What to Wear to Hide a Big Stomach

Broaden your fashion repertoire with our guide on what to wear to hide a big stomach. You can start by taking baby steps to tweak your styling options.


You may so many stylish outfits tucked away in your closet that you couldn’t wear, thinking, it does nothing to hide your big stomach. Your exclusive buys of shapely tops, denim, and jackets have all gone for a toss, especially when you’ve decided in your mind that your actual go-to’s are frumpy clothes. We feel you because that’s one of the biggest misconceptions most people have and it’s so wrong. But, we are here to change all that and help you dress better, be and feel trendy. Below, we have shared some amazing style tips on what to wear to hide a big stomach for good.


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Style Tips on What to Wear to Hide a Big Stomach

It’s time to check out the style tips on what to wear to hide a big stomach. If you already have these pieces in your closet, then get set to learn how to give it a fresh spin.

1. Right Fabrics & Colors

Distilling down to the right patterned clothes can easily hide your current body shape, which streams down to one question: what are the right pattern, fabrics, and colors to wear to hide a big stomach?

The clothes with vertical patterns are the answer as they will make your legs appear longer and draw away attention from your belly.  Designs to avoid are clothes with horizontal patterns.

From cotton to liner to synthetic fabrics, it seems you can have your statement-making clothes all at once. But stay away from shiny and polyester fabrics as they will make your look heavier.

As for the colors, it is best to avoid light-hued clothing to prevent attention to your midsection. Instead, try one-colored clothing from head to toe to give out a lean figured look.


2. Good Shapewear

Let your shapewear belong to you and you alone. The look is all about tummy tugging silhouettes re-imagined in comfortable fabrics. It comes in the shape of slimming panties or control top girdles that simply make you look fab. However, make sure to pick the correct size to prevent discomfort.


3. Go for the Right Bottoms

How do you make the right investment for bottoms and wear to hide a big stomach? The stretchable, the hip-hugging, and the skinny seem the way forward for your shape. You certainly should avoid wearing high-waisted, low-cut denim and narrow-cut leg. Instead, introduce your body to stretchable denim in dark shades. Try medium-waisted trousers or jeans in a straight-cut or skinny fit. Style your skinny denim with a long belted peplum top or A-line top for a languid, yet refined look.

straight cut trousers what to wear to hide a big stomach

4. Tops of Many Colors & Design

While you have been hiding your tummy under piles of clothing, the existing idea is that it’s about time to shed it all. Because what is chicer than embracing your body shape than a statement top? Now that you know, grab your choices of flared tops in solid shades, vertical stripes, and small dots or prints. Coordinate with a jacket or shrug in a color that matches.


Although ruched tops are hardly new, this addition is never a wrong pick to hide a big stomach. Instead, it helps in creating a shape on the body. Other than that, whether you’re all about tunics or something edgier like A-line tops, you’ll have no trouble hiding your body shape.

a line top what to wear to hide a big stomach

You may like to give empire waist tops a miss as they’ll put more emphasis on the stomach, giving a maternity look.

5. Cool Skirts

The first thing that comes to mind when we say skirts is the well-fitted versions. But wonders never cease in the form of flared designs. And when this idea is executed in the right manner, then the right mood is created. Look for straight skirts or A-line skirts with a waistband in midi and cropped versions. With this concept, you’ll find a middle ground to add balance to your body.


6. Give Bold Jackets a Nod

Mix up all your bold outwear with long front open jackets in case you’re wondering what to wear to hide a big stomach. The single-breasted and square-shaped jackets are also ideal choices in getting a high-fashion spin and hiding the side handles. These pieces will conceal that expanding waistline than you might expect because of their roomy designs. For the summers, you can try long cotton cardigans.


7. Higher Purpose Dresses

While our actual dress references are admittedly expansive, we do know that some designs do not satisfy our body shape. But there are others like a wrap, empire lines, printed, pleated, puffed sleeved dresses that offer pure aesthetic pleasures. These dresses are not only to keep you stylish or to serve as eye candy; they serve a higher purpose and that is to make your body look good. Another way to feel perfect is color-blocking dresses with dark-hued panels on both sides. Both these ideas also feel trend right now. Go for skin-colored platform wedges for comfort and to give the illusion of longer legs.


8.  High Heels Preferred

Many of us have been wearing heels forever, and we cannot refute the appeal. And if you’re a woman who is never fully divorced from side handles, then you should cling to the heeled footwear forever. Medium to high heels should be your go-to as they bring less attention to the midsection. Just add some skinny bottoms, top, and jacket ideas as suggested above, and you have sealed your new outfit.


9. Pick the Right Accessories

Accessories have a life of their own. With the recent comeback of choker-styled neckpieces becoming less of a throwback and more about making their own statement, these pieces are fitting for those with a big midsection.

You may also allow a classy moment by tying a scarf around your neckline if your neck is slender-that is. You can also use a scarf in creative ways to hide your tummy. Take a long scarf, fold it neatly, and put it around your neck, so that it falls over your front. Then tuck it inside a medium belt to give the illusion of a taller, slimmer silhouette.

scarf under belt cara delevingne olivia palermo

Or go for pearl-studded earrings or necklace. It has so much potential if you actually take advantage of it.

Avoid wearing oversized waist belts especially when you’re wearing a dress. This is a sure way to get your stomach noticed in the wrong way. If you really wish to wear one, then opt for thin belts.

fashion pose blue dress outfit party shilpa ahuja

10. Layering Right

You may have heard this before but layering is a good way to conceal that paunch. So longer cape or vest looks great. You may also opt for a top that features cape detailing to streamline your body shape. During winter, go for long coats or jackets to streamline your waistline.

Avoid wearing sweaters as they will not flatter your body shape. You can also add a belt over a half-buttoned cardigan to add structure and hide that tummy.

digital fashion magazine shilpa ahuja fashion blogger

Other Tips

Other than styling tips on what to wear to hide a big stomach, you can focus on healthy lifestyle changes that will encourage positive changes.

11. The Right Posture

Honestly, we all have our slouchy or slumped moments. That’s what being comfy all is about. Understood, but it presents a bad posture overall. So while you admit to that, it’ll nice to straighten up; and by that, we mean your body. Make it a habit to work on your posture all day.

Notice the way you sit, stand or walk. Correct yourself whenever you feel yourself hunching your back or pushing your neck forward. If you have a desk job, try to get ergonomic furniture. If you tend to sit on the edge of your seat and hunched, go for a cushion behind your back.

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12. Make Changes to Diet and Exercise

We won’t bombard you with advice and overwhelm you. But consider making small tweaks to your diet and take baby steps towards exercising. One of the diet changes to make for getting rid of a big stomach is to avoid sugary and fried foods. Instead increase your intake of soluble fiber such as beans, oat bran, lentils, apples, and citrus fruits.

Other than that, if you’re looking to achieve a taut stomach through workouts, then here are some exercise inspirations. Try leg raises, hip raises, and dumbbell workouts for abs. Do 20 leg raises and ten-minute dumbbell workouts thrice a week.

Having a fitness buddy is another cool way to try out. Exercising with your friend will take your workout sessions to a whole new level. If you like hanging out with your friend then combining the two together can double your enjoyment time. When you have a workout buddy, you are most likely to be less injured. They’ll be able to give you quick corrections whenever you are doing your planks or squats wrong. You’ll also like to push yourself harder especially if your friend is fitter than you. You are inclined to be naturally competitive and motivate yourself to keep up.


13. Do not Lie Down after Eating

This is something that I have personally noticed people doing. You may have experienced it too. Enjoying a nice meal and hitting the bed right away is a complete no for me. And it’s one of the many reasons people end up with a bloated stomach. Our bodies cannot digest the food when it’s not in an upright position. Wait two to three hours before going to bed. Take a stroll or keep up with your daily chores as small steps towards a fitter you.


Hope these tips showcased a whole new world of exclusivity for you. If you can adapt to these changes, and it translates to your confidence – you will have nothing to lose. So are you set for post-quarantine trendy looks? Don’t allow your old rules to dictate your style. Instead, ease your way in and embrace the new you. If you like our ideas on what to wear to hide a big stomach, then drop a message in the comment box below or tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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