UrbanClap Review: The Uber of Salons is Here!

It had already been a month since my last salon visit when I downloaded UrbanClap. And any of you whose hair grows quickly enough can imagine that made me look like this!


The service app is for booking professionals like electricians, beauticians, packers, tutors, and their ad had been popping up on my Instagram feed since forever. And although I had had the regular issues with a traditional salon (not getting appointments, closed on Tuesdays and unclear service rates), I just hadn’t tried UrbanClap. Perhaps I was just too lazy to try it before.

So finally, I downloaded it and saw the “Salon at Home” banner link right at the top of the app. I then selected the services I needed – eyebrows, upper-lips and waxing and just added them to cart like products on Amazon!




Within a couple of minutes, I had already booked myself and paid for a beautician for 3pm that afternoon. A sign of relief.

I scrolled through the app to see I also had the option to book everything from a yoga instructor to interior designer and even a lawyer! I could also see the booked professional’s reviews, which were a mix of negative and positive.

And perhaps it was because I went expecting nothing that i was more than pleased by the overall experience. Yasmin may be late, one of the reviews had said. So I called up a half hour before to make sure she’d arrive promptly. She arrived at about 3:20 with her waxing and threading kit.

The service was super-prompt, which was amazing because a) I had to leave for a concert afterwards and b) because it was a good change from my usual salon that makes me spend 30 minutes for eyebrows alone.


salon-eyebrows-fashion-threading-urbanclap-review-shilpa-ahujaHonestly, after a tiring, overwhelming day at work, I never feel like walking to the salon. And weekends are always better spent sleeping, I personally feel.

After doing my eyebrows, Yasmin the beautician laid out a clean white disposable sheet on my bed and set out the wax heater on the nightstand. “What do you do?” she made small talk. I told her I’m a fashion blogger and would be writing about this experience for my readers. “Does it feel satisfying to go to customers’ homes instead of being at a salon?” I asked her. “The income is better than before,” she explained, applying a thin layer of wax on my arm with the back of a butter knife, careful not to burn the skin or drop it on my sheet.

shilpa-ahuja-urbanclap-review-beauty-servies-salon-at-homeA plain and simple alternative to the traditional salon visits, I thought. No frills, no grandeur. Just an affordable and convenient alternative. Just like using an Uber or Ola vs. a regular cab.



I’m thinking I’ll book myself an electrician next. Who needs a boyfriend to replace the light holder when a girl’s got a smartphone?!

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  1. HI….
    UrbanClap has changed its name to Urban Company! We’ve taken a number of precautions to provide a sanitary service experience in the comfort of your own home.


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