Sweater Trends You Need to Try for Spring 2021

Up your fashion game with the latest sweater trends. From the extreme cropped sweaters to slouchy sweaters to modern hoodies, check out the SS21 trends!

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Hello gorgeous! The weather is perfect to sip some hot chocolate and cuddle with a book. Well, the spring season is almost here and you still need those sweaters and outerwear. But you wanna keep it light because you don’t wanna end up feeling too heavy and uncomfortable with your coats and all.

Along with comfort, you wanna look trendy and stylish, obvi! We, at ShilpaAhuja.com, have curated the trendiest sweater styles to try from the Spring Summer 2021 collections.

Our team went through each and every collection and we reviewed all the sweaters. Finally, we brought it down to 9 sweater trends based on the uniqueness, how new the trend is and the number of designers vouching for it!

Personally, I love sweaters and here in Bangalore, India, summers ain’t that hot. So, I end up wearing my sweaters, shrugs, and light outerwear the entire year. I definitely had fun reviewing the latest sweater trends and writing about them. Now, let’s dive in and check ’em out!

Sweater Trends from Spring Summer 2020-21 Collections

The year 2020 was quite interesting. With Covid-19, fashion shows were out of the question. But still, we saw designer houses getting all creative with their collections. Instead of live audience, fashion brands presented SS21 collections in the most unique ways. From in-house photoshoots to digital presentations to puppet dolls showcasing the collection, we have to get used to the fact that the fashion industry is also reimagining the way they represent the runway designs!

Well, after going through 100+ images from the fashion show collections, we found some old trends ruling the runway. And there were a few new ones, too! Sweaters are a basic staple in any women’s wardrobe. But they don’t need to be plain and boring. From different styles to unique designs, here are the top 9 sweater trends that you need to try from the SS21 collections!

1. Top Like Sweaters

L to R: Ralph & Russo, L(Top) Missoni, L(Bottom) Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Fendi

Who wants to layer up when you can wear sweaters designed as tops?! We saw a variety of top-style sweaters this season. From cropped sweaters to collared blouses to belted kimono-style ones, these sweaters will catch eyeballs for sure. They are comfortable and keep you warm at the same time. What more can we ask for?

From Ralph and Russo’s fur sweater to Chanel’s chic pink top like sweater, we are drooling over this trend. You can try a variety of styles like cropped, blouses, collared and even kimonos. Pair them with skirts, shorts and trousers. You can style them with skinny belts to create a statement.

2. Slouchy Sweaters

Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Chanel

Welcome the super-comfy sweater style this year. With work from home, lockdowns, hardly going out, the slouchy style has become everyone’s favorite. Wearing oversized clothing should be the #1 rule in fashion this year. We spotted this trend in top designer collections like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and many more. Even the designers are giving in, eh! The slouchy sweaters were raining on the runway. Definitely one of the best sweater trends!

Pair these slouchy sweaters with trousers, leather skirts, or even layer them on dresses. Try metallic pants to create a statement. Personally, I loved the solid colored slouchy sweater by Michael Kors.

The best part about a slouchy sweater is you can wear one at home while you work and also when you head out for shopping (I mean, groceries. Remember COVID), too!

3. Double Sweater Set

Prada, Chanel, Balmain, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana

Here’s an interesting new trend – sweaters that give a double/ layered look, or layered on one another. You can create this effect using existing pieces in your wardrobe, too.

If you’re wondering an entire year just went by and you never got a chance to flaunt all your clothes, well, don’t worry. The double sweater trend is here! Okay, when the weather is too chilling and unbearable, try double sweater style. Wearing two different sweaters are a great way to use up all your clothes 😉 Also, if it gets too uncomfortable while you’re out, feel free to remove one sweater and you’re good to go.

Try same or contrast colored sweaters and pair them with skirts, shorts, jeans, etc. You can also create a new look by pairing a full-sleeved sweater and a cropped one or a solid colored one with a printed one.

Pair these sweaters with pleated skirts, patchwork jeans, shorts or even as a co-ord set like the look by Chanel. I totally loved the print on print style by Dolce & Gabbana. Also, the patchwork baggy jeans completed the look.

4. Modern Hoodie

L(Top) Prada, L(Down) Max Mara, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry

A hoodie is the most comfortable piece of clothing. Period! With most of us stuck at home, designers this year were super clear that fashion is all about comfort. Well, I won’t blame them, I can imagine them designing the collection wearing a hoodie.

Well, this season we saw hoodies with a modern touch. From asymmetric necklines to statement sleeves, try hoodies that are off-beat this season.

Dolce & Gabbana’s patchwork hoodies were eye-catching for sure. So was an asymmetric neckline hoodie by Burberry. Personally, I loved the double sweater set by Prada. Chic and comfy! Earns 100 points! Pair this style with pleated skirts, printed leggings or even on a dress.

5. Slashed Sleeves

Prada, Max Mara, Dior

Slashed sleeves are surely eye-catchy! The sleeves are cut down at the center exposing the arms. Well, it’s spring and a bit of exposing your skin here and there is totally fine! Lol. Also, we saw a variety this season.

Prada had the double sweater set where the first sweater had slits throughout the sleeves and the body. The sleeves of the sweater on the top were pulled back for a relaxed look.

Max Mara’s look was elegant with a matching co-ord set. Such a work chic look. They are perfect for meetings, presentations, or an office party. If you happen to go to work physically, you need to try this sweater trend for sure.

Dior kept it simple with bell sleeves with floral knit-pattern on the sweater. Try pairing them with sheer skirts.

6. Extreme Cropped Sweaters

Burberry, Alexander McQueen

We saw cropped sweaters in the Spring Summer 2021 collections. But the extreme cropped sweaters were surely head-turners. These sweaters end at or above the chest. The sweaters serve the purpose of keeping your upper body warm. They are perfect for the spring season. Wear them to get together or while you head out to shop.

Try pairing them with the same colored boots for a chic look. These sweaters look mostly like an accessory rather than a piece of clothing! Haha! Try them with strapless dresses or tops.

Personally, I would love to wear them while I’m out shopping with my gal pals or for a romantic coffee date!

7. One Off Shoulder Sweaters

Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Michael Kors

Off-shoulder is definitely a head-turner. This season, off one shoulder, is gonna be super trendy. It’s okay to let one shoulder freeze while you cover other parts of the body. Lol! The best part of this trend is that you can style it with your regular oversized sweater by just pulling it off on one side.

We saw solid-colored sweater trend in the runway collections. Of course, the style is trendy enough to turn the heads. You can wear these sweaters for a coffee outing or on a casual day at your workplace, too.

Pair them with pleated skirts, jeans or well-fitted trousers. Try tying your hair into a bun to get all the attention on your outfit!

8. Macramé

Alberta Ferretti, Valentino & Michael Kors

We are seeing macramé style in sweater trends after a long time. And spring is the perfect season to sport one as they are light. Macramé is the art of knotting string in patterns on sweaters. Also, this trend gives an old school look.

We spotted this trend in Valentino, Michael Kors and Alberta Ferretti collections. We also saw various styles like bell sleeves and extra-long sleeves in the runway collections.

Try these sweaters by wearing the same color tank top underneath or just a cute bralette to create a bold statement. You can pair them with baggy trousers, skirts or jeans! I would surely recommend baggy trousers as they are super comfortable and chic.

9. Tucked-in Style

Saint Laurent, Ralph & Russo, Prada

Oh well, the tucked-in style is back and I’m super-excited. This style defines the structure of your body. We saw sweaters tucked into shorts, skirts and leggings on the runway collections. Try loosely fitted bottoms to create a statement! Also, try pairing them with belts for a polished look.

You can also try bold-colored bottoms to create a statement like the look from Ralph & Russo. Also, go bold with matching pair of boots and bags and surely all the eyes will be on you!

So, these were the top 9 sweater trends from the Spring Summer 2021 collections. Which style did you like the most?  Let us know by sharing your thoughts by tweeting us at @shilpa1ahuja. Also, if you try any of these trends, show us your pic on Instagram by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom!

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