Water Fasting Results of My 8-Day Fast | Is It Really Healthy?

Water fast is a popular type of diet that works for weight loss. But is it really healthy and worth trying? Get to know all about it with water fasting results based on my personal experience.

water fasting results water-fast-water-fasting-results-weight-loss-benefits-damageHowdy! For people who want to shed their weight, they keep trying every possible diet available as they are so desperate to get that perfect body. But, the fact is that even if various fad diets like keto, juice cleanse, raw food, military diet or to that matter, even any type of healthy diet is followed, it requires patience, stamina and most importantly the determination to keep on going with it. It’s not necessary to see possible results after trying any type of diet. However, changing a bit of lifestyle accordingly can sure hit the weight loss target!

Water is, of course, the wonder liquid and helps in rejuvenating the body. Water fasting is one of the diets for weight loss but whether it is healthy to try or not, keep reading to know everything about water fasting results.

What is Water Fasting

Water fasting is a process in which a person survives just on water and not even a single bit of food or any other liquids like juice, tea, coffee! It is a pure-water fast. Sounds shocking, right? I have done it strictly with just water and nothing else. Get to know the reason behind it and also whether it helped me or not!

Water fasting has traditionally been a religious thing, embedded in many cultures, where people fast without food for a whole day or multiple days. However, lately, water fasting has gained popularity as a weight loss regime. People are trying 3-day or even 7-10 day fasts.

Damages and Benefits of Water Fasting

There are both pros and cons of water fasting results. Get to know what they are?


1. Our body needs different types of nutrients to maintain ideal fitness levels, which can only be consumed through a wholesome meal. Even a short fast may quickly deplete any essential nutrient, giving rise to anemia, vitamin deficiency or more, which create long-term health issues like weak bones or lower immunity. A 3 day fast or longer is not advisable it may be unsafe for the body.
2. You’ll feel tired and lethargic.

3. It can even lower the blood pressure levels too much.
4. Chances are there that you may end up losing the wrong type of weight i.e water content of the body and not stubborn fat!
5. Fasting, or depriving ourselves of food, creates hunger pangs, resulting in excessive consumption upon the fast-breaking, which may lead to even extra weight gain.


1. As no calories are taken, it does help in weight loss. But it is solely temporary weight loss and once you’re back on your normal diet, you may get back the lost pounds.
2. It also helps in better thoughts and reduces your anger. Personally, I experienced this during my fast that I was cool and no negative thoughts came up.
3. If you’re having any digestive problems, it may help in solving them.

Is Water Fasting Safe

If done for a few hours or a day, sometimes water fasting may be beneficial as you may feel light if you’ve have been having heavy food for past few days. I do that often. If I’ve overfilled myself with food the previous day, I just take a healthy, early lunch and skip dinner, if necessary, too. Water fast, if prolonged or done too often, it proves to be a risk to the body.

water fasting unhealthy unsafe results damages riskIf you really wanna cut off your extra calories, then instead opt to cut down on processed food. In Hinduism, we even have a term for it – satvik aahar, which means consuming food in its pure form. It also helps one to stay away from high-calorie food. And it is considered to be the healthiest food for mind, body and soul.

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Is Water Fasting Healthy

Health is not a goal to be achieved and later forgotten about. Saying that I remember a quote, “Being healthy and fit is not a fad or a trend, it’s a lifestyle.” You need to focus on it if you wanna stay fit without any health-issues in the long-run. No matter what diet we start, we need to think whether it will be helpful for us in the long run or not. If you think you’ll not be able to adopt it in the long run, then you have the answer whether to go for it or not.

Same is the case with water fasting, you know that you can’t stay for your whole life just on water so there’s no point in doing it.

Water Fasting Weight Loss

Here’s the tough love I have to give you. If your goal is weight loss through water fasting results, then sure, go for it, but be ready for the consequences. Losing weight is not a big deal but maintaining the lost weight indeed requires efforts, for which there are no shortcuts.

water-fasting-results-temporary-weight-loss-resultsCan Water Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

Water fasting weight loss is temporary. However, you’ll put it back on once you break the fast. In fact, you may even put on more!

Water Fasting Results – Personal Experience of Water Fasting

I went on a water fast for 8 days in August 2017 and I did it for the religious reason! In those 8 days, I used to just have boiled water and that made me pretty full. For a couple of days, I had food cravings but later I lost the thing for food. Also, they say that there’s some religious power that helps you do so. I was able to do it pretty well for the rest of the days and I successfully completed my 8 days fast.

water-fasting-results-diet-weight-loss-unhealthy-health-benefitsI think it is not healthy for the body, as for 8 long days you are not having anything and just water. It is not recommended as you’ll deprive your body of the essential nutrients. But as said, I wanted to do it for the sake of religion and I’m glad that I was able to accomplish it.

Moving to weight loss benefits, I nearly lost 4-5 kgs. However, the worst part is that after I started having the normal diet, I put on weight. And it was more than what I had before the water fasting. Also, it’s not advisable to eat heavy food all of a sudden after the fasting. You need to follow a post-fast meal plan. As the body needs time to get used to it after a whole week water fast. So I was on liquid diet for 2 days and then slowly I started to have food.

From my experience, all I can say is it is not advisable to do such long water fasts as it may affect the body in long run.

How to Water Fast Right


Water fast can be dangerous if you keep doing for days together. We would not recommend our readers to do it as it is unsafe and unhealthy too. But, if you are really into it and wanna try and look for water fasting results, then go for it. However, we suggest not to do it for more than 24 hours. And it’s always better to get approved by your doctor before you start any diet, especially if you have any medical problems.

Also, as Shilpa says you can do it for just half a day when you had a heavy meal or are about to have one. Suppose you had an extra heavy breakfast, you can skip the rest of meals and just stay on water fasting for the rest of the day! It is okay to do water fasting once in a while when you think you have had enough of junk food and wanna take a break from it! When you do it, it’s better to have boiled water as it makes you fuller and also increases the metabolic rate and this, in turn, allows to burn more calories.

And of course, don’t forget to eat healthy when you break the fast and continue working out.

So, this is all about fasting and water fasting results? Have you ever tried it? Do let us know your experiences by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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