The 15 Winter Must Haves Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

From winter clothes to accessories, here are the winter must haves every woman needs in her wardrobe. Do you have all of these winter essentials?

shilpa-ahuja-harvard-fashion-blogger-snow-white-coat-winter-jacket-outfit-boots-red-bagHey gorgeous! Winters are great for chilling under a blanket, getting cozy with a book and sipping hot cocoa. But this snowy season can be tricky for fashion. Beneath layers and layers of winter clothes, it’s hard to show off that cute sweater or sleek necklace. Winter fashion for women becomes all about compromise!

But to be warm is to look cute. And that’s why the true fashionista never compromises on her coziness while creating a winter outfit.

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That’s only possible if you have built yourself the perfect winter wardrobe. Fill it with the must have winter clothes in classy colors and timeless styles, and everything will become easy about winter fashion. Have these 15 winter must haves, and you’ll take no longer than 5 minutes getting dressed every morning!!

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So let’s take a look at the 15 winter must haves for women!

1. A Wool, Down or Fur Coat

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It’s no surprise that a coat finds its way at the top of the winter must haves list! It’s of utmost importance to have a nice warm coat you can wear everyday. So choose wisely. It should be a color you love, but avoid white for everyday wear, as hot cocoa spills and the accidental slush splatter is unavoidable! It’s a great idea to choose something cute that becomes your signature!

2. A Trench Coat

For those rainy days and winter afternoon strolls, a trench coat is a must have for winter. Choose a classic beige, or a chocolate or off-white!


Classic Burberry Trench Coat

3. A Cashmere Sweater

Warm and cozy, cashmere sweaters are a must have for every woman’s winter wardrobe. If you have one in a neutral color, you’ll find that it goes with all the cute skirts, daily jeans and work trousers. These make great layering pieces for work and are great worn just by themselves.

Aqua Cashmere Fitted V-Neck Sweater

4. A Fitted Crop Cardigan -Navy, burgundy, black or crimson

A crop cardigan is the perfect layering piece for winter dresses. You can also go for a longer one and wear a skinny belt over it, half-buttoned. Go for soft cardigans in a couple of essential colors. They also work for office clothes and casual parties.


Red Valentino Cropped Cardigan

5. A Skinny Belt

Yes, a skinny belt is even important in the winter as it is in any other season. You can pair them with your long cardigans, or wear them over sweater dresses to add some structure!


Oscar de la Renta Silk Radzimir Crystal-Buckle Belt

6. Plain Black Pantyhose/Tights

Needless to say, a woman’s winter wardrobe is incomplete without plain black pantyhose. It’s good to have both transparent and opaque, but I feel that opaque ones are essential for those lazy winter days we don’t feel like shaving our legs!! Lace, striped and shimmery tights are good additions too, but plain ones are must haves for everyday wear!

Simply Vera Vera Wang Brushed Sweater Tights

7. Comfortable Flat Boots That Suit Your Coat

You’ll be wearing your boots every other day, so select a pair of comfortable flat boots that go with your winter coat. Neutral colors like brown, beige, black and navy are everyone’s favorites. But if you wanna make it fun, go for pastel blue or crimson. Suede is my favorite material for boots. But leather ones work great as winter essentials too!


Arabia Bots – Aldo

8. Comfy Socks

Whether worn at home, or under your boots, or as an extra layer over your pantyhose, a couple pairs (or more) are super essential for winter. Go for wool or thick cotton.

Christmas Fairisle Socks – Black

9. Black Leggings

Leggings are easy to pair with long sweaters and cardigans. They make great everyday casual winter outfits. So get a basic pair or one in leather.


Faux Leather Leggings

10. Cute Everyday Gloves

So so important. Unless you want your fingers to become numb with cold!! A dark colored pair is essential for winter. But I love something that matches my coat. Wool, suede, leather and velvet are all good!

Apt. 9® Women’s Suede Gloves

11. A Cute Hat to Match Your Coat

A mid-winter outfit is incomplete without a hat. So choose a cute one. Embellished, furry or plain, select what suits your coat and what make you feel comfortable. Beanies, fedoras,berets and cloches are all good. The essential hat should cover your ears for the windy days. If you don’t wanna match your hat with your coat, go for a bright color to contrast it!

Topshop Girly Turn Up Beanie Hat – Light Blue

12. A Bright Colored Soft Scarf

It’s a great idea to add some color to your winter outfit with hats and scarves. Scarves are a part of both indoor and outdoor outfits. So select one that goes well with both innerwear outerwear for winter.

Christian Dior Vintage geometric print scarf

13. Black Formal or Heeled Booties

The flat everyday boots soon become tired-looking and lined with snow salts. So it’s always a good idea to keep a pair of formal boots or booties you can wear to work parties, interviews and conferences. Select a color that works with your work wear, and choose a formal style such as leather heeled or pointy-toe.


Myrona Black Booties – Aldo

14. A White Full-Sleeved Tee

Yes, a t-shirt makes my list of winter must haves! I didn’t think it necessary until I ended up buying a trendy sweater that turned out to be slightly uncomfortable. So always have a neutral colored white full-sleeved tee handy. They also work as great layering pieces under half-sleeved sweater dresses and sleeveless fur vests.


15. Rain Boots

It’s sad to see your cute suede winter boots get muddy in the slush. So add a pair of classic rain boots to your winter must haves list. Go for something you can wear both formally and casually, so that you can pair them with work outfits too. Also, something that you can wear to rainy day dates and parties!


Burberry Rain Boots

So these are the absolute essentials for winter. There’s so many trendy pieces you can pair these with to create chic and cute outfits. Other than these winter must haves, it’s also a good idea to have a wool skirt, a sweater dress and a turtleneck sweater in your wardrobe.

shilpa ahuja paris france europe tour travel tourism vacation trip day marchSo which of these winter must haves do you have in your closet? What items do you still need to add to your wardrobe? Comment below! Lemme know!

Muaah! 🙂

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