Zara Collection Review with Changing Room Selfies | Spring Summer 2016

Hey gorgeous! Let’s go shopping together! Join me on a trip to the Zara store as I explore the latest SS16 Zara collection, try on a few clothes and give my opinion!!


Since working out and being fit is one of your New Year’s resolutions, and shopping is, afterall, good exercise, I’m taking you all shopping with me! Plus, I’ve been wanting to check out what’s new in the malls. So Zara it is. They have in stores the latest Spring Summer 2016 collection, and I’m hoping to find lots of cool pieces!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Hmm, at the first glance, I see lots of leather, suede and georgette-ish pieces. Tops, jackets and dresses. The color palette consists of black (Zara’s favorite), white, ivory, beige, classic red and some sky blues, greys and teals here and there. The palette is more like Winter than Spring, which is okay, considering it’s winter season now.

The most interesting silhouettes include lots of trendy pieces – fringe tops, buttonless cardigans and jackets, a leather skirt, semi-formal jackets, ripped jeans and asymmetric sheer tops. And there’s also flared skirts and tops. I’m going to try some of them! Let’s see how many they let me take inside the changing room because I-have-a-heap!!

Here’s a cute white pussybow blouse which I love. One can wear it under a formal jacket for the office, or with jeans casually. This is also my favorite changing room selfie or #chelfie!


This pale blue sleeveless top is cute, and very wearable. Kind of a wardrobe staple. Here’s the same top with an asymmetric buttonless shirt in beige. It’s for when you want a cool, effortless layering piece without making too much of a statement. I liked this shirt, except for its fabric. It would’ve loved it in a softer polyester blend or a fine crepe.


Here’s a black buttonless leather jacket with suede on the inside. And oversized collars that can be folded in or out. It’s runs slightly large, but I’m afraid this is the smallest size so I couldn’t try any smaller.


This is what it looks on a model on their website:


Here’s a festive-looking red pleated, flared top. I loved wearing this – very comfy and it made me wanna turn in circles to make the pleats dance! 😛

Here’s yet another white pussybow blouse (or is it the same one? Sorry i forgot!) paired with a black pencil skirt. Great for office, both for Spring, when one can pair it with a jacket and stockings, and for the summer, just as is paired with a pair of black pumps. Again, a great staple pair.


Here’s an asymmetric white shirt that was semi-sheer. I wanted to pair it with skinny ripped jeans, but they didn’t have it in my size (like always!).


Ok, now I’ve tried many clothes and my hair is all tousled from all the changing. But there’s this one last piece I wanna try!

A crop top with the longest fringes – and on a petite girl like me they look even longer – nearly touching my ankles, which I really like! Now that is a statement piece. It would work well with a pair of jeans or if you really wanted to experiment, then, with a tight leather mini-skirt!


Zara Collection Gallery: Spring Summer 2016

Here are some of our other favorite pieces from the Zara collection for SS16. If I had to try any more clothes, it’d be the black fringe top, the leather skirt and the black asymmetric top. (I love wearing black too!) 😛


The accessories include skinny scarves, wool scarves and fedoras, studded shoulder bags and totes. Shoes include heeled leather booties, white laceless sneakers and classic pumps.

The Verdict

Overall, I think it’s a very trendy collection as far as the elements are concerned. It includes all the latest trends of the season, such as oversized collars, leather skirts, fringes, pleats, culottes, flared pants, asymmetric tops, et al. The collection is everything you’d expect from Zara – that mixes the latest trends with wearability to create a compilation of wardrobe staples and statement pieces.
I would have liked more experimentation in terms of color palette, especially because after seeing all the Spring Summer 2016 ready-to-wear runway shoes by all the designers, we know that fresh colors like pale yellow, peony pink and saffron are going to be a very It-thing this year.
Zara has also played a bit too safe in terms of accessories. I was expecting to see newer styles like statement belts and earrings.

Want more on Spring Summer 2016? Read 15 Must-Have Fashion Items for Spring 2016 from London Fashion Week:


So, it’s time for me to go now. Did you like checking out the latest Zara collection? Which one of the clothes above do you think I should buy? And how would you pair these? Lemme know below!!

XOXO Muaah 🙂

4 thoughts on “Zara Collection Review with Changing Room Selfies | Spring Summer 2016”

  1. I’ve seen this latest collection and for me it absolutely sucks. I have been a Zara fan for years and this collection is disappointing and by far the worst! Some of the models look ill and somehow for me has lost the Zara appeal. However the kids collection has kept its charm and its full of good outfits!


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