and glides really smoothly.

5. Cream Blush

Cream blush is a hybrid between liquid and gel blush with the right amount of silkiness to it. It gives a sophisticated glossy finish and can be used to create a dewy makeup look. The best thing about this kind of blush is that can be used even on lips and eyes.


Unfortunately, it fades away soon and cannot be used in hot months of the year because it makes the face look oilier. It also smudges easily, so if used for a longer duration, may look a bit clownish. I noticed that there is a lot of craze on the internet around the Freestyle Cream Blush by Fenty Beauty owing to its muted shades and natural-like glow, definitely adding this to my wishlist.

6. Tint/Stain

A tint or a stain is a blush that comes in a watery texture. It glides in to give a totally legitimate glow. You need to apply it with your fingers. Despite being a water-based product, it has good pigmentation and is long-lasting. It is waterproof and best suited for a no-makeup makeup look.


However, very few color choices are available to cater to every skin tone. It is also sometimes difficult to blend so it’s not suited for beginners, since it may make the skin look uneven. Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics is hands down the best tint in the market today and is a cult favorite. This is also something that is always there in my bag for touch-up.

7. Stick Blush

Here comes one of the most convenient blush types, the stick blush is good not just because of its packaging but also because it can be used by anyone – from rookies to professional artists. It is designed like a lipstick which makes it easy to use since we can apply it directly to our cheeks.


How can I not mention this but I have always enjoyed participating in school plays and at that time my teachers used to use a lipstick as a blush. I think they should have learnt to blend it well so that I didn’t look like Pikachu in all the photos. Growing up the struggle is still the same, even I cannot blend a stick blush properly. Anyway the pigmentation is buildable.

But it can be difficult to determine the amount of blush being put on your skin. These are expensive and can be a complex task to spread them out evenly. Also, layering it with other makeup products can be challenging. Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick lives up to its “healthy and radiant finish” claim. It is affordable and has garnered good reviews online.

8. Mousse Blush

The mousse blush is an alternative to the cream blush. It is airy and light in weight owing to its feather-like texture. Upon blending it onto the skin, it gives the effect of a powder blush. As a result, the skin does not look oily. The pigmentation is enough to create a subtle look. Popular YouTuber Corallista mentions in one of her videos that the formula is such that it is very easy to blend and doesn’t look patchy.


Besides due to its light pigmentation, it does not show up on deeper skin tones. Apart from that, it can cause your skin to crease and the product does not last for more than a couple of hours. There aren’t a lot of types of blush available in mousse form, but the Undone Beauty Lip-to-Cheek Palette is worth mentioning since it can be used not just as a blush but also as a lip color.

9. Shimmer Blush

And for all the ladies who love some extra glam, shimmer blush comes in handy. It mostly comes in powder form and has glitter particles. It makes the skin look luminous. You can even use it as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow thus saving you some penny. I love this because I am a college student and I am broke most of the times so I use my shimmer blush to highlight my face as well.


It is suitable for youthful skin otherwise it accentuates the fine lines and wrinkles. It cannot be worn on a daily basis and does not look natural. Also, shimmer blushes do not come in a wide range of colors. Milani Baked Blush is sure to pop up as one of the best option when you are looking for a shimmer blush.

How to Choose the Right Blush for Yourself?

Choosing the right blush can be tough since there are a lot of varieties available in the market. You need to decide on not just the formulation but also the correct shade that makes you look your best. Read ahead to take notes on how to pick the right shade and the right type of blush.

1. Types of Blush Based on Your Skin Types

Oily & Combination: People who have oily skin should go for formulations that give them a matte finish and control the production of sebum. Since you do not want to make your skin look creasy, go for compact, loose powder, stain/tint or gel blush.

Dry: People with dry skin should opt for dewy formulations so that their skin looks shiny. Powder blush will make the skin look dull so it is best avoided. Choose cream, liquid or stick blush.

Normal: If you have normal skin then you can choose any formulation that you like. It all depends on the look that you are trying to create. If you like dewy effects, go for cream, gel or liquid blush but if you want a matte finish, it is better to stick with a powder or a mousse blush.

2. Types of Blush Shades Based on Your Undertones

To determine your undertones, take a look at your veins. If they are green then you have a warm undertone but if they are blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. You have a neutral undertone if you see a mix of green and blue.

Another way to find your undertone is to try on gold and silver jewelry. If you feel like gold jewelry looks better on you then you have a warm undertone. People with cool undertones silver jewelry flattering on them. But if you think that you can rock both metallic shades then you have a neutral undertone.

Those who have cool undertones should go for blush shades that have a bluish-pink tone to them like berry, soft pink and mauve. Warm undertones should choose blush with yellowish tones like rosy pink, brick red, orange and scarlet. People with neutral undertones can go for any shade keeping their skin tone in mind.

3. Types of Blush Based on Your Skin Tone

The shade of blush you choose should match the natural flush you get when you pinch your cheeks or after you run.


Light to Medium: Since you might already have flushed cheeks, opt for lighter shades of pink, peach, plum and apricot to match with your natural skin tone.

Medium to Tanned: Orange, peach, corals and bronzer-like blush shades look good with this skin tone. You can even choose a shimmery blush.

Tanned to Deep: Do not shy away to try out the brighter shades like red, fuchsia, berry and brownish pink.

Additional Tips for Blush Application

1. Blush is applied in such a way that the cheeks look uplifted. It also depends on the shape of your face.

2. Soft, dense and fluffy brushes are used to apply blush. However, the best way to apply blush is with a sponge or a beauty blender. Avoid using your fingers to blend blush since you can risk lifting up the layer of the foundation.

3. The size of the brush should be as per your facial frame.

4. The formulation of your foundation and your blush should not match. If you are using a liquid foundation, go for powder blush and vice versa because it can look patchy and messy. This will help you decide the type of blush you should go for.

5. Move the brush to an angle of 45-degree upwards to make the face look more sculpted.

6. One of the most common ways of applying blush is the smiling method (by lifting up your cheekbones). This will look good only when you smile. The area on which the blush is applied comes down when you are not smiling, hence it won’t look flattering in all situations.

7. The higher you apply a blush, the more youthful you will look. Another way to apply blush is to pop in your cheeks by pouting your mouth then apply blush using upward motion, starting from the apples of your cheeks to your cheekbones. Blend it all the way up to your temples for a bolder look.

8. In case you apply a lot of blush, take a clean brush and just tap off the excess blush.

9. Also, do not forget to clean your brushes after every use.

I hope that this article gives you a clear understanding on how to select the right blush. If you have more questions send them in to [email protected] Also, do not forget to tag us in your pretty pictures flaunting glowing cheeks on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom.

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