Makeup for Downturned Eyes: Eyeliner Steps, Eyeshadow Tips & More

Read below to find out your eye shape and learn all about the different tips, tricks and ideas in makeup for downturned eyes!


When you dress according to your body shape, it’s only right you apply eye makeup based on your eye type. From round and almond to hooded and monolid, there’s plenty of types of eye shapes. And each of those eye shapes have a certain makeup technique that suits them the best.

Eye Shape Chart

There are many different eye shapes out there and if you’re having a hard time figuring out whether yours are hooded, downturned, almond or what not, check our eye shape chart & guide below.


Almond Eyes

As the name suggests, this eye type is shaped like an almond – oval with pointed ends.

Round Eyes

Eye shapes that have an almost circular curve are known as round eyes.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are those that don’t have a crease on the eyelid. This eye shape is common among East Asians.

Hooded Eyes

If you have an extra fold of skin that hides the crease in your eyelid, you’ve got hooded eyes. How they’re different from monolids is that they do have a crease but they’re just concealed.

Upturned Eyes

They’re eyes where the lower lash line is curved upwards at the outer ends.

Downturned Eyes

The lower lash line in this eye type is almost a straight line without any curve.

Deep Set Eyes

Eyes that are set deeper into the skull and are not on the same level as as your brow bone are deep set.

Protruding Eyes

The opposite of deep set eyes, this type of eye is almost in level with the brow bone.

Close Set Eyes

Eyes that are set quite close to each other.

Wide Set Eyes

The exact opposite of close set eyes, these eyes are more spaced apart.

Makeup for Downturned Eyes

Now that you’ve figured out what your eye shape is and if yours are downturned, let’s move on to how to accentuate your eye type with makeup!

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Eyeliner Steps for Downturned Eyes

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart-how-to-wimged-liner-cat-eyeThe right eyeliner application can open up your eyes and make them look extra beautiful. Try flicks and wings as this will give it a lifted look. Here’s a step-by-step simple winged liner for downturned eyes. If you’re wondering how to make the perfect winged eyeliner with tape, this is it!

Start by taking some scotch tape, place it at an approximate 45 degree angle at the outer corner of your eye. And don’t be afraid to go too high. The higher the angle, the better the outcome.

Using a liquid liner, begin drawing at the inner corners of the eye. Start with a thin line, which you can build up later, if needed. Using the tape as a guide, draw until it’s in line with the end of your eyebrow. Winged liner makeup for downturned eyes looks best when it starts out thin but moves on to a thick line towards the end of the eyelid and gradually turns into a sharp, point at the tip of the wing.

And lastly, you can choose to line the outer end of your waterline with a pencil by connecting it to the winged liner.

Double Winged Eyeliner Makeup for Downturned Eyes

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart (3)-double-winged-eyelinerFor that extra lift, try double winged eye liner. Just adding a line starting at the waterline, parallel to the wing can make a whole lot of difference to your makeup for downturned eyes. You could create this look with either an eye pencil for a sharp wing or eye shadow for a smokey look.

Different Eyeliner Looks for Downturned Eyes

Apart from the classic wing and double wing eyeliner, there are plenty of looks to try if you have downturned eyes.

Kitten eye – The kitten eye is a subtler version of the cat eye liner with a shorter flick. This small winged eyeliner is a great option for when you want that lift but not in a glam and prominent way. You could also get away with a kitten eye at the workplace.

cara-delevingne-makeup-looks-super-model-hot-pics-orange-lipstick-nude-makeupFish eyeliner – Resembling the tail of a fish, this eyeliner design is suitable for anyone with downturned eyes. This look consists of two flicks, one at the upper lid and one at the bottom. Make sure that the lower part of the fish tail is shorter than the one above it for a flattering look.

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart (2)-fish-eye-linerArabic eyeliner – The Arabic liner is a classic cat eye with a twist. Unlike other eyeliner styles, the eyeliner dips at the inner corners and outlines the entire eye. It’s the perfect eyeliner look when it comes to makeup for downturned eyes! It’s also a great look for weddings or night outs.

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart-(5)-arabic-eyelinerGraphic cat eye – This look was popular on the runways this season and it was one of my faves! Try a geometric or negative space eyeliner for downturned eyes. You could also try them in different colors like the models in Louis Vuitton’s FW18 show sported.

See more unique makeup looks from Fall 2018 runways here.

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart-(2)-graphic-cat-eye-linerEyeshadow Application Tips for Downturned Eyes

People with downturned eye shapes can sometimes look sleepy and tired in photos. So here are some tips and tricks to make them shine!

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart-(5)-smokey-eyeshadow-tips1. Always make sure the eyeshadow at the outer corner is a sharp upward angle. Use scotch tape for precision.

2. Highlighting your inner corners with a shimmery silver or white color will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart (1)-eyeshadow-application-tips3. If you’re quite experimental with your eyeshadow looks, try a white liner on the waterline. In case you find that a bit too much for you, try a liner color that’s close to your skin tone. Either way, your eyes are gonna look intense and radiant!

4. Not eyeshadow related but another trick to open up and lift your eyes would be to put on some falsies that have longer lashes at the outer ends.

5. If you also have deep set eyes, they can look dark in pictures with shadows under them. So you can choose lighter eyeshadow shades like white, peach or cream. And if you have protruding eyes, choose dark colors like black, navy or plum.

Contour Eye Makeup Tutorial

makeup-for-downturned-eyes-eyeshadow-tips-smokey-cat-eye-guideEnhance and accentuate your downturned eyes by trying cut crease eyeshadow looks. These eyeshadow styles will give it definition and that pop! Start by using a neutral color that almost matches your skin tone over primed eyelids. Then use a darker shade that complements it at the outer corners. Sharp edged eyeshadows work best for downturned eyes, like mentioned above. You could use the trusty scotch tape method to achieve this makeup for downturned eyes. Next, take a color darker than the one you just used, swipe it along the crease, take it towards the outer corners and blend until no harsh lines are visible. And you’ve got yourself both a smoky and contoured eye look in one!

So that was all about makeup for downturned eyes. Which of the differnet eyeliner looks were your fave? And if you have downturned eyes, what types of eyeshadow looks do you opt for? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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