Keeping Up with the Velvet Fashion Trend

From dresses to accessories to velvet trimmings, here are the top velvet looks for 2017. Wear the velvet fashion trend this festive season!


We wanted to save this fall trend for the last, right before we got into the holiday season.

This luxurious fabric has been the talk of Fall/Winter 2016-17 and it’s not fading anytime soon. Fashion seems to have reclaimed the fabric and is giving this classic number a whole new look. Back in the day, we saw structured dresses, straight skirts and fancy blazers made out of velvet and being a very tricky fabric that it is, it has been out of our wardrobes for years.

But if you are as excited as I am, wait no further….

Designers such as Fendi, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Gucci, Dries Vann Noten have been making huge waves with the velvet fashion trend. Giving us statement scarves to incredible dresses, embroidered jackets to embossed suits.

The Velvet Fashion Trend for Fall/Winter 2016-17

All Velvet Dresses

One of my favorite looks is to go all velvet. It makes you feel bold and classy yet leaves you looking elegant. Of course there is a velvet dress for every occasion. Wearing that perfect Armani for something formal or looking simply casual with Valentino or just dressing up for the perfect occasion with velvet party dress.

Velvet Mix and Match

If going all velvet is not your thing, then we could mix and match your statement velvet pieces with other garments to create that perfect look. Pair it up with a jacket or may be a casual t-shirt and tone it down a bit.

Patterned Velvet

Bring out the beauty of this fabric with on the surface patterns such as pre-pleats, embossed and burnt out textures. Try this trend on dresses, suits and pants and watch the velvet do all the talking.

Velvet Paired with other Fabrics

This being another variation of mixing and matching, velvet fabrics have been paired up with other fabrics to create beautifully balanced gowns that compliment just the right amount of velvet in them.

Surface Details on Velvet

How about bringing out the best of both worlds with prints and embellishments and a lot of embroidery? Don’t freak out just yet! Take a look at these beauties to actually understand that they look pretty cool.

Accents and Accessories

If not for whole garments, velvet can also be worn in minimal ways. It can be used in many different ways such as jewelry, gloves, stockings, may be just a scarf or velvet patched onto the hem on a cape coat.

So, what do you think about this bold winter trend?? I would love to hear from you, so please do leave your comments below. And if you love the velvet fashion trend as much as I do, then do keep an eye out for an exciting velvet shopping article as well! Cya soon…

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