Latest Skirt Styles for Fall Winter 2018-19 We’re Drooling Over

Okay, the wait is over! We’ve listed the latest skirt styles for Fall Winter 2018-19 from the RTW collections. From the basic leather skirts to super-hot draped ones, skirt styles are top notch this year. Read on to know the latest skirt fashion!

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Hey beautiful! The basic must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, a skirt, is perfect for casual outings or even parties. Fall Winter 2018 RTW collections were indeed super stylish. While working on apparel trends, I took a lot of inspiration from the fashion trends for 2018 list. My editor-in-chief, Shilpa Ahuja surely has an eye for the tiniest details and her trend forecasting is spot on. And after working for almost three seasons on apparel trends, I have almost aced the technique! 😉

Like always, after going through all the collections and filtering various types of skirts, I ended up with 20+ trends. After discussing with Shilpa, we finalized the top 11 skirt styles for 2018. (It wasn’t easy!) Let’s check ’em out!

Latest Skirt Styles for Fall Winter 2018-19

1. High Waist

Skirts were riding high up in the Fall 2018 collections. Like literally. Super high waisted skirts are in and they are so high that they are almost touching the boobs. Lol! If you’re planning to wear any high waist skirts, don’t shy away from sporting them. From casual leather skirts to party-ready metallic ones, high waist skirt is the top latest skirt style for 2018.

2. PVC

PVC or transparent apparel is ruling this year. And yes, PVC skirts are in trend, too! From long skirts to feather trimmings to mini ones, these skits are definitely a game changer. Although I feel, they are perfect for casual outings or coffee dates, because who wants to wear plastic? Gah!

3. Three-Dimensional

Be runway ready with three-dimensional skirts. 3D will be on top of your shopping list next year, too. We’re seeing so many of these artistic designs in the runway collections that its high time that either Zara or Forever 21 start making them soon. Pair these ultra glam skirts with tee-shirts, button-up shirts or corset tops.

4. Uniquely Draped

Who wants to wear a simple skirt when designers are making these cool draped ones?! Asymmetric and other unique styles of draping in skirts adds an instant charm to your look. Whether its a party or a casual outing, wear these to make a statement. Pair them with fur tops, sweaters or a flouncy sleeved top.

5. Floor Touching

Well, skirts are definitely princessy in the Fall 2018 collections. Welcome floor touching skirts! Make a ravishing entry at parties or stay at home. Lol! I’m pretty sure, it would be difficult to walk in these skirts but well, who doesn’t want to look like the queen once in a while! Go for pleated, well-fitted or even the dramatic front slit ones!

6. Sheer

Okay, we get back to square one once again. Sheer skirts are still in and they are one of the latest skirt styles for Fall 2018. Designers are not gonna take a break from them, I guess. In another two years, a sheer skirt or many will be in every girl’s closet. Well, it’s gonna be essential. Ugh! From the quintessential Dior sheer skirt to sexy Oscar de la Renta one, sheer is in top 6th position. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

7. Zipper Details

Skirts with zipper details should definitely be on your shopping list this fall. These zippers may not serve any purpose but they surely are head turners! Try some unique styles like a leather skirt with a zipper detail or with a front slit zipper. We also saw other exaggerated hardware like grommets and charms.

8. Leather

Leather is a must have in the fall-winter season. I prefer leather skirts over pants as they are way more comfy. For Fall 2018, designers are making a case for every type and style. From mini to midi, pair these black leather skirts with leather tops, sexy button-up shirts or tee shirts.

9. Overskirt

Overskirts are perfect for casual outings or parties. Also, they are great to pair with plain boring outfits. We would love to see them more in 2019, too. Designers, are you listening?! Try asymmetric, embellished or a floor touching overskirt to hit on the skirt trends.

10. Fringes

Fringed skirts do give a bohemian feel, don’t they? Okay, this is a bonus trend on our list as we couldn’t ignore these pretty looking fringed skirts. From thread fringes to oversized ones, try a variety of them. Go for metallic skirts for parties and a leather skirt for casual outings.

So, these were the latest skirt styles for Fall Winter 2018. Which trend did you love the most? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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