10 Things to Love About Chanel Fall 2016 Couture Collection

Discover the latest Chanel Fall-Winter 2016/17 haute couture collection, which pays a tribute to the seamstresses. Read a review and view the gallery!

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I wasn’t impressed when I started watching the Chanel Fall-Winter 2016/17 haute couture fashion show. It wasn’t that the first couple of outfits were bad, it was just that I was expecting so much after the previous few collections by Karl Lagerfeld. But like fine vintage wine, it just got better and better as the show progressed, and Ça Va, the upbeat soundtrack played in the background. I was wowed by the end of the show, left wanting to wear each and every outfit.

This couture fashion show was dedicated to the seamstresses. That’s why the runway was designed after the ateliers, recreating the mannequins, sewing machines, mirrors, et al.

Fittingly (pun unintended), the collection paid lots of attention to craftsmanship, cut and structure. It involved neatly pleated skirts and culottes, monochromatic or camouflaged embellishments, floral embroidery and cool design elements like ruffles and collars (or built-in chokers)!


The collection included monochromatic outfits, loads of head-to-toe black, pastels and neutrals like pink, charcoal, sand white and ecru. The silhouettes encompassed coats, mini dresses, culottes, crop-flared pants, jackets, skirt-suits.


And although I can list twenty, but to cut the article short, here are the 10 things to love about this Chanel Fall-Winter 2016/17 couture collection:

#1: Sharp Shoulder-Cuts

It’s like Chanel made a big case for shoulder-pads, without using shoulder-pads. The collection showed “beveled or angular cut shoulders, held with stitches create a “standing up” effect, framing a flat profile without any padding,” according to the fashion show description.


#2: Lashed Out Makeup

The beauty looks were eye-catchy, placing emphasis on the eyes! Extra-long, extended lashes were paired with white eyeshadow, evenly extending up to the brows. This enlarged, and in fact, exaggerated the eyes.


#3: Ribbon Headband + Curly Topknot

Well, not exactly. The models had their hair curled up and tightly tied at the top of the head in a frizzy bunch, tied together with a black ribbon tied in a bow.


#4: Winter Culottes & Crop Formal Jackets

Culottes don’t have to be a summer thing and crop jackets don’t have to be a casual thing. A fresh twist on trends challenges tried and tested fashion norms, and that is the whole point of couture.


#5: Draped Boots and Arm-Warmers

Black hand/arm warmers and ruched over-the-knee boots are this season’s quintessential black accessories for the Chanel woman.


#6: Asymmetric Long Tops with Embroidered Undersides

Long tops with curvy or pointed backs (butt-capes) had embellished or embroidered under-sides, and were worn over pencil skirts.


#7: The Necktie

We’ve been seeing women’s tuxedos, but ties are rare on the runways in womenswear collections. This one features a broad white necktie with a rose brooch!


#8: The Shoulder Crown

A wave of ruffled fabric contoured over the shoulders of some outfits, which I like to call the “shoulder crown”. It’ll be unmissable at a party so I’m expecting to see it on the red carpet soon!


#9: Button Embellishments

We saw plenty of large buttons and royalty-inspired embellished buttonholes.


#10: The Bottle Dress

Say what you may, but the silhouette of these dresses reminds me of a perfume bottle, and I’m not complaining.


Chanel Fall-Winter 2016/17 Haute Couture Collection: Gallery

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