What Latest Saree Should I Wear to My Brother’s Wedding?

Parvathi asked

Hi Shilpa, My brother is getting married in July. I am confused about what to wear. As per the south Indian tradition, being his elder sister, I am supposed to wear saree. I am 29, with a 3 year old kid. 5 feet 5 inches tall with a medium built (not fat, not very lean) and medium complexion. I would like to know what types of sarees are trending these days and what will suit me. Looking forward for your suggestions.

Shilpa Ahuja answered

Hi! Congrats on this happy occasion!

Theme and Color Palette

The theme for your outfit should be ‘bright and happy’! For medium complexion, avoid pale colors that blend into your skin tone, like pale gold and beige. Instead, opt for either dark colors like violet, mocha, crimson, purple, turquoise, etc. or very light colors like white, pale peach, etc. so that they pop. Use blush and highlighter to give a fresh, youthful and happy look to your face.

Latest Trends in Sarees for 2016

There are plenty of new and unique trends in sarees that you can try. If you want something experimental, try saree with a net cape/poncho, or pre-draped/concept sarees. If you want to try something more traditional but with a twist, try sarees with different colored pleats, or saree with net pallu. Net sleeve blouses and saree gowns are very trendy.

You can read about all the latest trends and check out our favorites from latest designer collections in our article:
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Here are some examples:

Accessorizing Your Saree

Pair your saree with heavy drop earrings, double-string pearl necklace or a multi-layer heavy necklace. Add a pair of gold or embellished high or medium heels and a matching clutch.

If you’re wearing a heavy saree, you can pair it with just simpler earrings. If your saree is not very heavy, try hair accessories like a small tiara or a headpiece.

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