Donatella Versace brings up the concept of micro prints in the latest Versace Spring 2019 collection. View the gallery and read our review here!

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Versace Spring 2019 Versace SS19 Collection versace-spring-summer-2019-collection-looks-latest-runway

Versace Spring 2019 collection started with models wearing stripes and micro prints. “The Versace woman of today – she possesses restrained control, so she is both confident and vulnerable at the same time,” stated a description on the official page of Versace. The collection represents women who are never afraid of anything and are super bold.

The fashion house describes the Versace woman saying, “She’s eclectic and refined at the same time. Her boldness overstated with textured printing, her flawlessness captivated by effortless layering.” This also makes it clear that prints and layering were prominent in the collection.

Bella Hadid walked the runway in a draped leather one-shoulder mini dress. While pencil skirts, blazers and cocktail dresses in euphoric colors were also seen. From skirts to jackets to dresses, most of them had tiny floral prints on them that gave the spring-like feel.

Versace-spring-summer-2019-ss19-milan-fashion-week-36-bella-hadidThe floral and printed stockings paired with floral dresses and skirts were too busy, and I personally found the combination jarring. In fact, floral stockings paired with plain skirts would have been a better option so that they look bolder and stand out. Versace-spring-summer-2019-ss19-milan-fashion-week-12-printed-stockings

We also saw patterned, studded and box bags matching the outfits. Following the theme of floral prints, floral pins and studs were spotted on the models. Floral accessories were something that looked interesting.


This collection comes right before the news that Michael Kors is in talks to buy the house of Versace. Will we still see the high standards of design that are the company’s tradition? Well, we have to wait until next season for that and see what time unfolds.

Versace Spring 2019 Collection: Gallery


Image Credits: Versace

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