‘Wednesday’ Horror Chic/ Preppy Goth Fashion Editorial – 03

Here’s a new fashion term you need to know about – preppy goth aesthetic. Discover our horror chic AI-assisted fashion editorial inspired by the Netflix hit series Wednesday.

wednesday horror chic corporate goth ai editorial

Hey gorgeous! This is the third installment in my AI-generated or rather, AI-assisted fashion editorial series. While the AI wave is going strong in every area like writing, search, etc., in this editorial series we’re exploring fashion shoot editorial and moodboard. So if you’re a fashion designer looking for new ideas, or looking for themes for your college fashion show, I hope my series inspires you.

I introduced my idea behind the AI fashion shoot series in the first part, so if you want to know more about the concept and process, please read Burlesque X Modesty: AI Fashion Editorial Series – 01

Wednesday: The Phenomenon

Even if you aren’t much of a fan of the horror genre, chances are you’ve heard of the hit Netflix TV show Wednesday, the “Addams Family” spin-off. Or seen its viral dance number. As with all things directed by Tim Burton, the show has a dark yet beautiful aesthetic. And while the namesake character Wednesday is not supposed to be a fashionista, the general vibe of the show can translate seamlessly into fashion. And that’s what I’m exploring in this theme.

Horror Chic/ Preppy Goth Aesthetic

Horror has always been fashion’s friend. There’s a mystique, a strong emotion in all things dark that fashion loves. That’s why Goth fashion became a thing back in the 13th century. While Goth fashion was inspired by the romantic side of horror, and all things horrific, Wednesday’s horror chic is inspired by the supernatural side of it, mixing with the tailored clothing that Wednesday’s character wears at school.

wednesday-horror-chic-fashion show moodboard

The horror aesthetic is like the darker version of dark academia aesthetic, with hints of sadism. Almost like dark academia X preppy goth. Think a tweed grey suit ripped and slashed with bits of red, as if they have old blood stains. A rust-colored velvet coat with black lapels, paired with black pinstripe pants and a turtleneck with horror print. A grey pant-suit with a slashed white shirt underneath that looks old and battered. A dusty grey skirt with rag-like layers.

The color palette includes shades that you’d never think would ever be included in a fashion editorial – mold green, dust grey, seaweed, rust, underwater green, chalk, blotched black, and best of all – a dusty faded denim.

wednesday horror chic dark academia goth fashion aesthetics
wednesday horror chic dark academia gothic fashion
wednesday horror chic preppy goth aesthetic style fashion
wednesday horror chic preppy goth aesthetic style fashion
wednesday horror chic dark academia magazine shoot

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