So. I’ve been watching these it-bags of the “Vogue It-Bag Elections” get introduced, come into the market, start competing and I’ve seen the candidate parties’ campaigns, seen the different sides’ arguments and points of views. And so far, I’ve just been sort of dipping my toe into this pool of fashion war for the Vogue It-Bags, or bag, of the Year 2015, wondering whether to jump in or not. And then I thought, why the hell not! So I jump in. Head first!

So, first things first, let’s meet the contenders:

Vogue It-Bag 2015 Elections Contenders

1. Top Handle Bag by Valentino

This flowery feminine bag saying “Flower Power to the People” would be a really beautiful Shilpish sort of bag under normal circumstances. If pair it with the little white dress for a pop of color and pattern. I’d pair it with chiffon tops for the ultra feminine look. But we are talking about the revolutionary. The Vogue It-Bag. The bag of 2015. And haven’t we already seen flower-power bags in 2014? Yes? So I guess lemme take a look at the other candidates for now….

2. U-Bag by Proenza Schouler

The clean, white, modern and sophisticated bag. No-nonsense. But once again. No. I’ve seen and had this type in 2014. And I don’t necessarily want to start with “a clean slate” as is mentioned in the bag’s campaign. Nice try, though.

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3. Puzzle Bag by Loewe

Hmm. This is a take on the animal print pattern trend we are seeing in the Pre-Fall 2015 Collections trends I mentioned in my previous blog post. And I like snake skin pattern. It’s also available in solid color. But with a puzzle twist. And I like it’s campaign ad and imagery. But again, lemme say this. It’s not revolutionary. Moving on.

4. Micro Peekaboo Bag by Fendi

Love the campaign. Love the color. Love the shape. Love the micro-ness and love their campaign imagery. My only problem with it- can a micro bag be comfortable enough for us to make it the Vogue It-Bag of the year? Isn’t this the year of practical fashion I so mentioned in my previous post after all? Isn’t this the year of modern comfort and being able to be ourselves? But then , isn’t having a small bag another comfort? Hmm. Let’s come back to this.

5. Geometric Square Bag by Reed Krakoff

It’s square, geometric and weights only one pound. That’s new. Interesting. Plus I love the blues. Something I’d really like. I like the color blocking, although it reminds me of 2011 Dior spring collection.

6. Diorama Bag by Dior

White, sophisticated and stylish yet again. But unlike the U-Bag by Proenza Schouler, this looks like a classy personal style with a modern-ness. The Classic Dior cross stitch pattern has been used in all versions and colors with different looks. The classiness and the campaign looks old-style Dior though. Let’s keep looking.

7. Chanel Flap Bag

Wow. I’ve known this to be a strong candidate ever since I first laid eyes on it. Very American, and very chic. Alexandra Macon says in Vogue, “This bag wasn’t born in USA”, but it cherishes the American spirit with it’s buttons, peace sign, and “make peace not war” words sprawled across in a casual sort of way. “It’s all about the street”, says Karl Lagerfeld. It’s the spirit, not the size, weight or design of this bag that we are loving. Can we just vote already?

8. Curve Bag by Cèline

I really like this bag and it’s slogan ‘the shape of things to come’. Now that’s what I call revolutionary. Also their ad campaign of iPhone texts is beautiful. Only problem is it’s a bit awkward to hold it at an angle because one can’t hang it on the shoulder. I’m not a fan of my bags contents mixing up when it’s constantly being put upside down.

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9. Besace Ronde Bag by Louis Vuitton

Beautiful. Very dramatic. And very distinct. I love it. Also: their psychedelic campaign ad and graphic stole my heart. How’ll I decide now? Plus they have my university’s alma Mater Obama promoting it. How? Will I? Decide now?

10. Bucket Bag by Gucci

So their idea of revolutionary is to just be classic? I’m very fond of suede. And I love the bag’s shape. But given the tough competition, I guess I’m going to say- No, Thanks.

Ok, so what decision have we reached? It’s a tough decision, but after all of this conversation and looking at different Vogue It-Bags candidates and their campaigns, I’m going to vote for the- drumrolls please- Chanel Flap Bag!!!

It’s different, bold. It speaks out to the rebel in us, who wants to be free, who wants their rights to speak, and stroll out on the streets, and be easy and have fun, and just have a bag that speaks all this.


What do you think? Comment on which Vogue it-bag you voted for!

Shilpa Ahuja a designer and entrepreneur. She is the editor-in-chief of, which she founded with the goal of inspiring confidence in the modern working woman through fashion. Fashion has traditionally been for the rich, white, thin woman. That's how it evolved over centuries and that's how it's been represented in fashion media. But Shilpa believes that with the changing role of women in the society, fashion has changed, too. She believes that fashion is for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, color, body type and background. So she translates runway fashion into easy style advice that one can incorporate into their daily lives. Shilpa's work has been published in the University of Fashion blog and Jet Airways magazine. She is also an artist, illustrator and cartoonist. She is also the creator of Audrey O., a comic series that represents the lifestyle of millennial women. She enjoys creative writing and world travel. Her art has been exhibited at Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Aroma Hotel, Chandigarh and been published in Chandigarh Times. Originally from Chandigarh, Shilpa also has a professional degree in architecture and has worked in interior project management. She is also the author of the book "Designing a Chinese Cultural Center in India". Shilpa has a Masters in Design Studies degree from Harvard University. For feedback and questions, please email


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