VLCC Wellness: 5 Things I Learned from My Recent Visit to VLCC

VLCC may be more popular for slimming, but VLCC wellness services are certainly worth a try! Here’s my review about hair/beauty experience at VLCC!

Hey gorgeous! When most people hear the name VLCC, they think about their slimming services. But my trip last week to the VLCC spa in Chennai proved it’s so much more than that!

All About VLCC Wellness

With a set of pristine white spa and massage rooms filled with the floral scent and a promise of indulgence, mani-pedi and makeup stations, VLCC is sure worth a trip. And that’s not all, with its skin and hair care experts, bridal packages and a range of wellness products, VLCC offers, as they like to call it, a 360 degree full-rounded wellness.

vlcc spa wellness massage room interior review beauty body
VLCC Spa and Massage Rooms


The blogger’s meet and pampering session I went there for on Thursday started with a tour around their spa, followed by high tea and a question and answer session with their beauty experts while some of us got foot massages.

vlcc spa wellness foot massage pedicure review
VLCC Foot Massage Stations

“Do hair spas really work?” asked one of us bloggers, followed with similar questions about hair fall and damage. “Why do you get hair spas?” Sushmita, VLCC’s Category Manager for Beauty, asked that blogger and explained her about the Hair Spa.

Hair & Beauty – Lessons Learned

Here are the 5 things I learned from this session:

1. It’s important to know your end goal before you go for a hair spa, so you can access the result. What is it you’re after – shine, damage control or dryness control? Tell the hair experts and ask for a hair spa accordingly.

2. For complicated concerns like premature greying, damage, and skin discoloration, it’s important to know the reason they’re happening in the first place, so treatment can be suggested accordingly. Have an hour long session with the experts who can analyse your personal situation vis-à-vis lifestyle, diet, hereditary factors and health, instead of going for a one-remedy-suits-all approach.

vlcc wellness salon hair spa products review
VLCC Hair Care Station

3. Dandruff and dry skin have a similar solution – keeping it clean is as important as keeping it moisturized.

4. Hair falling out? Ask yourself what’s changed about your lifestyle before you even start worrying – change of shampoo, stress, diet, pregnancy, so many factors can contribute to this, so it’s important to evaluate this before you approach a hair care expert.

5. Just seek out medical help for acne instead of blaming your skin.

I was parted with a goodie bag whose contents I am yet to try – a diamond facial kit, a massage oil (whose recommendation my friend gave me) and an herbal tea. So I’ll be writing about those when I try, especially interested in the facial kit, cuz I’m totes a home facial person!

And for all you beauties, don’t forget to comment below with your skin, hair and beauty questions for VLCC to answer. My aforementioned friend tried VLCC’s consultation services for cellulite removal and she certainly had all good things to say about it. “You were in good hands this evening,” she texted me after watching my live video on Facebook:


So if you’ve ever tried VLCC’s services before, write about your experiences below to help curious others!

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