Wedding Day Beauty Essentials: A Must-Read for Every Bride-to-Be

Getting married soon? Have you thought about how to make sure you look your best on the day itself? Read our top tips for your wedding day beauty essentials.

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Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day, and we’re here to help. This article examines some of the most unique tips out there for looking fabulous on your wedding day. Makeup, skin, hair, and overall appearance can really enhance your wedding day outfit, so let’s find out all about your wedding day beauty essentials.

Wedding Day Beauty Essentials to Remember on Your Big Day

Compact Mirror

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If you want your bridal makeup to keep looking fresh and flawless at all times, it’s a good idea to keep a compact with a small mirror in your bridal clutch or handbag.

Getting up to go to the restroom to check your makeup every hour or so will be very difficult in your wedding dress, so bringing a compact with you on the day allows you to touch up any faded makeup more conveniently. Every woman is allowed to be vain on their wedding day, so don’t worry about people noticing you perfecting your makeup every so often.

Mini Makeup


You might not have a lot of room in your wedding clutch, and it’s unlikely that your dress has pockets (!), so the more you can squeeze into your bag the better. The answer? Mini makeup. Got samples cluttering your makeup drawer at home from a beauty subscription box? Perfect.

If you don’t, you can buy mini makeup or look for samples online coming up to your wedding day. Mini lipsticks, sample mascara, and solo eyeshadows are just some ways of ensuring you can fit everything you need into your small clutch so that you can look beautiful throughout the day.

If you don’t have mini makeup products, the most recommended ideas are for wedding day beauty essentials are lipstick, lip-liner and q-tips to touch up your lip makeup after you’ve eaten.


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The vitality of your hair on your wedding day is just as important as your makeup. Chances are you will have some form of elaborate hairdo done by a professional hairdresser. Before you even get your hair done, try to get some form of natural and loose style that doesn’t require an entire can of hairspray. This is because too much hairspray makes your hair look like a clay mold!

Hairspray is a noticeable setting product that can have disappointing results in terms of glossiness and natural shine. Thus, you should instruct your hairdresser to create a style that can stay in place without overdoing it with hairspray. Then, as your wedding day proceeds, you can keep your locks looking luscious and healthy by spraying on a conditioning gloss spray or rubbing in some hair serum gently.

Bridal Beauty Look

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Whether you’re doing your makeup yourself or getting a professional makeup artist to do it, don’t forget the neck and decolletage. Wedding gowns tend to put emphasis either on the back or on the shoulders/decolletage, so make sure to put makeup on the exposed areas too. Matching the skin-tone of your face and body is one of the big wedding day beauty essentials to remember.

Your foundation should match not just your neck, but also your back and shoulders. Otherwise you’ll have a mismatched or white-washed face. This will be especially important if you’ve been tanning (or bleaching) ahead of your big day. You can also use body makeup for your back or torso if you have a backless gown or one with mid-section cut-outs. And if you’d like to highlight slim collarbones, it’s also a good idea to try neck/shoulder contouring.

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wedding day-beauty-essentials makeup tips

Eyebrows can really add or detract from your overall look. Have you ever seen someone who has put way too much eyebrow pencil on their eyebrows? They look unnatural and clownish. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be photographed with caterpillar monstrosities!

Therefore, if you want to make sure you look fantastic on your wedding day and have never really given much thought to your eyebrows, do some research about how to create beautifully arched brows that look thick, healthy, and natural. Here’s our guide: Perfect Brows: A Complete Guide to Eyebrow Makeup & Shaping.


There are many products out there that can help you achieve the perfect brows. And eyebrows are one of the first things people notice about a face, so they’re one of the top wedding day beauty essentials. If you have very sparse eyebrows, you can buy brow accelerators that contain ingredients that encourage brow growth, for example. If you have been frustrated with the appearance of your brows long before your wedding day you should start such a regime so there will be more to work with on the day itself.

Alternatively, if you simply haven’t considered this area of your face, don’t fret. There are pencils and eyebrow gels that can help fill in any noticeable gaps, and then you can pluck any areas that look messy. Just make sure that when you buy any eyebrow products that will actually color them, go a shade lighter than your actual eyebrow hair. Filling your brows in with lighter shades helps you avoid the clown look.



Let’s not forget that accessories can really enhance natural beauty. Have you ever noticed that you instantly look prettier when you put on a nice set of earrings, for example? Accessories on your wedding day will ensure your outfit looks put together and refined. Your accessories should always match the style of your dress and makeup.

For example, if your dress is a vintage style, your accessories should also be vintage. Stark black eyeliner and blingy jewelry would look terrible if you’re going the floral crown, bohemian route. Similarly, if you’re a fan of a bolder look, like a dress that is packed with rhinestones, don’t be afraid to choose more dramatic jewelry.

3 Tiny Bridal Clutch Essentials

Other than what we discussed above, there are a couple of things that a bride should always carry with her in her minaudière. The first is a q-tip (cotton earbud) to clean off any stray makeup, especially if you get teary-eyed at your vows. The second is a safety pin or two to fix any wardrobe malfunctions, tears or what nots. The last is a band-aid, in case your wedding shoes give you trouble at the dance. These three items are wedding day beauty essentials no bride should forget!

Relaxation Techniques


The best idea to start your wedding day is with relaxation techniques. Meditate or do breathing exercises for fifteen minutes to de-stress yourself.

Massaging your face for a couple of minutes can help reduce puffiness and make your skin seem less tired. You can massage it with a face cream, or use jade rollers. If you have pimples or break-outs on your skin, try rubbing an ice-cube on the area for a few seconds to calm down angry skin.

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If you haven’t had enough sleep, try rubbing your hands together and then keep them on your eyes repeatedly. The warmth created by friction will help you wake yourself up. Then use two cold spoons, wet cotton balls or cucumber slices on your eyes for five minutes to get rid of the redness.

Whatever you decide to do, incorporate it into your daily routine in the days before the wedding, at least a month before the big day. This will ensure your body is used to the de-stressing activities, and it’ll trick your body into thinking that this is just any other day.

Avoid New Products


Of course, we get that your bridal outfit is going to be all new, but as far as skin care and cosmetics are concerned, it’s always better to wear things your skin is already accustomed to. Avoid new products right on your big day, like moisturizers, sprays or even makeup, since there’s always a chance something might not be suitable for your skin. It’s best to try everything a couple of times before your wedding day, so that you make sure you’re not allergic to anything.

Same goes with makeup, since other than rashes or allergies, there’s also the risk of a shade not suiting your overall look. So if you’re going to do your wedding makeup yourself, do a rehearsal or two at least a month before.

Enjoy Your Big Day


Many of us dream of our wedding from when we are very young, and your wedding day should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you look good, you feel good, so it’s important to ensure you are confident and radiant when the day comes. Now that you’ve considered our wedding day beauty essentials, you’ll be an absolutely breath-taking and beautiful bride.


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