Discover my Venice mask makeup look with M.A.C. modern twist kajal liner + red liquid lipstick. Be inspired to create your unique look: #DareToBeBold?

Hey gorgeous! I’ve been going on and on about the Part-II of my M.A.C. makeup look for nearly a week on Snapchat, Instagram and FB now, and it’s finally time!! I’m so excited to share with you my most elaborate makeup look yet. So here it is:


Venice Mask Makeup Look: The Story

I created this Venice mask eye makeup look using the latest M.A.C. Modern Twist kajal Liner and Retro matte liquid lip color, the newest and hottest products at the makeup house right now – and both are so worth a try! The liquid lip color is a real surprise – it’s really intense, long lasting, and totally stain-proof (no more lipstick marks on your champagne glass!) and it’s unlike other liquid lip colors – it just dries up to create a matte look!

venice-mask-eye-makeup-look-net-pattern-eyeliner-mac-fashion-blogger-shilpa-ahuja The new modern twist kajal liner certainly brought out the artist in me. It’s very intense and smooth, too. I was wondering what look to create with it, thinking I could do something bold and graphic, runway-inspired maybe. But I also wanted to create something very different from the extended winged eyeliner look I posted recently. And I also wanted to choose something that would go well with the very red lip color.

So I thought it would have to be something elegant- a classy party  look. Traveling always inspires me the most, so I got inspired by my Venice trip, and decided to create a Venetian lace and net mask pattern around my eyes with the kajal. So I created a look around a masked party theme- like a wearable look for an urban, more modern version of a masked ball!

Obviously, I wanted it to come out bold and sexy, so I drew a pattern that’s intricate but not so much that it would take me too many hours. Plus, I was using a pencil and not liquid or gel, so I wanted to draw something that wouldn’t get smudged quickly. I also wanted it to be asymmetric, only around one eye mostly, so I wouldn’t have to worry about drawing the intricate pattern symmetrically.

I usually take 40-60 minutes for full makeup looks on myself, but this one took me nearly 2 hours – mostly just redrawing along the curves and lines to make them darker and bolder!shilpa-ahuja-indian-girl-different-unique-party-makeup-pearl-necklace-black-red-lipstick-eyelinerAs it goes, I usually wear makeup to match my dresses, but this time, I needed to find an outfit that went well with my makeup look! I would’ve worn a gown, but I didn’t have one here with me. So I chose a black silk top and matching slit skirt that worn together, would look like a sheath gown. I paired it with a heavy pearl-cluster necklace, red nail polish and strappy heels.

I tried three hairstyles with this look – wavy long hair, a loose chignon and a black embellished headband. I loved the chignon the most with it, because it really looks lady-like and classy! So next time you’re throwing a classy party, ask your girls to try out your own versions of the masked eye-makeup look! Or create your own unique eyeliner look!

Hope this inspired you! If you created your own bold looks using eyeliner or makeup, do include me in your Instagram caption @shilpaahujadotcom, and use #DareToBeBold and I may just double-tap your pic!!

Muaah XOXO 🙂

Makeup Photo-Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes

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I was wearing:
Black silk top: Van Heusen
Black slit long skirt: Zara
Pearl-cluster necklace: Aldo

Pencil eyeliner: M.A.C. Modern Twist Kajal Liner Long Espresso
Red Lipstick and Lipliner: MAC Lip Care- Lip Pencil- Brick
Red Lipstick: Retro Matte Liquid Lip color Quite the Standout
Foundation: L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation
Face Powder: Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Compact Powder Makeup
Bronzer: DiorSkin Nude Tan Matte Sun Powder
Mascara: Clinique High Impact Mascara
Blush: Clinique Blush & Cheek Powder Blush
Nail Lacquer: O.P.I. Dutch Tulips

Photo Credits: The Guy

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