Will Dolce & Gabbana’s Leo Shoe Compete with Louboutin’s Red-Heeled Soles?

Hey gorgeous! One of my favorite fashion houses, Dolce & Gabbana has just introduced the bold new Leo shoe. The new pointy-toe pump is special because of its leopard-print sole. Let’s take a first look at the Leo Shoe campaign:

Will Dolce & Gabbana's Leo Shoe Compete with Louboutin's Red-Heeled Soles?

I see on the brand’s website that this is available in a range of colors – pinks, red and greys in both suede and patent leather. And even the inside sole is lined with leather-print.

Doesn’t that remind you of the iconic Christian Louboutin heels with their red soles? The Louboutin pumps are recognizable from miles away because of their bright red bases, and have come to be a symbol of wealth and taste! And I can’t help but wonder (Carrie Bradshaw style), are the brand new Dolce shoes made solely to compete with them?

leo shoe leopard print yellow pointy toe pump dolce gabbana

Did Dolce think, “Hey look at those Louboutins! They are recognizable from miles away!” (I know, they think just like me!) “Why don’t we, too, create a shoe that’s recognizable from far, far away!?” And then Gabbana would have been like, “But black is our color, dude! What are we gonna put? Black soles? We already have that! Duh!” “No,” Dolce replied. “We’ll put something nature-y on it. Leopard or Zebra or something. And we’ll call it the Leo! Or the Zeb!” Yeah, that’s how it must’ve happened.

“The unique roaring detail,” the ad campaign claims.

So what’s next? Tiger print shoe soles by Saint Laurent?

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