What to Wear to Work in Winter | 7 Easy Winter Outfits for Office

From trendy culottes to classy suits, from chic neutrals to safe blacks, here are 7 super easy and practical ideas for what to wear to work in winter.
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Hey gorgeous! Winters are the time when we hate waking up in the mornings. While warm showers are good, getting dresses for the snow and chilly winds becomes a drag everyday. Especially if you have to consider work wear clothing. It’s easy to run out of ideas.

That’s why I decided to spread some love this winter with winter work wear ideas that’ll keep you inspired. What’s more – there’s something for everyone here – the skinny, the pear-shaped, the short woman, the old, the young, and even those who haven’t yet worked on their new year fitness goals!

Plus, along with some latest trends for this winter, here I’ve also created some winter outfits for office that are timeless and classy! So it’s a great idea to even invest in some of these pieces to create a timeless winter work wardrobe! Ready for the power dressing? Leggo!

What to Wear to Work in Winter with 7 Practical Outfits

1. Cardigan Over Pencil Skirt and Over-the-Knee Boots

Wool or suede pencil skirts look really professional and elegant as winter work clothes. Pick a neutral colored knee-length pencil skirt, and pair it with a blouse topped by a matching buttoned or front-open cardigan. If you’re short, like me, pick a long striped one or something with a long button placket to add elongated lines to your look.

You can top it with a wool coat. Matching over-the-knee boots will keep the legs warm while looking chic, worn in place of tights or pantyhose. Accessorize with pearl studs or a matching choker.

cardigan pencil skirt business clothes for women power dressing what to wear to work winter

2. A Classic Pant Suit with a Button-Down Shirt and Booties

My personal favorite amongst all sorts of winter outfits for office is the good ol’ pant suit. Own a well-fitted suit in your favorite neutral shades and you’ll never be left wondering what to wear to work in winter. Suits are also the perfect option if you, err, have gained a bit of tummy fat cuz’ they cover it right up!

Pair your pant suit with a button-down shirt and matching booties and coat. A pendant necklace with a polished-looking handbag make great accessories for work wear.

pant suit business formal work clothes for women ideas

3. Turtleneck Sweater Dress with Contrasting Booties

Sweater dresses are for when you wanna look really cute at work! I love turtleneck sweater dresses. Pick a knee-length one for work, and pair it with a contrasting belt and booties. Wear sheer or transparent black pantyhose and top it with a subtle chain necklace. Warm and chic, let your dress do the talking! Perfect for the slim women!

sweater dress womens business office wear winter work dresses

4. Trousers with a Light Jacket

If you just can’t figure out what to wear to work in winter, this is the simplest outfit to go for. Pick a pair of neutral dark-colored trousers, and top them with a light jacket in a lighter color. If you don’t have formal jackets, go for a turtleneck sweater or a buttoned cardigan. Accessorize with a bag and belt to match your trousers. Opt for dark colored coat and booties.

trousers jacket winter work clothes wear pants navy blue attractive

5. Trousers with a Long Jacket

What to wear to work if you’re pear-shaped? Try long hip-covering cardigans or jackets. Pair them with matching fitted trousers and a light colored blouse for a monochromatic look which will slim you down instantly!! You can even add a skinny scarf.

The long lines will elongate your figure, looking like you just shed calories!! Pair with matching accessories and cute earrings to keep the focus on the face – away from the problem area!

long jacket winter outfits for office grey what what to wear to work in winter

6. Tweed Suit with Strappy Pumps or Formal Flats

Tweed suits are the perfect option for when you wanna look like the boss! They are really a timeless winter office wear option. Choose a neutral color and pair it with pastel blouse and heeled booties or formal flats. Accessorize with a matching slim handbag and eye makeup to put style in professionalism!

tweed suit workwear jackets winter work wear ladies office attire

7. Wool Culottes

“Culottes are the new midi-skirts.”

If you wanna look trendy or edgy, go for winter culottes. These are great for Friday dressing, too! Wool, suede and tweed are all great ideas. If you’re not sure what to wear to work in winter with culottes, worry not! Pair them a minimalist pair with a wrap cardigan or a turtleneck crop sweater. Stay warm with knee-high boots and a matching fur-trimmed coat. Add a scarf, hat and matching gloves to the mix! Add the oomph with a matching necklace, watch and nude nail color.

wool culottes casual business attire for women work wear neutrals

Hope you loved these winter outfits for office! Which idea is your favorite? What do you usually wear to work in winter? And what do you think you’ll be adding to your winter work wear style? Lemme know! Comment below!

Muaah 🙂

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