Women in Online Gambling – The Industry of Equality

Is online gambling industry emerging as a new & lucrative career option for the Indian women? Let’s see what industry professionals have to say about women in online gambling.

women in online gambling

When most of us think of online gambling, we can imagine websites or apps offering casino games and betting on different sports for real money. The truth is, it is a huge industry with thousands of different companies, operating mostly from Europe, and hundreds of thousands of people employed within those organisations.

How big the world of online gambling is shouldn’t really be all that surprising, considering that gambling has been around since the start of time as the most popular form of entertainment all over the world, regardless of color, religion or culture.

Online Gambling Industry in India

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Here in India, online gambling is nothing new, but has been gaining popularity among all age groups and genders. And although the concept of playing casino online is familiar to us in India, we know next to nothing about the other side of gambling – the actual industry. So we decided to find out and talk about the behind-the-scenes of the online gambling industry. Most people don’t know much about the inner happenings within the industry, but this is bound to change in the near future with the speed that the gaming industry is expanding.

Women in Online Gambling

As this is a relatively new industry, it gave women the opportunity to enter its battlefield of business at an equal time as men, a luxury we didn’t have at the time other such globally powerful industries began, like finance for example. The industry is modern, highly competitive and very profitable – and best of all – with some seriously awesome women pulling the strings.

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Apart from the good timing of the rise of the industry – a generation of working women, there is also another interesting factor weighing in on why women are in high demand – women are in fact the more valuable players for online gambling businesses.

“Statistically, women spend more time online, respectively they do play online casino more often than men do and tend to be more “loyal” to their online casino of choice. That naturally means that, both for the operators and advertisers like ourselves, this requires a heavy focus on what women want to know, see and experience when playing online.” says Arvid, PR Manager at LiveCasinoKings, an online comparison site for casino players in India.

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This all does sound like a great and fun environment to work in, so what does the industry really offer? Above average salaries, possibilities for a much quicker career growth than most other industries and a dynamic and exciting day-to-day life.

If we are to talk numbers, salaries of entry level positions range from ₹18,000 to ₹400,000. If you think this sounds quite high – you are not wrong. The industry offers salaries significantly above the average salary in most countries, making it attractive for both young as well as proven and experienced professionals.

Needless to say, the pay depends on the position and the fields one can can work in are vast. Think of it this way – it’s a global industry, meaning a culturally diverse environment, with departments focusing on Customer Service, Marketing, Finance, Tech, Compliance, Art and Design and more.

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Any challenges for women in this field? Well, according to the industry professionals, online gambling seems like a very modern industry offers more benefits than women are used to in the professional world.

Especially for candidates with special skills, most companies in this particular industry are open to hiring nationals who may require a work permit – an Indian person in a European country, for example. The company’s HR departments typically work on the employee’s work permit. Most companies also offer a full relocation package including the travel, transportation of belongings and even accommodation until the employees settle down on their own.

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One of the biggest perks, and one that is still fighting its way through in other industries is remote work. In general, remote work is widely accepted within the online gambling industry and again, especially so for candidates with special skill or experience.

A quick google search about “jobs in igaming in *your city or country of choice*” and you would find both companies websites and recruitment agencies. With higher-than-average salaries, flexible working hours and a modern work environment, we know for sure that the industry is here to stay and the number of women in online gambling will only grow bigger. But will it manage to appeal to the Indian working woman-next-door and become the next big thing in the professional world? Well, that remains to be seen.

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