Versace Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection was clean, wearable and modern! See the gallery of all the outfits, read our review and discover our favorite looks.

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Just like the recent SS16 couture collection, Versace women’s latest Fall collection had an athleisure vibe going on – tailored pieces with an ergonomic touch, resulting in an energetic collection. Like a mix of comfortable and sharp.

The fashion show started with Gigi Hadid in a navy wool jacket paired with black leather mini-skirt and pointy-toe booties, with a black athletic headband and briefcase- handbag. Against a black backdrop, the next few looks were along similar lines. All-black ensembles, wool overcoats with leather collars, knee length pencil skirts with asymmetric front slits, sleek pants that are fit till the knees and then flare down at the bottom, long sleeved knit dresses micro-backpacks, hand-held-type.

Hints of color arrived – at the hems of sleeves, in narrow bands in accessories – followed by some color-block outfits and then multi-colored ones. Unique pastels reminded of athletic-wear – tangy coral, green apple, lemon, sky blue, candy pink. A dress with a back cut-out or a sleeved-dress with ergonomic patterns or double front-slits created interest.


Other pieces included leather mini-skirts, crop jackets, structured handbags, oversized sweaters, not slouchy but structured, zip-up rib knits, shirts and crop pants with ergonomic lines. The last few ensembles were sequin mini-dresses with sheer panels, maxi-dresses, tuxedo and a finale tuxedo dress. Here are my favorties:

Kendall Jenner’s outfit here was also one of my favorites – Versace makes athleisure look sharp and yet mysteriously alluring:

The sequin looks came with matching handbags and bold chain link jewelry – drop earrings, chokers and long-tail necklaces.


Powerful – in the sense that chain links speak of empowerment instead of restrain. And isn’t that what the modern woman is – powerful and unrestrained?

Versace Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection: Gallery

Image Credit: Gianni Versace SPA

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