Waist Trainer Decoded with Myths & Facts: Is It Really Helpful?

Losing those extra calories is definitely a big task! Will a waist trainer help you shed those calories or is it a useless torture device? Know the truth about waist training here!

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Hey gorgeous! Waist trainers have been used by women since the 1800s and they were an important fashion accessory until the late 60s. Even in the present day, a corset is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. The first thing that pops up in my mind when I think of waist training corsets is Kim Kardashian. The Kardashian Jenners have been so much into this waist trainer thing that we even have waist training corsets available in the name of Kim Kardashian. OMG! That sounds crazy but it’s true!


So, from making us look slim instantly to feeling sweaty around the abs, a waist trainer is not useless to some extent. But does it help lose weight? We dug in and talked to fitness experts and women trying to lose weight to find out how helpful they are. So, here’s everything about the hot new fad of waist trainers here!

What is a Waist Trainer

Waist training is a process of reducing your waist size and the tool which helps in doing it is a waist trainer. It is a garment which cinches the waist to get the slimming effect. At least that’s what the companies that see them claim. The basic idea behind the waist trainers is to use them for a period of time and in between this time, the waist constraints and eventually the waist size is reduced temporarily.

what-is-a-waist-trainer-myth-fact-waist-cincher-weight-lossHow to Use a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are of different materials and types. Typically, they are recommended to be worn all the time (except when you shower) so as to tighten the waist and create a “permanently slim waist”. Angel Curve, a brand specialized in manufacturing waist trainers says, “There’s a reason the waist training trend is on the rise. It works. Celebrities, fitness fanatics and women around the world swear by our waist trainers to reshape their waist and get that hourglass figure.” But does it really work? We don’t think so! Read on to know why…


Waist Cincher for Weight Loss

A good body makes you more confident and feels good about yourself. But there is little evidence that waist trainer a safe and efficient way of losing weight. We talked to our in-house nutritionist and fitness trainer Surbhi Gandhi who is a gold medalist with a Masters degree in nutrition and diabetics and works as a gym trainer and weight loss expert. Surbhi says, “The latex lining in the waist trainer helps to cause perspiration and this makes us temporarily feel that there is inch loss, but in reality, waist trainer causes no weight-loss. The sweating just causes water loss, which may make you feel slimmer, but the body will regain those inches within hours! More importantly, with permanent weight loss.


How to Choose the Best Corset for Waist Training

If you’re going for permanent weight loss, the waist trainer isn’t even for you. However, think of it just as a sweat-inducing device. The waist trainer you use should be well fitted. Wearing a poorly fitted one will make you uncomfortable and may also cause long-term damage to the body and organs.

How Waist Trainers Affect Our Body

Research suggests that waist cinchers can even be really harmful. Wearing a waist trainer is uncomfortable, sure, but it’s definitely a no-no if it’s unsafe! Even I strive to lose my belly fat, but a waist trainer would be my last preference. I don’t want to lose weight at the cost of my health!

  1. “With waist training, the upper organs move upwards, and the lower organs shift downwards,” says Dr. Galyna in an interview with BT company on the website. Also, this can then put a similar pressure on the abdomen, which has been known to cause constipation.
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2. It can cause dehydration. Continous sweating with the waist trainer on can cause dehydration and also skin allergies.

3. It affects the breathing too. The tightness around the waist could interfere with proper breathing and many users have complained that wearing a waist trainer made them feel suffocated.

4. It is definitely not advisable for younger girls. As at this stage, the organs are still developing and waist trainer could have permanent health hazards on the development of the body.

5. Waist training causes weakness in back muscles and this leads to a bad body posture in the long run.

Men’s Waist Trainer – Helpful or Not

Male waist trainer may be helpful. For women, it helps in getting the perfect waist shape but it may not be the same reason for men to use it. Men can use it during workouts so that it helps if profuse sweating and help in weight loss. Also, good for weightlifters and bodybuilders, as it provides abdominal and lower back support.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Waist Training


There may be many critics about waist trainers but use sensibly and safely.

    1. Think of it as a temporary shaping and perspiratory device, not a weight loss or fitness tool.
    2. Select a well-fitted garment according to your body type.
    3. Wear it for longer periods of time only if you’re comfortable.
    4. Eat nutritious food and avoid extra salty food that may cause bloating.
    5. Staying hydrated is a must because wearing a waist trainer will make your abs sweat and this will lead to body dehydration. So drink more water!


  1. Don’t use a waist trainer if you experience immense pain in the stomach or breathing difficulty.
  2. Don’t wear an over tight one. Neither too tight or too loose will not be helpful.
  3. Avoid drinking or eating heavily with the trainer on!

Waist Training at Night

Waist training in the night is challenging as it may hinder with your sleeping positions and this will keep you from having a good night’s rest. It may even cause breathing issues. “Tightness and repeated use of waist trainer can cause cramps, discomfort and pinching if it is too tight”, says Dr. Galyna.

waist-trainer-at-night-weight-loss-weight-trainingHow to Train Waist Without Waist Trainer

Diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the key factors to train the waist without waist trainers. The foremost golden rule to get a sexy waist is exercise. A lot of waist-specific workouts are easy, achieve fast results and are safer, more comfortable than the torturous waist trainers. Try dumbbell side bend, leg raises, planks and dumbbell pullovers to get that perfect waist shape. Standing side crunches and weight-training exercises are the best ideas to get rid of tummy fat and love handles.

Alos read: How to get 6 pack abs in 6 weeks

waist-without-waist-trainer-excersices-plank-leg-raiseWaist Trainer Results: What Do the Users Say?

All of the people we talked to, results vary from person to person. Also, it depends on the body fat. Depending on whether you have visceral fat (fat under the muscles and in between the organs) or subcutaneous fat (which is just below the skin), it varies. As I said earlier, not to forget diet and exercise. Waist trainer is only a temporary solution to decreasing waist size!

My sister-in-law used the waist trainer post-maternity and to some extent, she could get rid of the belly fat, provided she had a control on the diet but she said it was surely uncomfortable!

However, our photographer Neena Majumdar found no benefits in postpartum, belly toning even after wearing a waist trainer for 2 months. “I used them initially, like the first two months to tone back my stomach area,” she recalls. “I couldn’t even wear it all the time. You are supposed to wear it all the time except while taking a shower”. Did it feel like a “waist” of money, ask her. “yup”, she says. “Coz it is super uncomfortable for me while breastfeeding. And the material was poke-y to me as well as the baby”.

Best Waist Trainer Reviews

While some doctors and fitness experts tell us how to totally stay away from waist trainers, some recommend it. IFBB Pro Lisette Howard, says the waist cinchers have personally worked for her and it helped her in lifting her posture. She also adds that she started off with a waist size of 26″ and within a span of two weeks of using it she lost three inches.”   However, we’re not sure whether to believe what may be a sponsored advertorial and how much of this claimed waist cinching was due to waist trainer alone.

After digging into the reviews of all sorts of them, we found that one of the best waist trainers is Kardashian waist trainer! Reviews like “loved it”, “works great” and “This waist trainer was something I found myself afraid of trying at first, but after I bought it and tried it on, I instantly was able to forget about it while wearing it throughout the day, I felt more and more comfortable with the number of hours of wearing it!”

Image Credits: @minu_linusak via Instagram

Also, other good ones are from Angle Curves and people loved it so much! “It’s been just two weeks since I started using it and I already see the results”. “Great fit”, “works really nice” are some of the reviews of the waist trainers.


Our Verdict on Waist Trainer

After doing all this research, personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as it has issues in the long run and a healthy body for a lifetime is better than having a good curved one with health issues. I still don’t understand the fact why even brands and celebs recommend it when the waist trainers are completely unsafe? Money talks! So please don’t try something of this sort which is highly not recommended. Instead, eat healthy and do some leg raises for that flat stomach, which can, with persistence, be permanently thin!

Hope you liked our guide on waist trainers! Would you ever use it? Do you know anyone who found it helpful or useless? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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