35 White Dress Quotes for Instagram by Shilpa Ahuja

From funny to meaningful, here are 35 white dress quotes for Instagram. These original captions are sure to help you in all moods and occasions!

Sassy witty Sarcastic White Dress Quotes for Instagram famous sayings

Hey gorgeous! Of all the colors, white is one of the top favorites for me to wear. That’s because it’s very high-maintenance. It shows you can keep it clean, that it’s probably new. But of course, it suits my skin tone – it suits all sin-tones. In fact, if you look at movies that depict rich people, or celebs, you’ll notice they wear white a lot.

So wearing white may not be a special occasion, but it surely makes you seem like you are someone whose life is filled with special occasions! That’s why I’ve written loads of original white dress quotes for Instagram so that you can find a caption for your pic no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Let’s go!

Short White Dress Quotes for Instagram

Like to keep your IG captions short and sweet? Well, me too! Why waste words on what can be said in word or two?! That’s why I’ve written a bunch of short quotes for white dresses that you can use with your Insta pics that are 10 words or less. Don’t forget to add some related hashtags to reach a larger number of people, try:

#whitedress #white #whitemood #whitequotes

white-dress-quotes-for-instagram beauty girl boy pic photo caption

  1. Keeping it simple in white today.
  2. White is might.
  3. White, pure for sure.
  4. Wearing white, being rich.
  5. Feel the light, by wearing white.
  6. The Puritan awakens.
  7. White is so modest, yet so rich.
  8. White brings out my inner fairy.
  9. Floating like a celestial body in white.
  10. White makes me feel light as a feather.
  11. White doesn’t need a season, white doesn’t need a reason.
  12. In bliss with white.
  13. Always start a new week in white.
  14. Shine bright like a diamond.
  15. White gives me energy, and yet makes me relaxed.

Sassy & Attitude Caption for White Dress for Girls

You’re someone with attitude, you’re not afraid of sword-edged words on social media; and your IG captions should be no less. So I’ve thought up some sassy captions for white dresses that are sure to go with your fiery attitude and get some compliments. And when you’re able to be yourself, that definitely gives some feel-good vibes.

Funny White Dress Captions IG beauty girl india

  1. So simple, yet white is the fashion color of the rich.
  2. If I can make it around a party without spilling any red wine on my white dress, I can do anything I set my mind to!
  3. If there’s one color that does not need any tag lines or showing off, it’s white.
  4. White today: clean and simple without any complications.
  5. A little white dress lets you stand out without being dramatic.
  6. White is not for the messy life. It’s for clarity. It’s for those who are free.
  7. A white dress is all we need in life to feel clear-headed and calm.
  8. Made it around the party without spilling anything on my pristine white dress today. I deserve a ‘like’!
  9. A white dress is just like my taste in men – high-maintenance.
  10. White never goes out of this fashion. In fact, it doesn’t even care about your average trend du jour.
  11. They say a white dress represents innocence – I say it represents a girl’s obsession for cleanliness.

White Dress Quotes for Women

Looking for some captions about the lady in white? These white dress quotes for women are sure to help. There are so many white fashion items for women to choose from – white gowns, white skirts, white button-up shirts and what not– all beautiful in their own right. And really, my white dresses and tops are some of my fave pieces in my closet (I’m obsessed with wearing white when taking interviews and even on all my birthdays). White is such a pure color that only a lady can truly pull it off, so I’ve come up with some captions to capture that mood.

Caption for White Dress for Girls quotes for instagram

  1. White brings out the calmness in me.
  2. A white dress doesn’t brag about being sensual or glamorous. It just is.
  3. White is such a magical color: it makes me feel light as a cloud, calm like the breeze and yet rebellious like a wildflower.
  4. I couldn’t decide what color to wear – so I wore them all – in a seamless and wholesome mélange of white!
  5. A woman in a white dress may look calm and simple on the outside, but has all the hidden energy and sensuality on the inside.
  6. White may be the color of snowflakes, but it looks just as pretty in the summer!
  7. White is all about the calm, the serenity.
  8. A woman who owns a white dress in her wardrobe is patient, tasteful and definitely knows how to carry herself well.
  9. Without the fluff and glamour, a white dress is still really charming.
  10. White is not a trendy color. It’s the color of centuries of fashion!

White Caption for Instagram

Who says Instagramming is just for showing off your dresses? There’s also capturing good scenes around us, people’s beautiful expressions and so much more. And all stories deserve to be told. That’s why I’ve written white captions that can go with whatever you click.

White may be the color of purity, and innocence that no one can hate. So if you’re feeling some white today, let the world know with one of my white status quotes for Insta, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perf one to suit your pic here!

White Dress Quotes for Instagram by Shilpa Ahuja

  1. Nothing says divine like white.
  2. White is not a fun color. It’s pure, it’s divine.
  3. White shines bright at night. Surely worth capturing on sight!
  4. White is too pure for words.
  5. White adds a soothing rhythm to a colorless day.
  6. White reminds me of endless sandy beaches, pure laughter, hopeful dreams and innocent memories.
  7. One can’t capture peace and tranquility without some white.
  8. White represents two things no one can hate – purity and innocence.

Black & White Quotes for Instagram

Do you like the black and white combination? I know I do! Black and white are two extremes that can create such gorgeous compositions in photography or graphics. That’s why I have created some captions for your Instagram that are going to be perfect for your b/w images. Use them for black and white photography, or to caption your black+white outfit. Or even to go with an illustration you created or video. Use hashtags to attract more views like:

#blackwhite #noir #bnwlife #bnwphotography #instablackandwhite #monochromatic #bwoftheday #blackandwhitephoto #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #instablackandwhite

white-dress-quotes White Captions Instagram

  1. Black and white: the yin and yang that balance my life.
  2. White for innocence. Black for mischief. I’m a complete package!!
  3. How could I be just black or white? Of course I had to have a bit of both in my personality!
  4. Black and white are the two colors that can never go wrong together.
  5. Black and white: it’s the lack of color that brings out the best in fashion.
  6. A white and black dress is like the promise of pure moonlight in the deep dark night.

So I hope my collection of original white dress quotes and white captions for Instagram pics were helpful to you. If you used one of these for your IG pic, I’d love to check it out. So don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom and I’ll be sure to double tap your gorge pic! ‘Cause I’m sure you’re rocking that white outfit!


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