Voyd Incredibles 2 Hair & Makeup: Eye Mask Makeup + Faux Bob

voyd incredibles 2 makeup tutorial costume ideas shilpa ahuja

Discover my incredible new beauty transformation and Voyd Incredibles 2 beauty tutorial! The new superhero from Incredibles 2 has a cool look! Watch me do a faux bob hairstyle and wear eye mask makeup for a super cool costume idea.

Hey gorgeous! A 14-year long wait, and Incredibles 2 is finally out! And I’m super excited. And of course, I had to do a video on it! This time I tried a look of one of the new Supers from the movie – Voyd! Ready to check out how I transformed?

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Here’s the full Voyd Incredibles 2 tutorial video:

Products Used:

Maybelline – Primer
MAC – Pro Longwear Concealer NC25
Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer, Neutral, 6ml
Vega Set of 7 Brush
L’Oreal – Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige 140
Christian Dior – Backstage Eye Prime 002
Maybelline – White eye pencil
Maybelline – Turquoise eyeshadow
Vega – Eye Shadow brush
Maybelline – Colossal Kajal Eyeliner Pencil
Maybelline – Hyper Glossy eyeliner
Clinique – High-Impact mascara
M.A.C. – Mineralize face powder
M.A.C. – Powder blush in Frost
Christian Dior -Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Matte
Dior  – Lip liner pencil Candy Rose
Maybelline – Lip liner 238 Midnight Plum
L’Oreal – 920 Lush Raven eyeshadow
Vega – Foundation Brush

Today I’m going to be doing this Voyd-inspired hair and makeup look. Voyd is one of the news Supers from Incredibles 2. She is the next generation. And even though she has a really meek personality, she has a really nice and badass style.

I’m a big Incredibles fan. Voyd’s look has a cool color palette. She wears a blue and green suit and she has blue hair and a matching eye mask. And even though I relate to Elastigirl’s personality more, I really don’t really don’t relate to her mommy-style. In fact, I wonder how Edna Mode ever even approved of her style! If I were Edna, I would never approve of her style.

But I think Edna would approve of Voyd’s hair. It’s really cool and I think for a teenager, it’s kind of, you know, like an edgy, badass look. And it can also be a cool summer look (if you’re looking for a haircut)!

And even if you have long hair like me, you can still imitate the style a little bit. This would be a great idea for a Halloween costume or for comic-con. And you could even wear it without the eye-mask, if you’re just going to college or going out casually.

The eye mask itself reminds me of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection that had models walking the runway wearing eye mask makeup. So let’s get started!

Also, here’s the timelapse of my Voyd Incredibles 2 transformation:

Keep reading for the full step-by-step tutorial on how I achieved this look…

Voyd Incredibles 2 Hair & Makeup Tutorial

1. Skin Prep

Before starting the hair and makeup, you wanna straighten your hair and prep your skin. I used Maybelline One Day Perfect primer and L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Foundation. And I also used MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC25. So let’s get started with the hair!

2. Faux Bob

If you have long hair like me, you can create a faux bob. Voyd’s hair looks like a regular bob from behind, and from the front, it’s medium length, side-parted hair. So start by giving a deep part to your hair. Then pin the side tightly near one ear. Leave your shorter layers in the front. So separate them by combing them and holding them in one hand.

For the rest of the hair, we can tie them somewhere in the middle with a matching skinny hair tie. Now these lengths of hair, let’s roll them inwards and pin them underneath your hair, at the back of your head. And then lightly comb them or spread them with your fingers, so that you completely cover up the pins. So there you go! All the hair is done!

3. Eyeshadow

For the makeup, start with the eyeshadow primer. But before you do that, since this look is all about the eyes, you want to choose which one to use. A good idea is to run a few tests on the back of your hand, to test different bases and find the right one which makes your eyeshadow look the most pigmented.

I ran a few tests using the M.A.C. Paint PotDior eye shadow primer, and Sportsgirl white eye pencil, which looked the most pigmented. All right, so first use something like Dior Backstage eye prime. This look contains really less of eye contouring, and it’s almost all about the eye mask. So really, you need to layer your eye primer all over the lid. And then use a turquoise eyeshadow, I used one by Body Shop and I wore it with this Vega eye shadow brush.

Don’t forget to line your upper waterline with black eye pencil bgefore wearing the eye shadow. After this, I used gray eyeshadow by M.A.C. called Night Divine on the outer corners and crease of my eyelids to add some depth.

4. Eyeliner & Mascara

Voyd uses this really thick liner almost all over her lid, so that’s gonna be my next step. I used Maybelline Hyper Glossy eyeliner. And since we’re doing an animated character look, it doesn’t hurt to make it a little thick and dramatic.

I also used Clinique High-Impact mascara on my lashes, but not too much, since Voyd’s look is not about the eyelashes, it’s more about the eye mask and the eyeliner. Also it’s a good idea to comb the brows a little bit.

5. Blush & Contour

Now Voyd’s eye mask almost comes to her cheekbones, but you can still see the blush and you can also see that there’s a hint of contouring over there. So before wearing all that, I wore M.A.C. Mineralize face powder, since it will help me set the concealer.

And after that, I added M.A.C. powder blush in Frost. And I also added a teeny bit of it on the tip of my nose. For sculpting, I used Diorskin Nude Tan Matte bronzer with the Kabuki brush that comes with it. And since Voyd has a really narrow jaw, her shape is almost like in an elongated almond. So I just wore this bronzer on the sides of my jaw as well. And just blend it until no harsh lines are seen.

6. Lipstick

For the lips, I used Dior lip liner pencil in Candy Rose.You wanna line your lips a little bit on the inside because she has really thin lips. And for the lipstick, I used Christian Dior 766 Hibiscus. It’s a really nice pink, very bright pink color. I also used Maybelline lip liner in 238 Midnight Plum. All right, that’s as close as I could get to Voyd’s lip color.

All right, so there it is. This is a bit of the dramatic look that you can wear if you don’t want to draw the eye mask on. But I’m gonna, of course, go ahead and move on to drawing the eye mask.

7. Eye Mask Makeup

All right, so of course, the eye mask is slightly bit tricky. It’s really oval and rounded, but its outer corners are very slightly bit tipped. I’m gonna draw it on with the Sportsgirl white eyeliner pencil first. And then I’m gonna put eyeshadow all over the drawn area. So first you want to demarcate how much above and below your eyes the eye mask’s gonna go, so that you can easily make it symmetrical on both sides. Of course being symmetrical doesn’t matter so much since half of her eye is already like, covered by the hair as well. So it’s really okay if you go wrong a little bit here and there.

Once you have the basic shape drawn on, use the same pencil to fill it in and it’ll create a nice base for the eye shadow. Let’s use the same eyeshadow brush and the same eyeshadow that we used earlier to fill this in.

The things to remember are that when you are filling in the edges, that’s where you need to be having the most steady hand and as well as when you’re coming down, when you’re filling the downwards areas, that’s when you need to really make sure that you’re tapping off the excess of the brush so that nothing falls off below this mask.

Since we’ve made the demarcation with the white eyeliner pencil first, it’s really easy to stay inside lines, since the product just doesn’t stay on on my face. It stays on really better on at the top of the eyeliner pencil. So even if you messed up just a slightly bit, it’s really okay. The product’s just not gonna stay on outside the lines.

My mask had become a little bit too peacock-y, a little bit too bright. So I just mixed a little bit of black eye shadow to make it slightly bit darker. So, to darken the eye shadow, I used black eyeshadow by L’Oreal- 920 Lush Raven. And I just went over the top part only so that we can have a slight bit of a gradient as we come down. And it’s gonna look good in real life, since it’s gonna be as if the light is hitting the bottom part of the shade. I used a really light hand to go over this as we don’t want to mess up the color that’s already there.

8. Eyebrows & Lids Touch-Up

You can either use the turquoise eye shadow to go over the eyebrows, or full them up lightly with the black eye shadow. Let’s also use this black eye shadow a little bit on the crease and outer corners so that you can add a little bit more depth to my eyelids.

9. Nose Contour

Contouring a little bit on the sides of your nose is the last step. I used Vega Foundation Brush and the Dior bronzer again. Since Voyd has a very tiny, triangular nose, I just contoured underneath the eye mask only.

All right so this is the final look. If you liked my Voyd Incredibles 2 tutorial, please let me know below, or tag me on your Instagram pictures @shilpaahujadotcom! Muaah!

And now we all can try it. Everyone can be a super. And when everyone’s super… No one will be.

voyd incredibles 2 makeup tutorial costume ideas shilpa ahuja

Glossy Eyes Trend Can Actually Be Wearable: Easy Glossy Eyelids Tutorial


Discover my chic, glam yet wearable glossy eyeshadow makeup look in pink and bronze, perfect for a party. And also learn how to wear the glossy eyes trend the easy way with my video tutorial, using products you already have in your makeup bag!

shilpa ahuja makeup tutorial glossy eyeshadow beautyHey gorgeous! Glossy eyeshadow is the new makeup trend we’re spotting all over Instagram. And surely, even though glossy eyes looks glam and quite pro, it’s way easier than it looks. Or rather, I made an easy version of it for you to try! Yes, that’s what my new video is all about. I’m planning to make many more videos from now on, and this makeup tutorial is what we can, well, start with.

Products Used:

Victoria’s Secret – Aqua Kissir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B016APNUQO

Maybelline – Prime Blur Primerir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=ur2&o=31 MAC – Pro Longwear Concealer NC25ir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00HS4FGIW Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer, Neutral, 6mlir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B004Y9GVZG Vega Set of 7 Brushir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00791F1MA L’Oreal – Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige 140ir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00IJ9ECKS Christian Dior – Backstage Eye Prime 002ir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00IUMSHSW Bobbi Brown – Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Champagneir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B002Q61N84 Vega – Eye Shadow brushir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B0079Z1DW8 NARS – Duo Eyeshadow Brown with shimmer finishir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B078YR2WT2 Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush: Pose Roseir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B06XW7NLNF Vega – Foundation Brushir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00791F4RW Maybelline – Colossal Kajal Eyeliner Pencilir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B01MTQTZMM L’Oreal – Super Linerir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B005QJ83OKEstee Lauder Pure Color, 65 French Vanilla
Maybelline – Baby Lips Lip Balmir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00EC8GG1I M.A.C. – Lip Pencil Spiceir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B0002DNZDE Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick F4 Spiked Toffeeir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00GMEWVTG Christian Dior – Dior Addict 043 lip glossir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00JL5YY7K Vega – Eye Applicatorir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B0079Z1H4W Christian Dior -Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Matte

shilpa ahuja tutorial glossy eyeshadow look makeup latest trendir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00IU2VOW8

How to Wear Glossy Eyes the Easy Way

So here are the basic steps on how to create this look. It’s sort of glamorous but you can wear it up or down. Meaning, you can wear glossy eyes just like this to a party or for a date. Or you could even add some shimmer to it, or darker, bolder colors and wear it to a wedding or a gala. Today I’m going to be doing this version which is really simple to do but it’s also really wearable.

The glossy eyes makeup is not exactly a new trend. We’ve seen it so many times on celebrities on the red carpet. And even magazine editorials have been doing it for years. But now this trend has been gaining a lot of popularity because a lot of beauty bloggers have been doing it on Instagram. And I got inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who recently wore glossy eyeshadow on Instagram to promote her new makeup line.

At first I thought it’s really unwearable because it’ll probably be a sticky look, especially in the summer, it may crease and may even get uncomfortable! But then I thought, okay, challenge accepted! Let me do it my way and let me see how to make glossy eyes wearable in real life! And that’s the beauty of fashion trends. You can modify almost any trend to suit your personal taste.

So let’s get started! If you guys have been reading ShilpaAhuja.com, you know that we write so much about the latest makeup trends every season, but I don’t really do makeup tutorials. But so many if you have been asking for them, and so yeah, here we are with the glossy eyes tutorial!

1. Skin Prep

Alright, so before getting started it’s good to prep your skin. Cleanse it with a face wash that suits your skin type. A good scrub like an apricot scrub is great to follow the cleanse, for about five minutes. It helps to remove the dead cells. And massage it with aloe vera gel for another five minutes to make it look fresh. It helps the blood circulation. Or use a toner. And that’s always helpful if we’re going for a glowy skin look like this.

Then get started with a light layer of moisturizer. I used Aqua Kiss by Victoria’s Secret.ir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B016APNUQO Massage it into the skin as well. Use a light one if you have oily or mixed skin, and a heavier cream-based one if you have very dry skin on your face. Be sure to not miss the dry parts of your skin. Lastly, use a makeup primer, like this Maybelline Studio Master Primer, all over the face and neck.

2. Base

Time to put the concealer. I mixed two concealers – MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC25. And I mixed it with this Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle concealer. It’s a good idea to mix them first on the back of your hand or wrist. Apply it with your fingers or a sponge. Just on the sides of your nose and chin – wherever you have some pigmentation. I usually use the same product to do point concealing with a Vega Lip Liner brush.

Point concealing is best done just on the points that you really need. And then just dab them with your finger to blend it in. Like when you’re doing a makeup look, whether it’s a natural look or not, you always need to ask yourself how much coverage do you really need. A lot of times we think that we need so much more coverage than we actually do. And that always ends up giving that fake look.

You have to choose not all the spots, marks, acne to be covered. ‘Cause all these flaws, sort of make it look more natural. So just pick and choose what you should cover and what to show.

Okay so then put the foundation now. I used L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Foundation in Golden Beige. I use my fingers to apply it. Of course you can use a foundation brush or a sponge. But I prefer my finger since it’s so much easier for me to blend it like that. I applied a thin layer for this look, since I wanted to do a dewy but natural look for my glossy eyes.

Just keep blending it really nicely into the hairline. Since that’s where the test really happens. If you can see all the lines there, then it’s not really well blended, is it?

3. Eyeshadow Base

Next step is to apply an eyeshadow base. I used Christian Dior Backstage Eye Prime.ir?t=shilahuj0f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B00IUMSHSW It’s best to use a sponge, your fingers or a flat eye brush for this.

Next, create a base for the liquid eyeshadow, using a darker color on the crease. Like I used this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Champagne.

I used the Vega Eye Shadow flat brush for this. If you need yet slightly bit darker color on the crease, you can create more depth on the crease and outer corner once again. I used Sportsgirl – the Metallic Edit. It’s the metallic Baked Eye and Cheek Palette. It’s one of my favorites. A good alternative is to use a palette like NARS Duo Eyeshadow brown with shimmer finish.

You don’t want to apply too much either. Because if we do too much and then you put the gloss eyeshadow on it, then it’ll all be a big hot mess. So you wanna do really thin layers. We just wanna give it some definition, but don’t wanna make it messy.

4. Liquid Eyeshadow & Blush

Next, I used a liquid blush, the Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush in Pose Rose. So I pumped a little bit on the back of my hand and then mixed it with a clean brush. This is really pigmented so you don’t want too much. And if I applied it directly on my cheeks, it would just, just create too much pink over there, which we don’t want at all!

Use a bigger brush like this Vega Foundation Brush to put this on. It’s always good to just build it up rather than use too much product first. Go over the apples of your cheeks and then just use upward motions to take it up to the temples, all the way up to the hairline.

You can use the same product on the eyelids as well, to create a base for the glossy eyes shadow. Just use the same brush. And just pat it instead of rubbing it too much, so as to not ruin the base you’ve created with the powder eyeshadow. And just let it flow out into the temples and meet the blush naturally – going right into the hairline and the temples. Be sure to blend in altogether.

5. Eyeliner & Brows

This is the perfect time to fill in your brows and do the eyeliner. I used the Maybelline Colossal pencil eyeliner to fill in my upper lash line. If you want, you can use it on the lower lash line as well. I also used L’Oreal Super Liner on my upper lashes as well. Just remove the excess product so that we can have a thin layer.

Finally, use a highlighter a little bit on the inner corners of your eyes. I used Estee Lauder Pure Color, 65 French Vanilla. You can again use the lip liner brush for it.

glossy eyeshadow shilpa-ahuja-makeup-look-latest-2018-trends6. Lip Makeup

So now that your eyes are all prepped up, let’s do the lips. I wanted to do a pinky brown, bronzy look. So I decided to go for a nude brown color to go with the pink on my eyes. So that it’s not a whole pink-pink look. Before you put the lipstick, it’s a good idea to moisten the lips with a lip balm. I used Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm on my lips.

Time to move on to the brown lip pencil. I used MAC Lip Pencil Spice to line my lips. Also lightly fill them in, mixing it with the lip balm to make sort of a glossy lipstick. Next, fill in the lipstick, I used Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick F4 Spiked Toffee.

7. Glossy Eyeshadow

Alright, so for the glossy eyes, you can use a lip gloss or glossy eyeshadow product. I used Dior Addict lip gloss, since I wanted to do a look with products that you may already have in your vanity case. So that if you really like this look, you can always go ahead and buy a liquid shadow in whatever color you like. I used Dior Addict 043, which looks red, but it’s almost nude pink.

You can use a Vega spongy tip eye applicator for it. And you just want to lightly pat it on your eyes, instead of rubbing it, since we don’t wanna lose the gloss. And while we’re doing that, it helps to stay below the natural crease of your eyelids. So that you don’t end up creating a crease within the, the glossy eyeshadow. And you don’t wanna press in too much or blend it. Just pat it lightly because if you press it in too much, the skin’s just gonna absorb it and then it is just gonna become too light. Glossy eyes can actually be slightly heavier (with more product) if you’re gonna be taking pictures, and keep it lighter if you’re just wearing ’em casually.

8. Sculpting

You’re all done with the eye makeup. Now let’s do some sculpting with the bronzer and highlighter. I used Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Matte. It comes with a kabuki brush, which you can use to sculpt under your jawline, under your cheekbones and on the sides of your nose. On the sides of my nose, it’s best to avoid the super-fluffy kabuki brush and use a big flat foundation brush for extra precision.

Finally use a highlighter to highlight the high points of your face. It’s really common for girls and even beauty bloggers to use white shades or silvery, creamy shades which are too light and stand out way too much on the skin. So it’s ideal to use something which is in the color family of your skin. For example, I used Estee Lauder eyeshadow in French vanilla, which is sort of a creamy porcelain that works really well for my skin tone. If you have a darker skin tone, you could use a creamy beige or gold or even a bronze, coppery color. Also, don’t forget to highlight slightly bit at the tip or lightly on the front of your nose. Using a thin flat brush, highlight your cupid’s bow, too.

glossy eyes trendAll right, so that’s the final glossy eyeshadow look. If you wanna follow along, do check out the video above, and let me know how it went for you. Tag me in your Instagram pictures if you tried the glossy eyes trend, and I’ll be sure to double tap! Lemme know if you wanna see more tutorials like this, and what other look you would like me to do.

Muaah 🙂

Skin and makeup products work differently for everyone, so please remember that everything recommended here may not be suitable for every skin type or color. Please do a back-of-palm skin patch test before using them on your face to make sure you’re not allergic.

I only showcase products I personally use or want to try. The products shown in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up companies to use in my professional capacity.

This video is not sponsored and I did not accept payment to use or showcase any of the products shown herein. Some of the links under the videos and blog posts on my site are affiliated however and as stated before, I only feature products I like, or want to try.

For more information on my ethics policy, please read our FAQs: https://shilpaahuja.com/help/faq/

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