What to Wear with a Black Dress | 5 Casual LBD Outfit Ideas

A little black dress has been every girl’s wardrobe staple since the dawn of time. Here are unique celeb-inspired ways to wear it that you haven’t thought of before!

I would say the LBD became popular when Holly Golightly wore hers around town with pearl earrings and a large hat and whistled to stop a cab to the Sungsung prison in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1960s, but I wasn’t around to testify back then.


However, the little black dress has been around since way before that, when Coco Chanel invented it to be a versatile garment modern women could wear, back in 1920s. We are so forever thankful to her for everything that we even named our comic character after her!

coco chanel lbd black dress history

The little black dress is so versatile. You can look extra hot wearing a backless one to a date, or look solemn wearing a classic knee-length one to a funeral, or even wear a silk fancy one to a gala! You can wear a sheath one to your office under a jacket, or a strapless floaty one on your vacation!


Audrey Hepburn may have stuck to the classics, pairing the black dress with multi-string necklaces and black pumps. Hell, she didn’t have to “stick to the classics”. She was “the classics”. But we girls wanna experiment more when it comes to the LBD. Because it’ll give a whole new look to your old outfit, giving you fresh ways to reuse it. Because it’s gonna be #ootd instagrammable. Because we wanna make a statement. And because we wanna have fun with it. And because, why not?!

What to Wear with a Black Dress

If you wanna wear your little black dress with a twist, there are so many ways to go about it. You could always wear a chic new black dress with embellishments or cut-outs or whatever, but if you wanna just wear your classic in a new way, the trick is to accessorize with something unexpected.

Here are five unusual things to pair with a little black dress, and make a statement!

#1: Big Exotic Statement Jewelry

Use the neutral color as a base, and top it off with a contrasting bright color, or some bling. Choose an exotic necklace, or find a single statement earring. Something that’s a conversation starter!


You can go for a multi-layered statement necklace in gold or silver, or try an asymmetric choker. You can also go for a stone necklace in semi-precious stones like amber, lapis lazuli or agate. Or pair your LBD with a cluster necklace in pearl or beads.

#2 Statement Belt

Statement belts are so trendy right now, and they have a way of making simple outfits seem stylish. You can try a metallic belt in gold or copper to really create a night-out look with your little black dress. Or just add a casual colored belt to make a casual outfit for a drinks date.


Take a cue from Kendall Jenner who’s always pepping up her jeans with statement belts. So pick an interesting belt, perhaps a rope belt, or one with a knot, or a double buckle, or with a cool pattern.


You can also glam up your little black sweater dress in this way. Just add a cute colored or metallic belt and pair it with sheer pantyhose. Add matching earrings or stack up some bracelets like I did in my Chanel makeup photo-shoot here.


#3 Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are making statements this season with novelty. We are loving sheer bomber jackets and statement jackets with fun prints. So wear one over your LBD for a chic twist! This is a really unexpected item to wear over a black dress. You can go for a matching one in black or try a colorful one.


#4 Sneakers: Black or White

Sneakers are very unusual for LBDs and are sure to make a statement. If you’re feeling extra ballsy, wear white sneakers and perhaps a cute white necklace to complete the look. If not, go for slim black sneakers.

how to wear a black dress casually

So many celebs have created sneaker looks with a little black dress. You can complete the outfit with a denim jacket for an airport look. Or add a backpack and choker for a casual college look. Or just add red lipstick for a night out.


#5 Socks & Stockings

Socks with an LBD? Yes, sure, why not?! Wear a neutral pair and then a cute pair of strappy heels. It’s a tricky pairing, so if you’re too afraid, wear over-the-knee sheer shimmery black ones with matching pumps.


So, I’m sure you’ve already tried wearing your little black dress the usual way, and already accessorized it with a pair of black pumps or a red lipstick. But I hope you found these ideas fresh and worth a try! If these were helpful, do try them, and add me @shilpaahujadotcom in your Instagram photo description, and I’ll “like” it! And if you want more tips on LBDs, comment below and lemme know!

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