Eyebrow Threading: Benefits, DIY and a Beginner’s Guide to Hair Threading

No time to visit the salon? Fed up of seeing overgrown brows? Well! Not anymore! Here’s a beginner’s guide to eyebrow threading. 

Eyebrow Threading-benefits-diy-beginners-guide-hair-removal-salonHey! Eyebrows frame the eyes and are one of the first things people notice about you. So keeping them groomed and shapely is essential to beauty. Eyebrow threading is perhaps the best, fastest and least painful way of getting rid of the stray hair and shaping the brows. Eyebrow threading defines the face and adds beauty to it. And before you go for threading, you need to plan what kind of eyebrow will suit your face shape. So if you are busy with their hectic work hours and have no time to go to a threading salon or if it’s your first time to get it done, worry not! I have come up with all you need to know about it and your own DIY beginner’s guide to eyebrow threading. Let’s take a look!

What is Threading

Threading means twisting a doubled cotton thread and rolling over the areas of unwanted hair and plucking them. Basically, it simply is the process of removal of hair from some of the most delicate areas of the face.

History of Threading

The method of hair removal has its origins in Asia. It gained popularity amongst Indian and middle eastern women. Nowadays, it has become all the more popular in western countries, too.

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work

A thick white thread made out of cotton is used to remove unwanted hair, mostly on the eyebrows and upper-lips. It is held between fingers and mouth or just the thumb and index finger. It is pulled along the follicles of unwanted hair in a twisting motion. This is done repeatedly till you get the right shape of your eyebrows, as the hair comes out only a couple at a time.

Benefits of Threading

Eyebrow threading is a better alternative to waxing for certain areas. It’s healthier for the skin than waxing and helps in removing the extra hair and adding shape to the eyebrows. It is inexpensive, fast and suitable for almost all skin types. And if threading doesn’t suit your skin type then probably consult your doctor, you may want to go for tweezing instead.

Threading vs Waxing

Threading and waxing are both ways of hair removal. But the method followed is different. Waxing involves wax and strips for the hair to be removed from different parts of the body. Whereas threading is done by twisting the cotton thread on the sensitive areas like eyebrows, upper lip, chin and forehead and removing the unwanted hairs.

What to Expect at a Threading Salon

If it is your first time visiting a threading salon, it is best to go with a bit of info on what to expect. Eyebrow threading may be a bit painful for first-timers. Also, know what type of brow will suit your face type. There are different shapes of eyebrows like straight, curved, soft arch and many more. It’s best to take an appointment, and let your threading professional know that this is your first time so he or she can guide you accordingly.

Make sure to also tell them if you need your eyebrows to be made thick, thin or just natural-looking, so they can shape them accordingly. They may ask you to stretch the skin next to your brows to minimize the pain. If not stretched properly, it may result in small cuts or bruises. But you don’t need to be worried, we at Slub Team all get our eyebrows threaded regularly and here rarely gotten bruises!

Common FAQs for Eyebrow Threading

eyebrow-threading-diy-benefits-hair-threading1. How Long Does Threading Take

A simple eyebrow threading session can just take about 4-5 minutes. The upper lip threading takes about 3 minutes. Forehead threading takes 6-7 minutes. And if you want to get your full face threaded, it’ll take at least 15-20 minutes.

2. How Long Does Hair Need to Be for Threading

Hair shouldn’t be too long or too short. Threading professionals often advice to have full growth for getting perfectly threaded. It should be no shorter than approximately 2mm, and no longer than an inch, as too much of growth will pain while threading.

3. How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Last

Depending on your hair growth of the hair, full regrowth is between 3-6 weeks as it takes time for the hairs to grow back. It also depends on how much growth you had before getting eyebrow threading done. If you had uneven growth, some hairs may grow back sooner, as early as a week, and others won’t grow back until three weeks.

4. Eyebrow Threading Prices

Cost of eyebrow threading differs in different countries. In India, the price is between 30-70 rupees, Chicago- $8, San Francisco- US $9.00, New York- $7 and it varies according to different cities and salons. Expect it to cost $7-10 at a small salon.

Things to Keep in Mind for Perfect Eyebrow Threading

Before you make your salon appointment, here are some things to remember.

  1.  Know what your natural eyebrow shape is and be sure to keep it as close as possible for a natural look.
  2. Keep in mind how thick or thin you want them to be. Avoid getting them overplucked.
  3. Avoid the days around your period as the skin is extra sensitive then and may hurt more.
  4. Keep your skin dry for painless and convenient removal of hair. Avoid moisturizing it right before your appointment.
  5. Avoid eye makeup as the process of eyebrow threading may cause it to smudge.
  6. Avoid contact lenses as stray hair may get into your eyes, causing irritation around the lenses.

eyebrow-threading-hair-shape-bold-browsEyebrow Threading Before and After

Of course, a noticeable difference will be there, so be prepared to feel changed! And if your planning to get your eyebrows done, then don’t apply any kind of lotion on your face before your appointment. And after threading, redness is normal. But don’t panic! If it happens, just apply some moisturizer, massage with aloe vera gel or just rub ice on them.

DIY Eyebrow Threading

When it comes to perfect DIY eyebrow threading, there is a lot of practice and patience required.

  1. Before you DIY, make sure to check what brow shape goes with your face type.
  2. Dab some powder on your brows because it’s easy to remove the hairs on dry skin.
  3. Use cotton thread in between your thumb and index finger and just twist the thread on the hairs that are to be removed. When you just open and close the loops with the thread, the twisted portion will pluck the hair out.
  4. Continue till you get the perfect shape of your brow.
  5. Start practicing on your arm or leg just to get the feel of the thread before you try it on your face. That way you can avoid any disasters! Here’s a video to learn eyebrow threading:

Eyebrow Threading Classes

If you want to learn the skill, you can also find classes by a professional. Eyebrow threading courses are held in many different countries. But the duration differs in every country. It takes from 1 day to 3 months depends on what course you want to go for, and how professional you wanna be at it!

Hair Threading

There are different areas where hair threading can be done. On face, the areas include the forehead, upper lip, beard and chin.

Lip and Beard Threading

Upper lip and beard threading? It’s actually quite common! And I prefer threading over waxing, as the latter is so painful while applying the hot wax on the sensitive areas of your face like upper lips! Threaded upper lips of course look great, especially on women who have naturally dark facial hair.

Full Face Threading

Threading is a great method of removing unwanted hair for all skin types. Full face threading includes the forehead, eyebrow, upper lip, chin and even cheeks. This method of hair removal is safer, less painful and longer lasting than waxing. However, it’s really inconvenient to do it on cheeks as the increased surface area may make it too time-consuming. So I’d recommend waxing there.

Non-Facial Hair Threading

When it comes to body hair, every girl wants to get rid of them. Facial hair like forehead, chin, eyebrows and upper lip can be removed by threading. The other places like armpit, arms, legs and bikini area are either too sensitive or too much time-consuming that I don’t recommend for threading. Instead, go for waxing. Hair threading is perfect for smaller areas that have few hair that needs precise removal.

So hope you found our beginner’s guide to eyebrow threading helpful. Let us know your thoughts by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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