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From being bold and confident to having a good sense of humor, there are many character traits that men drool over in women. Check out the list to find out how many you have!!


Hey! Needless to say, there are many things that make a woman attractive to men. But that simply doesn’t mean looks. There is something beyond beauty that attracts men. Men are biologically wired to looking for the best character traits in women as they think those will make their offsprings have them, too.

So, get to know the character traits that guys find attractive in girls!

9 Character Traits Guys Look for in Girls

1. Confidence


The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence. This is a character trait that men get attracted to even before they get to know the woman. Confident girls are also usually the most popular in a group, and this personality trait shows self-respect and leadership. So, guys are more attracted to a girl who is confident and bold.

Confident women know exactly who they are, what they want and live their life to the fullest. They believe in themselves and can easily turn a situation into an opportunity and that’s what a man desires in a woman. Also, a confident woman makes good eye-contact and it is also something men wouldn’t miss in a woman.

2. Positive Attitude


A positive attitude creates positive vibes! A woman is one who can make and break up things. No guy wants drama in their lives every day and if you have a positive attitude, you will save him from all that.

3. Smiling Face


Who doesn’t like a smiling face? Same is the case with men! They like women with a beautiful and natural smile. A genuine smile and a hearty laugh attract a man like bees to flowers! And of course, no one likes a selfish or greedy smile. So, guys get to know the difference before you fall for the lady!

Whenever you see a person with a smiling face, you forget all your worries for about a second. Same is the case with men, they want or like someone who can help them forget their hardships.

4. Sense of Humor


Be it a girlfriend, a hookup friend or your wife, men would die for a lady who has a great sense of humor. But you can’t expect her to have when you don’t have it! So, if a guy is attracted to a girl with a good sense of humor, hopefully, he has it too! A girl with a good sense of humor can make any situation light and can turn even the most boring tasks into funny, memorable experiences!

5. Personal Style


A woman’s personal style is contagious and men are easily attracted towards it. Be it little things like a woman’s hairstyle, dressing sense or to that matter even a unique nail color, men find it attractive. They subconsciously think their woman’s personal style will be carried to their offsprings and eventually the next generation will be attractive too!

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6. Elegance


Elegance is the quality of a woman being able to carry herself gracefully. It’s how polished and classy she looks! A girl need not wear fancy or skin-revealing outfits to make herself look elegant. It’s how well she carries even a simple outfit in an attractive way. Being well-mannered is also something makes a woman seem elegant.

Elegance signifies that a girl knows how to carry herself in social situations, meaning she is from a good family or royal lineage. This subconsciously signals a man that she will be a trustworthy partner in life.

7. Coolness

Life is unpredictable and a guy wants a girl who can be chilled out in every situation. The last thing a guy wants in an unexpected panic situation holding him back. A nagging woman destroys the man’s peace and is not a good choice. Being easy-going makes her fun to be around and also, in turn, leads to a healthy relationship.

Subconsciously, guys find cool girls attractive also because it indicates that she will not worry too much about inconsequential things in life and focus on important aspects only.

8. Independent


Most of the guys love a woman who is independent. Independence can be both financially and personally too! It’s not possible for a man to always be with the woman and do the chores and so men want a lady who is able to do most of her work all by herself. A guy who is confident likes this personality trait because it indicates good health and management skills that can be passed on to offsprings. She is someone he can look up to and makes him feel equally responsible too!

A few men might not like a woman being too independent as they develop the feeling of being useless. However, guys who are self-sufficient and self-assured will like this trait.

9. Attractive Voice

A sweet voice is another character trait that men look for in a woman. A girl who smiles and talks softly puts guys on ease and seem more approachable. Studies even show that a man’s skin starts to tingle when he listens to a woman’s sweet voice. Also, no one would want to talk to a girl who is rude and overly high-pitched!

Softer voices also seem more youthful and feminine, which guys are hard-wired to be attracted to since it indicates that she is submissive and suited for child-bearing!

So, this is all about character and personality traits! Which character traits do you think have attracted your man at first sight? Do let us know your insights by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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