Work from Home Clothes: What to Wear at Home for your WFH Days

Work from home doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need a proper schedule and the right outfit. From comfy to cute, we have created different style ideas for everyone. Plus, accessory and makeup ideas to go with your work from home clothes to celebrate that extra in you!

best easy work from home clothes home office outfit ideas

At ShilpaAhuja, our team has been reporting for work from home in support of social distancing. As work from home becomes the new normal, we’ve decided on putting together outfits that are perfect to wear during email meetings and video chats. You still need to be dressing smartly for “office”!

Although thinking about ensembles may not seem sensible during this pandemic outbreak, maintaining a stylish approach gives us a moment of calm from the Corona news distractions. Read on how to combine different outfits while still keeping your style in check during this work-from-home phase.

The Six Best Work-from-Outfit Ideas

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After a few weeks of working remotely, I’m self-assured I’ve found the best outfits to wear whilst working from home. Apart from the well-deserved short breaks away from my screen to keep me productive, I know keeping a herbal tea at hand is a must (so should you).

Also, I make it a habit to change out of my loungewear as soon as I’m up for the day, even if I don’t have an online meeting set. This way, I tend to feel more productive to tackle and respond to my emails. Another good thing about wearing nice work from home clothes is that you tend to have better posture while at your desk. I also make sure that the clothes I choose to wear strike a balance – meaning, they aren’t too comfy (they shouldn’t be sleep-friendly) nor have the corporate vibes (unnecessary).

Below I have created six outfit ideas to keep you inspired. These combinations are both easy to wear and chic. Keep scrolling to see all the looks.

1. Printed Shirt Dress & Strap Sandals

1 work from home clothes wfh outfit ideas

While reporting duty from home, it makes sense to skip heels, obviously, and instead, opt for sleek flats that keep you comfortable. So I make it a point to stay away from uncomfortable shoes especially when I am WFH. I usually complement a pair of strappy sandals with a summery shirt dress to keep my outfit professional yet edgy. Also adding modern touches like a lightweight reading glass, shell bracelet, and resin post earrings makes me feel current. Finally, if I like adding a pop of color, my instinct is to reach out for a cheek and lip stain. I also take a strong side for matching nail paint that goes with my whole look.

2. Short Sleeve Coverall & Fuzzy Slides

2 work from home clothes home office outfit ideas

Fuzzy slides are my comfort wear at home since they’re super comfortable. I have somehow managed to cheat them in during my email exchange meetings. But I draw a line by pairing them with a dressier option like a comfy romper. This look easily allows me to transition from coffee breaks to finishing my work assignments. I also tie a silk scarf over my hair or neck with these work from home clothes as it’s an easy piece to up my otherwise plain outfit. Another favorite add-on is a pair of dainty earrings as it makes me feel fully dressed. And for makeup, I usually keep it light with nude or peach colors.

3. Oversized White Shirt & Linen Suit Shorts

3 comfy work from home clothes style tips ideas

I mentioned this before and I say this again, comfort is essential when it comes to working from home. Getting diverted from work because of the clothes that I’m wearing is the last thing I want. As such, I love to choose the most basic, comfortable, and structured clothing there is – the classic white shirt. Besides, styling up my crisp white shirt uniform is somehow easier. Of late, I love the oversized versions of the basic white kind. Matching them with linen shorts gives me corporate yet comfy vibes.
Finally, I complete my look with a statement ring (gives me a good feel while my fingers get to work at the computer’s keyboard) or a pair of earrings, French manicure, and perfect cat-eye.

4. Oversized Hoody & Biker Shorts

4 what to wear comfortable work from home clothes ideas

This combined style is another of my WFH favorites. My goal with these work from home clothes is to create a comfortable look, and this oversized hoody with biker shorts perfectly fits the cut. If you are obsessed with athleisure like me and won’t mind wearing them round the clock, then this is the look for you.

You can throw on an oversized top if your apartment gets too chilly. To avoid leaning towards the loungewear zone, you can quickly swap your look with funky accessories as shown below. Safety pin earrings are highly trending at the moment and hence the special mention. Plus the cross rings and Nike headbands will blend in perfectly with the spirit of this look. Lastly, up your lash game with volumizing mascara and enhance your natural lip color with clear gloss.

5. T-shirt & Cargo Pants

5 work from home clothes wfh outfit ideas

I don’t feel productive and active in my pajamas especially when I am reporting work from home. As such, I opt for bottom wear that’s equally comfy but also keeps me energetic. And a similar pair of cotton cargo trousers like the one shown below is my go-to. Pairing it with a t-shirt just works and gives it structure.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I am lenient towards slides. So I have added the espadrille pair below for inspiration. Other things I’ve added to my style board are ear cuffs for a no-hassle finish, a marble patterned bangle, lip smacker for chapped lips, and NYX face & body glitter for added drama.

6. White Peasant Blouse & Floral Jersey Pants

6 comfy work from home clothes wfh outfit ideas

While working from home, I love baggy versions of everything. A white peasant blouse and floral pants are eternally present in my wardrobe so I love combining the two. Plus these work from home clothes still professional and chic. I follow it up with a pair of slide-on sandals for the ultimate comfort. To complete the look, I mostly opt for funky multi-colored rings, barrette clip set, and scarf tie. All these sets allow me to add a glam touch effortlessly. Last but not the least, I added the faux freckle cosmetic pen in case extra is your thing. Besides freckle makeup is highly trending so why not add practice it alongside your real job in hand? Just saying!

I hope you loved these WFH outfit ideas! Which style in work from home clothes is your favorite? Which one you may opt for whilst working at work? Let us know in our comment section below.

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  1. The new collection by Woodland offers some great WFH outfits that include comfortable t-shirts, jogger pants, and more.


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