15 Winter Fashion Tips by Instagram’s Most Stylish Influencers

From layering to color co-ordination to rocking statement accessories, here are the NEW winter fashion tips we learned from the most fashionable Instagram bloggers. This winter style guide is a must-read for every girl!

how to style winter outfits-WINTER FASHION TIPS IDEAS OUTFITS
Featured: Maria Vizuete (Mia Mia Mine); @miamiamine via Instagram

Hey gorgeous! Instagram influencers are the source of style inspiration of our generation. They’re always impeccably dressed! And what better way could there be to find out the new winter fashion guidelines than by looking at the winter fashion outfits of these fashionistas?

So that’s exactly what I’m doing today. I’m well-versed with the snowiest of winters by having lived in Cambridge. The streets of New England were the perfect runway for my fleece-lined boots and down jackets. But now, I’ve lived in Chennai for over four years, and I only get to dress like this when I visit my hometown, Chandigarh!


And the rules of winter fashion are changing drastically. It’s not just about wearing comfortable coats with denims. So I decided that the only best way to come up with the new winter fashion guidelines is to learn from Instagram bloggers! So, here we go!

Latest Winter Fashion Tips to Learn from Fashion Bloggers

1. Go for belted coats to add structure.


One of the most basic winter fashion tips any fashion blogger would give you is to either wear a structured outfit underneath your coat, or go for a structured coat. Down coats often end up looking structureless and well, puffy, especially on curvy women. So the simple solution is to go for a belted coat, or add a broad belt to mimic the hourglass shape.

2. Top a monochromatic outfit with a different color coat & bag to create the perf palette.

grey brown colors trendy ideas Winter Fashion Sasha Simón lolario

Neutral shades work very well in the winter. And then there are the classic winter colors – rust, cinnamon, burgundy, olive, beige, violet, etc. One of my winter fashion tips would be to have these winter hues in your closet.

To create a perfect two-tone palette, go for a monochromatic outfit. And then top it off with a coat in these winter colors. The bag matches the coat. This way, you’ll be able to wear your signature bag+coat combo with other monochromatic outfits, too!

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3. Pair classic winter colors with matching pastels to create a softer monochrome palette.

Winter Fashion outfits Karen Wazen Bakhazi
@jimmychoo via @karenwazenb

Speaking of winter colors, they work great even by themselves if you wanna create a monochromatic look, too. But to soften it up, add lighter shades of the same color, such as blush pink with burgundy, or rose beige with cinnamon.

4. Add a lapel jacket to athleisure street style for an unexpected twist.

Winter Fashion Ideas Maria Borges jimmychoo

Leather pants, suit jackets and sneakers – all are wardrobe essentials for this year. However, sneakers & leather pants scream street-style, while lapel jackets give the office vibes. So if you wanna wear an unconventional outfit, bring the two together in an by pairing these items.

A lapel jacket over skinny pants and sneakers would work well for the airport. But if you wanna rock them in a chicer way as street style, add some elegant jewelry or a micro bag.

5. You can still wear lighter tops in winters, just layer them over a skinny sweater.

fashion bloggers winter style outfits tricks Leena Ha

Winters are not just about wool and fur. One of the old winter fashion tips is that you can still wear at least some of your fall or even summer clothes. Just learn the art of layering wisely. A tight turtleneck sweater works perfectly underneath a top. And then layer a wool coat or a leather jacket over it. Add a scarf, wool pants and tights to up the winter vibes!

6. Go for a boa with a light-colored structured wool coat for a rich look.

colors trendy ideas Winter Fashion tips caro daur

Having a good winter coat is essential when creating cute winter outfits. Light colors and structured wool coats look very rich. That’s because the rich people know how to have red wine without spilling it, and they also get custom-made clothing that fits them like a glove.

So if you want to look rich and classy, just go for a fitted woolen coat in a light pastel shade, like beige, nude, blush or ivory. Add a faux-fur boa and a chain-strap flap bag to up the ante!

7. Sweater dresses never go wrong with thigh-high boots.

how to style winter outfits coats sweater dress Maria Vizuete

This is one of the classic winter fashion tips that never goes wrong. A cute mini sweater dress is perfectly paired with thigh-high boots. A turtleneck cable-knit sweater-dress doubles up as a scarf, too. Either match the boots to your dress or go for a darker shade. And cozy up in a cute overcoat, or go hands-free with a cross-body bag.

8. Go for a trendy handbag to crate a statement.

tips advice styling Winter Fashion Ideas barbie

It’s not practical to have a wardrobe the size of Manhattan. But you can have a new look everyday by switching up your accessories. When you’re wearing the same overcoat or jeans, just go for a statement handbag, sunglasses or scarf to create fresh winter outfits every time!

9. Create an androgynous-chic aesthetic with a simple jacket and boy jeans.

fall Winter Fashion Ideas Linda Tol

Forget boho-chic! Androgynous-chic aesthetic is the new It-thing on our radar. If you’re into non-girly clothing, you’d love wearing androgynous yet stylish winter outfits. It doesn’t mean everything has to be tom-boyish, but just that you gotta mix some unisex pieces with girly ones.

So pair a simple jacket or coat with your boy jeans – crop, medium-waisted and straight-cut – with a no-makeup makeup look. Either add cute pumps, or if you wanna play it cool, a pair of boyfriend shoes.

10. Switch your plain ol’ beanie for a fedora or newsbury hat once in a while.

fashion influencers instagram outfit ideas for winter Negin Mirsalehi

When everyone else is wearing a beanie, you can look different by going for a different type of hat. I know how mean the winters get. And I know you hate thinking of new outfits when it’s snowing outside, plus you gotta keep your ears covered. But the same overcoat, boots and hat start to look like you’re wearing the same outfit everyday, even if you’re wearing a different jeans or sweater on the inside. So at least on the warmer winter days, a newsbury cap or fedora would make a great change!

11. Add color with your accessories when wearing a monochromatic outfit.

winter fashion tips ideas latest trends YOYO CAO

One of the simplest winter fashion tips I’ve learned is that accessories are a great way to add a pop of color, especially if you’ve already bought a neutral-colored coat. You can match your boots and bag, or your scarf and bag. And then pair it with a neutral-colored monochromatic outfit to make them stand out. This is another foolproof way to create a two-tone outfit.

12. A menswear coat over shirt & leather mini creates a grown-up schoolgirl look.

casual winter dresses style tips Victoria Song jimmychoo

I love wearing mini-skirts in the winter, and I have a bunch of wool and leather minis. Wearing them over thigh-high socks or pantyhose looks really cute. But you can also add a coat with a traditionally menswear edge. Colors like steel grey, dove, stone and latte are good ideas. Also try patterns like houndstooth, herringbone or glen check.

13. Go for socked pumps or sock booties under crop boot-cut jeans.

how to style winter outfits coats outerwear Camille Charriere-

Cropped jeans are very trendy, and if it’s not snowing, pumps or sneakers make great pairings with them. You can wear pumps or peep-toe heels with matching socks, or go for sock-booties.

Pro-tip: Match the colors of your socks and shoes with your jeans to elongate your leg and look taller and slimmer!

14. Tuck your sweater inside your jeans for a structured look.

winter fashion 2019 tips ideas gala gonzalez

Tucked-in sweater is one of the new winter fashion tips this year. Long hip-covering sweaters are gone, and now is the time to rock oversized sweaters, the front of which can be tucked into your jeans. Or fully, neatly tuck them in. This style also works when wearing the sweater underneath an overcoat.

15. Fur jackets & leather pants are the new coveted winter combo.

fashion bloggers best winter style tips Negin Mirsalehi

Every semi-decade seems to have a fabric combo that is considered fashionable. The current trend seems to overwhelmingly suggest that fur+leather is the new wool+denim! Brownie points for rocking patent leather or if you’re feeling Kim Kardashian-y, then latex!

So I hope you found these winter fashion tips helpful. Which out of these winter outfit ideas was your favorite? Would you like me to feature other fashion influencers more in future articles? If so, lemme know below! If you try one of these tips for your own stylish winter outfits, tag me in your Instagram pic @shilpaahujadotcom, and I’ll heart it!

Muaah 🙂

Image Credits: Instagram (refer individual handles above)

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