What Should I Wear to My 20-Something Friend’s Birthday Party?

Angela asked

Dear Shilpa,

I’m invited to a birthday party that twenty-somethings will attend. My crush will be there (also a twenty-something). Yes, my sister is questioning my sanity and whether I’m having a third-of-a-life crisis. What casual wear can I use that is sexy but comfortable at the same time?

P.S. I’m 34.

Shilpa Ahuja answered

Dear Angela,

You wanna act your age but at the same time appear youthful and energetic, so that he knows you’re not trying to hide your age. You should appear mature, but cute and sexy. And after that, it’s his choice whether to date an older girl or not. So I say wear what you feel comfortable in. Whether it’s jeans and top, or a dress. don’t try too hard, don’t show more skin than you’re comfortable with. Wear light makeup that makes your eyes bright and awake, maybe some mascara, but light lipstick.   Guys are drawn to confident girls who feel comfortable in their skin, who laugh effortlessly and who get attention of people around them. So make sure you talk to people at the party and feel fabulous!


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