Women’s Love for Diamonds – Decoded!

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Why do so many women believe them to be the symbol of love? Here we discuss the women’s love for diamonds.

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Diamonds – what is it about these shiny rocks that women love so much? The name diamond comes from the Greek word, adamas, which means invincible. Diamonds are extremely hard and are supposed to be indestructible. Ancient people believed that diamonds were made by lightning bolts and these rare rocks stood for beauty and strength. But how did they become the symbol of love?

Women’s Love for Diamonds: Gold Digging or Hopeless Romantic?

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and popularized diamond jewelry as the things materialistic women prize. And that’s probably why people think that women love jewelry because it’s pricey. Many people assume that most of the women lust after diamonds because they’re really, really materialistic. But let me tell you something: This is not true at all times.


I won’t deny it. Some women really are like that. They’d marry themselves off to some rich old guy just so they can lavish themselves with the trendiest clothes and shoes, adorn themselves with the most gorgeous and humongous mineral stones. But even if this does happen in reality, it doesn’t necessarily put all women in the same boat (read more). If you look beyond the stereotypes, you can start viewing people’s actions individually. One woman wouldn’t have the same traits, characteristics and motivations as another. Women’s love for diamonds is sometimes misplaced.

In fact, the majority of women don’t really want a diamond just because it’s expensive. Although the size of a diamond may stand for a status symbol to some women, to others it’s the romance associated with it that counts. If you look at things closely, you’d realize that it’s not really diamonds women want but rather the symbolism of it.

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What is a Diamond to a Woman?

Mainstream media has long advertised diamonds to be the symbol of love, union, and commitment. Ever since De Beers’ came up with their slogan in the 1940s, “A diamond is forever”, diamonds have been associated with the kind of romance that lasts forever. Diamonds became the go-to choice for engagement rings for brides and grooms. That was one of the first things that started regular women’s love for diamonds.

Furthermore, you see it all the time – in TV shows, advertisements, movies, billboards, and almost every other form of marketing media. A man who loves a woman dearly gets down on his knees, pops open a ring case, and reveals a large diamond to symbolize his undying affection. He then follows the gesture with the big question, “Will you marry me?” Nearly all classic chick-flicks and girly TV shows have a proposal scene in them involving the big shiny rock! It’s not right to blame women for wanting things mainstream media has programmed them to want for decades.

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Women’s Love for Diamonds is Propagated from a Very Young Age

This mostly western way of proposing to a woman is the most popular and you see it re-enacted in mainstream media all the time. Little girls grow up watching the same thing from a young age, and they start loving the jewelry without knowing its market value. What they see is a person who loves someone deeply and a ring that symbolizes those feelings.

As a little girl, you dream of becoming a lovable woman someday and experience the same magical moment yourself. I believe this is why women love diamonds so much – it means something special if it comes as a gift from someone they truly adore. It’s not the precious crystal itself that matters; it’s the experience that comes with it.

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Media tells women that roses and chocolates don’t last but diamonds last forever. Engagement rings become conversation topics among female friends. Whether or not a partner was correctly able to choose the ring you’d find beautiful is thought of as a sign of how much he loves you and pays attention to your tastes.

Do You Really Have to Propose with a Diamond?

It would be plain obvious when a woman wants a diamond ring because it’s a part of her womanly dreams or when she wants it because of its value. So before you even know their real motives, it’s fair to just believe that many women want to experience the same magical moment.

The truth is that modern brides and grooms understand that diamonds have just been marketed to stand for a man’s worth and social status, that it’s marketed to be rarer than it is. That’s why these days, many men are asking whether it is absolutely necessary to propose with a diamond?

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Well, no – not really. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a ring. You can propose with a sandwich or a pickle jar if you want. What matters is that you and your partner see eye to eye and you embrace each and every experience as it comes. A romantic partner that truly loves you will care less about what you bring to the table when you propose. After all, marriage is not something that becomes perfect just because of a diamond ring. It’s something that both parties have to work really hard on together.

Then again, being someone who loves deeply, I know that you only want the best for your girl. It’s all about what you and your partner want. Does a diamond symbolize all the love and foreverness to her that you want to offer? If you think that “best” comes in the form of a diamond ring, then perhaps it could be a good choice. You can select from the different types of diamond cuts to find something your fiance will love.

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The symbolism behind a diamond proposal is very rich. As you know, these precious stones are the hardest naturally occurring substance known to us. They are impenetrable, indestructible, and solid to the very core. It’s the same as saying that you want your relationship with your partner to be the exact same thing. It tells them that you want to be with them forever.

And I think that’s just beautiful, don’t you?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the official ethics policy or views of ShilpaAhuja.com

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