Valentino Fall 2016 Couture Collection Makes Renaissance Sexy!

Discover the latest Valentino Fall Winter 2016-17 collection and gallery. Check out our favorite looks and read the review.

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Valentino Fall Winter collection 2016-17 couture collection was inspired by period-fashion, as expected. But this time, it made it look sexy with contemporary elements like leather pants, silk shorts, cut-outs and crop-tops! The collection opened with the basic tones – black and white, with the evergreen colors – reds, golds and browns. The most eye catching element in almost all the outfits was the high, ruffled neckline which was either white satin or tulle. The ruffle was also seen from the shoulder or neckline to the waistline:

Strapless and off-shoulder gowns or dresses were the most prominent. The gowns had a dash of embellishments in patterns or all over the outfit.

The other stunning silhouettes incluced trousers, knee-length dresses and bubble skirts. The makeup was minimal. The accessories included mostly statement necklaces, which had a leather base and copper designs embossed on it. Some of the neckpieces were short (almost like chokers), and the others touched the ribs. Other accessories included chic knee-high leather boots and tiny gold hair-clips. The hair was centre parted with these gold beads that were used to hold strands of hair touching the forehead, and in the low-tied ponytails.

My favorite looks from the Valentino Fall 2016 couture collection are the red mini-dress with a floor-touching cape and large neck-ruffles with the exotic neckpiece that matched the leather boots. The other look I liked was a long silk gown with large birds, animals and floral patterns, and a Renaissance-inspired ruff.

Valentino Fall Winter 2016 Collection: Gallery

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