What are Streaks on Snapchat & Why We Need Them in Our Lives

Snap streaks are the newest things in the world of teenagers to make a noise! From what are streaks to how to start and keep going with ’em, here’s everything you need to know!

snapchat-streaks-what-are-streaks-latest-social-medis-app-streakingHowdy! Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps. No doubt about that! It allows people to know day-to-day happenings in others lives (only if you’re active every day on Snapchat). It is also fun for people like me who just want to open the app to try the best and crazy Snapchat filters. The filters are updated every now and then and you have one for every season and occasion. Oops, I totally forgot this is not an article about Snapchat filters! But can’t help it, the filters are so crazy that they are always on my mind.

Moving on, the updates in various apps keep introducing us to new features so it is very important to update the apps! Some updates are boring and want us to go back to the older version, which is not possible! While some make the app more interesting. Likewise, an update in Snapchat recently introduced us to Snap streaks! Earlier, it was Snapchat memories and now Snap streaks! Now, what are streaks and how to use them, or do you really wanna use them, know everything here! After reading this, even you’ll want the (stupid) streaks (if you haven’t really tried them)!

What are Streaks


Snap streaks are the count of snaps two people have been sharing for a number of days. The snap sent to a friend is counted as a streak only if it goes on for three consecutive days. Meaning, if you forget to send a snap or the other person forgets to do so, the snap count will be terminated and you will have to start from the beginning again.

In short, just keep snapping with your friend or lover or husband every day and enjoy the Snap streaks feature.

How Do You Start a Streak on Snapchat

After knowing what are streaks, if you wanna use the snap streaks feature, start sending a snap to any person and in turn, make sure that the person snaps back. The basic rule behind the streaks is you should not skip a day without sharing snaps with each other. A lot of people try this feature to reveal their friendship and show how strong their relationship is!

How Do Snapchat Streaks Work


Snap streaks appear beside your friend’s name in the conversation list. The most popular thing about streaks is a flame emoji appears indicating that you’ve have been streaking with this person. The number beside it tells for how many days this has been going on!

It is a team-effort and try not to skip a single day without sharing snaps. And by snap, I mean photos and videos, not text messages! In a 24-hour time period, you need to share snaps or a single snap. And when the 24-hour window is about to end, you need not worry or keep a track of it. Snapchat will remind you by putting an hour-glass emoji beside your friend’s name with whom you’ve been streaking, indicating that it’s time to send or receive a snap!

How Long Do Snapchat Streaks Last

Snap streaks last as long as you continue to send snaps to each other. It is very important to remember that once you have missed or stopped sending snaps you may lose your streak number and have to start all over from the beginning. It’s all about continuity.


How to Get a Snapchat Streak Back

At times, due to connectivity issues, you may have sent the snap within 24 hours but yet the snap is not delivered and you may think that your snap streak will come to an end. In such cases, don’t panic, just visit the site, support.snapchat.com and in that go to snap streaks. After clicking on it, it will ask you a series of question like username, mobile number, friend’s username, how long was the streak before getting expired, etc. Just fill in all the details and you will receive a recovery mail. Follow the instructions given there and you will be able to restore your streaks! Really, it’s a thing!

Streak Emojis

snapchat-streak-emojis-what-are-streaks-snapchat-app1. The most famous streak emoji is the fire one. It indicates that you are on Snapchat streaks.

2. Another one is “100” emoji. It shows up when you are celebrating your 100th streak day with the Snap streaker. Means, you and your friend have been snapping for 100 days (quite a long time)!


3. Hourglass emoji – It is a signal from Snapchat when your streak is about to end! And also a reminder that you need to send a snap in order to continue your streak!

Things to Know Before Streaking

You may be already excited to get started with this feature, but there a few important things you need to know before starting to streak.

1. If a story is public and your streak friend has viewed it, it won’t be counted as a streak. It has to be a private message.


2. Sharing photos or videos from memories will also not considered.

3. As mentioned earlier, to continue increasing your streak number, send snaps and not text messages!

4. Snaps sent to a group will also not be counted as streaks.

Our Verdict on Snap Streaks

Personally, I am not liking this feature because this may need your everyday time which can be utilized in doing something fruitful. Following Kylie Jenner or sharing messages with your friend non-stop is definitely okay, but too much of it is a waste of time, sorry Snapchat!

That doesn’t mean that you should not spend time on the social media! But, this actually takes some time of your day and also pressurizes you to think about what to snap! And being an everyday affair without skipping a single day, sorry I’m not using it! Plus, things like this are also causes of social media addiction.

Hope you liked our guide to what are streaks and other information related to it. Have you tried snap streaks? If yes, then do let us know your highest streak number by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

Happy Snapping

Image Credits: Instagram (refer individual handles)

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