21 Winter Colors from Classic to Trendy & How to Use Them

From classic to trendy, warm to bold, here’s the ULTIMATE list of 21 winter colors. Also, discover ideas on how to use them for your fashion, lifestyle & interior color palettes.

WINTER-COLORS-Palette trends pantone basic shades inspirationHey gorgoeus! Although every year and season has its own palette of trendy colors that are forecast by Pantone or fashion color trend reports. However, no matter what year it is, there are certain seasonal colors that typically represent a particular season.

What Colors Represent Winter?

Typically, warm and deep color palettes are very commonly used to represent winter season. Warm shades include chocolate, mahogany, burgundy, olive green and burnt orange. And dark shades include deep blue, charcoal, crimson.

A warrm, dark color palette for winter is a result three reasons:

1. Winter imagery, such as snow, Christmas, hot cocoa and dark, cloudy skies.
2. Many decades of style choices for winter. Winter fashion collections of world’s top fashion designers have included such colors year after year.
3. Similarly, other winter lifestyle collections of designer brands like home decor items, kitchen items, interior furnishings like carpets, curtains, paints, etc. have also shown similar trends over the years.

WINTER-COLOR-PALETTE seasonal colors shades trends basic

So let’s take a look at these winter colors and palettes one by one. Plus, I’m also giving loads of ideas on how you can incorporate these winter shades into your life!

List of Winter Colors

1. Brick

Athena Wilson, Sarah Carvalho, Anastasia

Warm and earthy, brick is the perfect wintry mix of brown and red. It’s a winter color we start seeing right from the fall season, as leaves begin to shift their shades from leaf green to a mix of greenish yellow and shades of red and brick. And then there’s shades of it all over pavements before it first snows! So the early winter is perfect to adopt brick into your life and style!

Thankfully, brick makes the perfectly wearable shade of eyeshadow. Either go all out and do a brick smokey eye with glitter eyeliner, or just pair it with nude lips.

2. Deep Olive

Emte boutique

Deep olive is one of my favorites when it comes to choosing warm colors. It’s not too green, nor is it too brown. Very subtle, deep olive makes the perfect color to go for in velvet, as that brings all its shades in light. So go for a velvet skirt and pair it with tights or thigh-high boots!

3. Burgundy


A classic winter color, burgundy is a timeless shade that goes everywhere nicely. Whether it’s hair highlights, burgundy nails or lipstick, this is one color you do not wanna miss in your beauty looks/ makeup in the winters! If not, you can go for a burgundy wallet since it’s a great statement away from the clich├ęd black and brown ones. Even men can incorporate it in their accessories like wallets or ties.

4. Violet

Personalization mall

The deepest purple is a cool shade, yet very wintery. If you wanna make a statement, violet is one of the chicest winter colors for nails. Furthermore, violet or amthyst are the perf colors to incorporate into your home accessories and decor since they’re easy to match and stand out against a white or beige backdrop. Go for a crystal candlestand in violet or a cute violet planter.

5. Forest Green

winter-colors-forest-green-fashion-christmas-festive-cute-styleForest green is such a lush deep green shade that it reminds us of the tropics, and that’s what makes it a very chic winter color. Rock it in unexpected ways, my favorite being to get a faux fur jacket in forest green and make it your Christmas color!

6. Crimson

The Halcyon project

Crimson is a deep reddish shade with a slight purply tint that we love in winters! Since crimson is the color of my alma mater, Harvard, for me it’s perpetually my go-to shade for hoodies and wool track pants, which remind me of university days! Of course, a knit crimson sweater would be the perf combo with deep denims for the winter.

7. Scarlet

winter-colors-FASHION-TRENDS--SCARLET channel-wallet-shades
Your murano

Bright scarlet or deep red, whichever shade you choose, scarlet is the most winter-y color of them all – it reminds us of Christmas, after all!

Scarlet is the perf color to decorate your Christmas tree with. Shiny red baubles, ribbons and ornaments look so festive with white colored ones on the tree. If you’re looking for one of the winter colors for your ugly Christmas sweater, scarlet is also the go-to color for that. And after Christmas, you can still rock scarlet in your wardrobe – my perfect pick are red Murano glass necklaces.

8. Winter White

classic-winter-colors-palette-white-theme-snow-wonderlandWhen it’s snowy outside, winter white cannot miss a spot in the list of winter colors. Whites are frequently a part of every major fashion designers’ winter collection every year. It’s a great addition to any clear winter color palette. And no matter how high-maintenance it looks, white is the classiest color to incorporate in your winter outfits. So go for a white puffer coat, or a white hat, or both!

9. Navy


Navy can really work both in the summer and winter, but navy color lapel jackets and tuxedos give very cozy and royal vibes. Another cool way is to go for this color for your phone cover, and get rid of those common black covers! A navy color phone cover will also form a great backdrop for your red nails!

10. Mahogany

warm dark colors winter woody earthy interior office home MAHOGANY

These warm woody colors, rosewood and mahogany, are super wintery. This is because they give the vibes of a fireplace or a wood panelled lounge! But of course, we can’t just build ourselves a whole interior setting. So the next best thing is to go for a rosewood planter for your desk.

11. Cinnamon


The best way to use cinnamon in the winter would totally be to have a cinnamon roll! But if not, another cool idea would be to get a warm rusty cinnamon coloured knit scarf and pair it with a beige coat.

12. Sapphire

dark bright winter colors blue shades pretty SAPPHIRE

Sapphire is one of my favorite shades in the whole color kingdom. This deep yet bright blue shade is perfect for just about anything, from nail polish to kitchenware to rugs or even fashion accessories. A sapphire colored velvet handbag would enliven up any outfit, and would be the perfect pairing for black outfits.

13. Wine

WINTER colors red shades dark nail polish trends WINE

Too cold to have beer? It’s wine time! That’s why wine becomes such a warm winter color! Wine is very commonly a part of season color analysis for winter fashion collections. Wine colored dresses are perfect for new year’s eve parties, or go for wine-shade nail art!

14. Stone Blue

winter color cloudy shades for interior home paints STONE-BLUE
Farrow & Ball

Stone blue is a deep greyish cloudy blue color. It’s a neutral version of blue, not to dark but deep enough to be considered wintery in a chic way. Since this juniper ash shade is the color of the sky what we get so commonly in winters.

Stone blue is the perfect color for getting an accent wall in your home, be it for your library or kitchen. It can be styled in both timeless or contemporary ways. And it makes a statement but never looks too distracting.

15. Teal

bright colors for winter TEAL hats accessories cute

Deep teal and peacock are both great colors to use in the wintertime, and both are frequently seen in fashion collections of this season. A good way to use it is for dinner plates. Or even a rug. In your outfit, a bit of teal can bring a brightness that stands out against everyone’s boring blacks and browns!

16. Frozen Cherry

winter colors pink shades FROZEN-CHERRY

This pale maroon shade is a great idea for bold hair highlights. And this is a part of many bright winter color palettes. If you like to go all out, go for a chair rug in frozen cherry color which will give a bright vibe in the murky weather.

17. Seaweed

2019 color trends winter seasonal palettes SEAWEED
Shopbop, Dior

Seaweed is a greenish brown color that is like deep khaki. It’s a dull color, so using it in a shiny fabric like satin or velvet is a great idea. Seaweed is a relatively new color that we’ve recently started seeing in fashion. So make a statement with seaweed colored boots in velvet. Or gloves.

18. Cocoa

warm deep winter colors palette 2019 latest COCOA

Who doesn’t think of hot cocoa with marshmallows when it comes to winters! Or dark chocolate brownies. Yum! But food aside, this color can also be great to use in nail polish or lipstick even. Also, let’s not forget cocoa soaps and body exfoliants!

19. Mustard

unique winter colors trends 2019 MUSTARDMustard is a deep yellow shade, which can be an unexpected addition to one’s outfit. Go for a mustard handbag. Or in your home, mustard colored candles would be a more subtle alternative to gold ones.

20. Tan

winter colors for brown shades fashion latest styles TAN

Tan, the word, reminds us of sun and summer. However, the shade is a deep beige, which is one of the classic warm winter colors. Tan colored boots and leather coats have been an important part of winter fashion collections for decades. So include this shade in your wardrobe with suede tan pumps, or a tan jacket.

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21. Midnight Blue

dark winter colors blue shades dinnerware MIDNIGHT-BLUE
India Jane

Just the dark blue is a great color, just like sapphire, it’s very easy to use this in your outfit. You can just as easily, use it in your home in the form of dinnerware, a coffee mug or pen stand.

audrey o snow winter funky designer coffee mug online (4)
Audrey O. store

Hope you liked our list of 21 winter colors. Are there any other winter colors you like? Let us know below. And if you recreated any color ideas from these, do tag us in your Instagram pics @shilpaahujadotcom!

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