7 Best Period Tracker Apps to Keep Track of Your PMS & Ovulation Cycle

Tracking your periods doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Here are the top best 7 period tracker apps that you should try! Check ’em out!


Hey gorgeous! I have this habit of forgetting my periods date like every freaking month. And that leaves me confused about my plans, my mood swings and what not! Being a woman ain’t easy at all. But womanhood is a beautiful creation of nature. So we may whine about menstrual cycle but it’s a part of our lives now and we have to accept it. Yeah! What else can we do?!

Apart from the cramps, cravings and mood swings, I’m sure most of you like me struggle to keep a track of period schedule. In high school, I used to manually keep a track every month. I had a separate calendar and called it menstrual calculator.


Period Tracker Apps

But the monthly info wasn’t enough for the period predictor. But when I almost gave up, technology helped me through it. There are apps for period tracker for women. Yay! I was introduced to online period calendar through a friend. And since then I don’t worry about my dates for the coming months. Also, the data is stored and can come handy when I’m visiting my gynecologist. Of course, the predictions may not be 100% accurate and dates may vary slightly but at least you will know the approximates. It’s sometime +1 or-1 day.

So, I have made a list of the best 7 best period tracker apps to make your cycle easy-peasy. Let’s check out!

1. P Tracker

This app is my personal favorite. I have been using this app for the past one year. You just have to press start at the start of your period every month. It takes the average of the past three months period and predicts the future months period dates. You can view your ovulation and fertile days, too! The one thing I totally love about this app is you can make a note of your moods, weight and write your thoughts. How cool is that?! After a few months, you can actually track your cycle and understand your body better!

1-period-p-tracker-cycle-app2. Pink Pad

This period and ovulation tracker app has a 4.5 stars rating on play store. When I first looked into this app I felt weird. It’s more like a social networking site. So I wasn’t sure. But when I researched and read the reviews, I was convinced. It’s a platform where you can be benefited with health and fitness tips. Now I’m thinking to try it! They have amazing features like cervical symptoms tracking, fertile and ovulation day prediction, health journal and much more. But a user mentioned in her review that after changing her phone, her data got lost inspite of saving it. I think with so many features, they should work on this minor issue.


3. My Calendar

The period tracker is similar to other apps and you can see the data in the homepage calendar. So with a glance, you will know your cycle. There are reminders that help you to be prepared for the upcoming periods. And you can even password lock your calendar. But I don’t know why someone will want to peep into my period tracker. But anyway that’s an added feature. Also, the data can be restored easily with this app.


4. Clue

According to their website, clue is rated as the top free period tracker app by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). It has in-depth information of your menstrual cycle. You can track your birth control, ovulation, cramps emotions along with periods. It has an algorithm to track your periods. The more data you input, the smarter it gets. As in with each passing month, the data will be accurate.


5. Glow

Glow app has almost 10 million women using it. The app is easy to use and has reminders for medications, birth control and other health data. You can even sync your health statistics. It also shows the information for ovulation and accurate fertility data. There’s an option to make useful charts using glow’s basal body temperature tracker. And review past period & ovulation dates to better understand your fertility when trying to conceive.


6. Flo

Flo cycle tracker updates you daily with health tips that are specific for you. Shilpa uses it and she’s listed it in her list of 11 Must-Have Apps Every Woman Needs on Her Phone. It can help you predict irregular cycles by logging in your symptoms, basal-body temperature and cervical mucus.

You can even see the countdown to your conceiving date if you’re pregnant. You can even track the development of the fetus. Apart from period and pregnancy tracking, you can even track your lifestyle and fitness data in it. Add your weight, daily sleep duration and water consumption. You can even log in your physical activities and track your steps. Also, you can track your sexual activities on a daily basis. So it’s an overall lifestyle app for the modern woman.



7. Kindara

Kindara is an app many women who are trying to conceive swear by. This is an app specifically designed for fertility charting. This app is a unique period tracker that helps you to connect with other women and discuss sex, PMS and other women’s health topics. The app also provides data of upcoming period, ovulation and much more. It has cool charts that have information about your PMS symptoms and health data.

Women who are planning to conceive can log in their daily basal body temperature (BBT) to predict the fertile days and improve their chances of pregnancy. You can also log in other things like the days you had protected or unprotected sexual intercourse, your mods, symptoms and cervical discharge to better predict your cycle and fertile days. Similarly, women who are trying to not get pregnant can use Kindara to understand and track their fertile period so they can avoid making sexual contact during that time.


So, these we the top 7 period tracker apps! Are you gonna try ’em? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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