Winter Skincare & Homemade Tips for Glowing Skin: ULTIMATE Guide

From daily skincare routine in winters to homemade remedies for getting a glowing skin, here’s the complete guide to winter skincare and hair care.


As beautiful wintertime can get with all the holiday decorations and snow scenes, it’s also sometimes a curse for dry skin. And that’s why winter calls for special time to pamper your skin. No matter what skin type you have, a proper regime goes a long way in keeping it glowing and healthy.

Your skin condition is consistently changing because of different factors like weather, hormones and lifestyle.

PS – Always do a patch test while using essential oils or new products, as they may not suit everyone. What works for one person might not suit another. Avoid ingredients that cause a rash or irritate your skin.

Winter Skincare Tips

  • Every morning, opt for a milk based facewash if you have combination or dry skin. Go for a water based one for sensitive oily and normal skin types.
  • Exfoliating is something that you shouldn’t miss out on during winters. Scour off the dead cells, making way for fresh new skin before you massage on your moisturizer. Just once or twice a week, take some time off to scrub your skin.

winter skincare-girls homemade tips for glowing skin (9)

  • Hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer according to your skin type to keep it fresh and supple.
  • The best way to lock in the moisture is to moisturize your skin as soon as you get out of the shower.
  • Another quick dry skin tip is to massage your heels after a shower with lotion for 1 minute every alternate day to soften your tired feet. They sure do deserve all the attention.
  • Be it summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, one thing you cannot change in your daily routine would be your SPF. We cannot stress enough of how much your skin needs this.
  • Here’s a night routine to follow in the winters. After removing all the makeup, wash your face thoroughly. Gently massage your face with a moisturizer or oil to suit your skin type. Concentrate on the drier areas such as the sides of the nose or above eyebrows.

Winter Face Care Tips

  • The first step to taking care of skin is to know your skin type. Your skin care regime begins with cleansing. Cleanse your skin with a gentle micro scrub or foreo luna cleanser to leave it healthy. Regular cleansing keeps the pimples at bay.
  • Complete the cleansing process with a toner. It is the most important step in your skincare, it helps to maintain the ph level, get rid of the excess oil and any cleanser residue.
  • Repair and maintain the skin barrier with a hydrating serum. A little goes a long way with serums, so invest in a good one.

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  • Dry skin girls can choose a mega hydration serum with hyaloronic acid.
  • Then follow up with an oil or serum to really help your skin drink up the oils. Natural essential oils like rosemary oil and jojoba oils improve blood circulation. This will make your skin feel healthy during windburns.
  • Hyaluronic acid sucks up all the moisture. So if you use just that, your skin will end up looking dry in the morning. Instead, follow it with an oil-based moisturizer to lock in all the moisture into the skin.
  • Follow this with a heavy cream to lock in the moisture. Believe it or not, your oily skin also craves for a serum. Make sure whatever you pick, is non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores). A lightweight serum would be ideal to keep your skin hydrated. Confused which one to pick for combination skin when you have both dry skin and oily skin? Opt for something that will treat your underlying skin issue. You can treat acne without drying out your skin or give it a boost of hydration without clogging your pores.
  • You can mix your moisturizer with a few drops of face oil during the day to combat the harsh winters.
  • You need to apply a sunscreen everyday of the year, no matter what season it is. It creates a barrier between your skin and the atmosphere.
  • Wrap up your skincare and go ahead with your makeup after this.
  •  Oils can cause breakout for a lot of people. So if you have acne problems, be sure to keep your skin clean as much as possible. Avoid makeup if you’re having breakouts and see a dermatologist.
  • Use a hydrating mask once a week, and you’ll see how beautiful your skin will get.

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Some More Winter Skincare Tricks

  • Protect yourself from the harsh cold winds on a cold windy day by covering yourself up with leggings, boots, gloves, scarves, ear muffs, etc. so the cold wind doesn’t dry your skin up. This is especially important if you have dry kin problems like eczema.
  • In winters, the humidity has a sudden drop, leading our skin to get dry. Switch on your humidifier to help retain the humidity in the air and leave it overnight to keep your skin and hair moist.
  • Don’t get lazy on winters and ditch the workout routine. Get your body moving, to naturally heat up your body and also strengthen your immune system, helping you brawl against viral infections.
  • Start off your day by dry brushing your body before your shower. It instantly energizes you. Pick out a natural bristle brush and go in circular motions over your body. Dry brushing helps activate the lymphatic system helping your body detox, improving blood circulation.
  • Luxuriate in a relaxing oat bath. Serve two cups of oats (any oats would work just fine) onto a microfiber cloth or a clean sock and knot it at the top. Run this in your bath tub and squeeze it every few minutes. This will ooze out the oat milk and the water will start turning foggy and foggy. Dip in and enjoy.
  • If you have extremely dry skin, try this heavy moisturizing routine. Petroleum jelly with a few drops of glycerine on your elbows and knees really softens those spots, making them as soft as a baby’s butt.

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How to Get Glowing Skin in Winter

Winters require a little extra pampering to keep your skin radiant. The harsh cold can draw all the moisture out of your skin and make you look dull and lifeless. These simple tips will help you bring back the glow and easily glide through winters looking luminous.

  • Increase your vitamin C intake during winters. Have seasonal fruits like oranges or strawberries, or take a supplement every morning. This strengthens your immune system and also helps to brighten up your skin.
  • Cleanse your skin with a cotton ball soaked in milk. Dab it gently all over your face, rub it on your hands and feet. Then wash it off with lukewarm or cold water.
  • During winters you tend to get a lot of dead skin build up, so you can opt for a mild scrub to use everyday or as and when required to unclog pores and remove dirt particles. Use it on your arms, legs and even on your back.
  • Follow up with a moisturizer to lock in the moisture.
  • Massage your skin with these non clogging oils to activate blood circulation and wake the skin cells up. This will instantly give your skin a radiant appearance.
  • Scour away the dead skin with scrubbing gloves, giving you smaller pores and glowy complexion.

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How to Take Care of Your Skin Naturally: Homemade Remedies

Give yourself a little me-time every week to get gorgeous radiant skin over time. Here are some massage tips and homemade masks to try in the winters.

Hot Oil Body Massage

Tackle the lazy and sluggish feeling on winters with regular body massages. Hot oil body massages make you feel healthy and energized. Great way to de-stress and cleanse your internal system. Take a few teaspoons of mustard oil, mix it with 1/3rd qty of salt and heat it for few seconds. Massage this onto your skin. The salt granules pose as a gentle exfoliator. Perfect for dry skin.

Body Scrub

A high priority product in your shower menu has to be a body scrub. Scrubbing your body, gets your blood flowing to the skin surface and boost circulation.

Pine-nut and Oil scrub

Pine nut is packed with skin repairing properties and is quickly becoming popular in skincare. Just mix up some powdered pine nuts and coconut oil to make a comforting body scrub.

winter skincare-girls homemade tips for glowing skin (12)Strawberry Citrus Body Scrub

Brighten up your skin with a little bit of me time this season. Mix up the simplest of ingredients to make up some of the most delicious body scrubs.

  • 1tbsp brown sugar
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 1tbsp crushed strawberry and
  • 1 or 2 drops of lemon essential oil.

Ideal natural exfoliators like powdered oatmeal, milk and honey and also baking soda or coffee are good for body care. While taking a bath add a few drops of essential oils to hydrate the skin.


Moisturizing is key during winters to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Moisturizing at the right time is essential.

  • Before you snooze into la-la land, hydrate your body with a heavy body butter, so it can penetrate into your skin throughout the night.
  • Right after you scrub your body is also a great time to moisturize, the dead skin is off and your skin is ready to absorb in a good cream.

Natural moisturizers work best – olive oil, coconut oil , shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E oil.

Pumpkin Spice Whipped Body Butter

  • ½ cup of shea butter
  • ¼ cup of coconut oil
  • 2tbsp of almond oil
  • Put it in a double boiler and let it all melt and combine into one.
  • After it cools down, add some pumpkin spice powder, vitamin-e oil 2tps and 1tsp of vanilla extract.
  • Let is solidify.
  • Now whip it.

winter skincare-girls homemade tips for glowing skin (3)Lotion Bars

  • Cocoa butter
  • 2tbsps of coconut butter
  • Vanilla bean paste or 10 drops of vanilla essential oil
  • Double boiler, melt and pour into mould
  • And let it solidify.

Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm

  • 1-1/2 tsps of beeswax
  • 2tsps of coconut oil
  • 1tsp of coco butter
  • 1tbsp of pumpkin seed oil
  • Put this in a double boiler, mix the ingredients until they melt.
  • Let it cool.
  • Then add a dash of vitamin E oil and cinnamon essential oil, clove essential oil and just a dash of pumpkin spice.
  • Pour this into a glass container and let it solidify.

winter skincare-girls homemade tips for glowing skin (2)Moisturizing Hand Soap

  • Unscented liquid castile soap
  • 1tbsp of vegetable glycerine
  • 1tbsp of either sweet almond oil or vitamin E oil.
  • Then add your essential oil mix –  6drops of frankincense, cedar-wood oil and wild orange essential oil and rosemary oil. Fill the rest with water and it’s a great handwash.

Homemade Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Treatment – Oil with Camphor Tablet

Camphor comforts and eases skin irritation and itchiness caused by dry scalp. Coconut oil is the holy grail to moisturize all throughout winters. Together, this combo brings out the best to keep your hair lustrous and dandruff free. Do this treatments three days in a row to get results.

  • Take a 2 tbsp of coconut oil.
  • Crush a small tablet of camphor and mix it with the oil.
  • Heat the oil a little to help the camphor completely dissolve.
  • Apply this onto your roots and massage your scalp, leave it on for 30 mins.
  • Then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Dandruff Treatment with Baking Soda

Clarify your scalp with baking soda. Shilpa uses this to cleanse her hair (she doesn’t use shampoo at all!).

This mixture is a great natural cleanser. Baking soda helps remove all the dust, grime along with oils and scours away the dry scalp situation. And apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of your scalp (use less of it if your scalp is dry, or skip it altogether).


Baking Soda with Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Dilute 1 tsp baking soda into 500ml water. Mix it in a sipper bottle.
  • Separately, dilute 1 tsp apple cider vinegar into 500ml water. Also mix in a sipper bottle.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair properly before washing them.
  • In the shower, wet your hair while combing it with wide-toothed comb.
  • Then pour diluted baking soda onto your hair, combing it again to make sure the scalp is thoroughly cleaned with it. Wash with water, combing it throughout.
  • Finally, repeat this with diluted apple cider vinegar and wash with water.
  • Condition if necessary, without letting the product touch your scalp.
  • Use twice a week to wash your hair without shampoo. Your hair will slowly regain its natural oils and become dandruff-free.

Baking Soda with Coconut Oil

  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Mix the honey and baking soda with coconut oil.
  • Apply this mixture onto your scalp and leave it on 10 mins.
  • Shampoo like always.
  • Do this twice a week to completely get rid off dandruff.

If you’re lazy to do anything more than just your weekly oil massage, then we’ve got a quick fix for you as well.

  • Skip the oil and directly hop into the shower.
  • Cleanse your hair with apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixture (see above for proportions).
  • Concentrate this more on the scalp and wash it off.
  • Once you’re out of the shower, put a drop or two of olive oil onto the tips of your fingers.
  • Pat it gently onto your scalp, don’t rub it. Concentrate on the dry areas, like near your forehead and temples.

Dry Scalp Treatment with Banana Mask

Say goodbye to dandruff with this miracle hydrating mask.

  • ½ a Banana
  • 1 spoonful of honey
  • 1tsp of olive oil
  • blend it up
  • Mix this mixture with a little bit of lemon juice
  • 2-3 times a week apply to scalp massage it into the scalp and leave it for 10-15 mins before you shampoo.

Hot Oil Treatment

Tame the mane with a super hydrating hot oil massage, and watch your hair turn into into luscious locks. Hot oil treatment is an Indian tradition. Massage the hair thoroughly with your fingers dipped in hot oil, helps penetrate the hair shafts, letting your hair make the most of the mask. Follow this religiously to allow your hair to sway the spotlight.

3 tbsp of coconut oil, olive oil  jojoba oil and avocado oil – ½ tsps of each of the oil, into the coconut oil , add in some fresh rosemary or any essential oil for fragrance. Heat it in the microwave for a few seconds or put it on a double boiler to slightly warm the oil and generously massage this hot oil to your scalp and hair. Do this weekly before shampooing.

winter skincare-girls homemade tips for glowing skin (7)

Natural Remedies for Sunburn in Winter

  • Hop in the cold shower as soon as you know that you’ve got a sunburn.
  • A boiled potato mask helps reduce the sting of a bad sunburn. The starch in the potato puts in a helping hand in bringing the heat down from the burn and absorbing it into the potato.
  • If you don’t have boiled potato, try grinding a washed, clean potato to create a clean paste. Apply on the burnt area.
  • Natural chilled yogurt is almost a magic potion to calm down any irritated skin. The enzymes are very calming and soothing when you leave it on for 15-20 mins.
  • Aloe vera gel – we are talking about the real deal. Just take a small piece of an aloe plant and cut it open and rub it directly onto your skin. This is very soothing and calms down the burn, allowing your sunburn to heal quickly.
  • Vinegar – this is a remedy a lot of people swear by. Take a washcloth and dip it in 50%water and 50% apple cider vinegar solution, wring it out and place the washcloth on the sun burnt area. This assists in relieving the sunburn pain. Or you could also take a cool bath with diluted vinegar.
  • Oatmeal and water paste: The healing powers of oatmeal is to put your trust on to heal your sunburn. It is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Slather on the oatmeal paste on your sunburnt skin and let it work its way into your skin for at least 20 mins and then wipe it off with cold water.
  • Green tea is a double winner. It helps prevent as well as soothe a sunburn. The simplest way to to benefit from it is to dip a tea bag in some cold water and directly press it onto your irritated skin.
  • Avoid makeup.
  • Do not aggravate your skin more. Avoid perfume or soap.

winter skincare-girls homemade tips for glowing skin (5)Winter Skincare Products


  • Fancl Mild cleansing oil
  • The Body Shio – chamomile cleansing oil – oil based great for winters
  • Cleanser – beauty by design – No 147 Purify
  • elemis procologenic cleansing balm
  • nivea nourishing day cream
  • Foreo Day and Night Cleanser


  • indie lee coq toner
  • Albion skin conditioner to reduce redness
  • Sulwhasoo Water Essence / hyggee all in one essence/ I’M FROM rice toner all are hydrating toners
  • Clarins Extra Comfor toning lotion


  •  lipids Sunday riley juno
  • Dr.lancer omega hydrating oil
  • Maelove glowmaker – vitamin c serum
  • Guerlain Super Aqua Serum
  • SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic
  • Vintners daughter botanical active serum
  • senca perfect whihp – cream sleanser
  • Hydra Beauty Micro serum – chanel

Hydrating Cream

  • mac fast response eye cream
  • glow recipe avocado melt sleeping mask
  • Lumixyl Brightening Creme
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes
  • StriVictin Retinal night oil


  • TATCHA Sunscreen
  • Eve Lom Sunscreen
  • L roche posay – dry touch sunscreen
  • Neutrogena Sheer Zinc
  • Julep No Excuses


  • mac mineralise volcani ash exfoliator
  • Dermalogica daily microfobiant


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