Audrey O. (Vol.2 E7) Comic – What to Talk about with Mom Dad?

Wondering what to talk about with mom dad at your family dinners? Well, here Audrey O. gives the best (worst) ideas on how to have a successful family conversation!

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new Audrey O. episode, and I’m super excited to be introducing her dad in this one. Ever since her mom made her first appearance, I’ve been wanting to explore more of that relationship, and that with her father as well.

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This episode has taken me so long partly because I wanted to give his dad the perfect look and character – something that’d work well with the mother, too. That’s why this episode is set in the holiday season and we’re only seeing it now!

So let me waste no time in presenting…

Audrey O. (Vol.2 E7) Comic – What to Talk about with Mom Dad?

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Audrey O. is hardly a good conversationalist when it comes to her parents. Picking a subject that probably doesn’t interest her parents is her thing. And what’s with moms always claiming you liked so and so when you were a child? Pay attention mom, no, I never liked green peppers cooked with potatoes. Thank you.

Does it Matter to Have Good Family Conversation Starters?

How many times does it happen that you find the perfect family conversation starter – only to be ignored! Well, more often than you’ve noticed! Everyone I talk to complains that their ideas get lost in conversations again and again. But that’s actually the mark of a good group conversation. If everyone has a lot to say to each other, that means people in the group feel safe voicing their opinions, and believe that whatever topic they choose will be okay. As long as the overall conversation leaves you in a good mood, without being exhausted, it’s definitely healthy.

As Winston Churchill said, “A good conversation should exhaust the issue, not the speakers.” In the age of social media where everyone’s always busy with their phones, it’s great to have so many things to talk about when you’re with family, close friends or your boyfriend.

What do you talk about when you’re with family? Does your family cut you in the middle of your sentences, only to talk about something else? Do they keep changing topics every minute? Do let me know in the comments below!


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