9 Worst 100 Crore Films in Bollywood Ever

Movies that join the 100 crore club not necessarily be the best. Here’s a list of the worst 100 crore films in Bollywood ever!

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Bollywood has given us masterpieces like Sholay, Deewar, Bobby and many more. And these movies were declared as a hit or flop based on the time factor, that is, how many days the movies were played in the cinema halls. It could be 50 days or 100 days or even a year! But those days are gone.

Bollywood now doesn’t really care whether the movie is a hit or flop. The only thing most movie makers and stars in Bollywood are concerned about is whether the movie has joined the 100 crore club or not! Apparently, the so called 100 crore films decide the destiny of movie makers.

It all started with Aamir Khan’s movie, 3 Idiots. The movie made a whopping 100 crore in the first week of its release. Well, at least thats what we heard. Many movies then went on to join the club especially Salman Khan’s every other movie, or probably every movie! A few movies even went way beyond 100 crores, like the recent Dangal.

So, with this kind of hype, we couldn’t help but notice that not all the movies in this club, or the so-called hit movies are actually good. And the interesting fact is that most (Ok! almost) of the movies have the Khans in them. So, we made a list of the worst 100 crore films ever, (unfortunately). And it’s a competition on who will take the first place! Let’s check them out!

Worst 100 Crore Films Ever

9. Dhoom 3

This movie is the least worst movie amongst 100 crore films because it had Aamir Khan as its savior. Only – I repeat – only Aamir Khan. If it wasn’t for Aamir Khan, the movie would have had empty halls by the second show. The Dhoom franchise failed to impress in its third series. Um! I’m sorry but like all of you even I didn’t expect an Aamir Khan movie in the list.

8. Krissh 3

Why does Bollywood give false hopes with franchise movies? Why can’t the movies have simple storylines? Just because the first two movies were hits, it doesn’t mean the director can fool the audience with a bad third one! Anyway Hrithik Roshan had a ball with this movie since it made it to the 100 crore club.

7. Kick

Salman Khan and his movies are basically about entertainment. Agreed! But please think about your age before playing a role. Of course, Aamir Khan has the capability to change himself for a role. But sorry, Salman – you look pathetic as a youngster. And this movie showed Salman Khan doing highly impossible things. We don’t need another Rajinikanth!

6. Sultan

Another movie with a patriarchal mindset, it was 2016 when this movie released. How on earth do people think of such storylines? Sultan was like Salman Khan’s version of Dangal. Like the wrestling, women participating in wrestling and Salman Khan gaining weight in the movie. However, despite all these factors the movie failed to impress me.

5. Jai Ho

The typical 70s storyline was remade and Salman Khan fights, cries, laughs, helps, wipes tears, gives speech and of course rips his shirt off! How typical! Okay, so we reached the fifth spot.

4. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Are we still in the 90s?! A look alike who will replace the hero and steal the heroine’s heart. Salman Khan, you end up torturing everyone (including your fans) with this horrible movie. How did it even manage to enter the 100 crore club? I would rather watch Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and convince myself that I was back in the 90s. But in 2015, Seriously Mr. Bhaijaan? Actually I can’t imagine there will be worse movies than this one ahead! Way to earn the 4th spot PRDP!

3. RA.One

Here we come – the third ‘best’ worst movie! We’re in the top 3 now, I’m so excited! I’m getting goosebumps. I lied, no, I’m not! How can the most loved Khan of the industry not be here in the list? Shah Rukh Khan wanted to do a sci-fi movie in Bollywood. Yeah, great! Thanks to Shah Rukh Khan for spoiling the image of a superhero. If that wasn’t enough, the over-dramatic scenes in the movie were so irritating. I think it made to 100 crore films list with much hype created before the release. Hey, but Arjun Rampal made a great villain.

2. Dilwale

I feel sorry for myself saying this – I ‘was’ a Shah Rukh Khan fan. And I’m also sorry that I watched this movie on the very first day of its release by overpaying. I pity the people who watched the torturous movie. Please. I still remember people walking out of the theatre before the climax. This movie had a tough competition with the most ‘best’ worst movie. (Un)fortunately, Dilwale is the runner up. Bad storyline, overacting and a no brainer comedy! Even with exotic locations and a soothing track, you couldn’t win audience hearts, SRK!

1. Happy New Year

Ah! We’re here, and the ‘Worst 100 Crore Films Ever’ award goes to Happy New Year. Applause!

So much hardwork by each superstar (and director) really paid off! And this movie surely deserves this spot. If it takes 5 big stars and gorgeous locations in Abu Dhabi to waste the audience’s precious time and money, then all the stars should take tips from SRK!!

So, have you watched all the worst 100 crore films from our list?  If you have, a minute of silence for you. Which movie was unbearable? Also, help us by suggesting another movie and make our list super 10!

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