Women’s Latest Hair Cut and Style Trends for Spring Summer 2015

Wanna check out the latest hair cut trends? Wanna give your face a quick lift? Here are our top picks – from short bobs to long waves- take your pick!


Ok, I’ve been on a hairstyle article spree. After writing about men’s haircut trends and women’s hairstyle and hair color trends, I’m ready to write yet another one. If you haven’t already, check out these articles I’ve already written:

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So, here I am writing one more, an essential one. Latest hair cut trends for women. If you want a new haircut this season or are looking for a nice change that suits your face more, or want to just experiment with a new look, try some of these latest trends!  Let’s start with the shortest and move on to longer hairstyles:

Women’s Latest Hair Cut and Style Trends

Cropped and Wavy with Bangs

The latest cropped hair is neck-length and uneven at the sides. The waves and bangs are natural looking.


Check out this cropped hairstyle on Kristen Stewart, twice!

haircut_hairstyle_spring_summer_latest2015_womens_celebrity_fashion_style_kristen_stewart_short_wavy_color_brown_rust haircut_hairstyle_spring_summer_latest2015_womens_celebrity_fashion_style_kristen_stewart_short_wavy_color_brown_rust_1

2. Straight Uneven Cropped with Uneven Bangs

This latest hair cut is great for girls who have naturally straight hair and want a low maintenance chic cropped hairstyle for summer. Long forehead covering bangs are in that fall to one side and are unevenly cut. The hair on the sides is also casually uneven.

haircut_hairstyle_spring_summer_latest2015_womens_fashion_style_short_choppy_cropped_bangs_uneven_2 haircut_hairstyle_spring_summer_latest2015_womens_fashion_style_short_choppy_cropped_bangs_uneven

Check out this summery look on Emma Watson here:


Long Bob

The long bob is this summer’s hottest addition to the latest hair cut trends. If you want a change but don’t want to go too short, this one’s for you.  Check out Keira Knightley with the bob:


And Margot Robbie of The Wolf of Wall Street fame with a long bob:


The Wavy Bob with Bangs

Once again, this latest hair cut is super in, and great for women who have naturally wavy hair and want a low-maintenance summer cut. It’s also great if you want a casual beachy look for your straight hair, just blow dry them tightly with a curling iron and sleep in them. The morning will make them look like they are on a tropical vacation.


Check out Taylor Swift with the wavy bob and forehead-covering bangs:


And Emma Stone with these casual beachy waves in a long bob with unevenly cut side fringes. Super cool!


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