UrbanClap Review: The Uber of Salons is Here!

It had already been a month since my last salon visit when I downloaded UrbanClap. And any of you whose hair grows quickly enough can imagine that made me look like this!

how-i-look-without-waxing-threadingurbanclap-reviews-beauty-home-app-screenshop-servicesThe service app is for booking professionals like electricians, beauticians, packers, tutors, and their ad had been popping up on my Instagram feed since forever. And although I had had the regular issues with a traditional salon (not getting appointments, closed on Tuesdays and unclear service rates), I just hadn’t tried UrbanClap. Perhaps I was just too lazy to try it before.

So finally, I downloaded it and saw the “Salon at Home” banner link right at the top of the app. I then selected the services I needed – eyebrows, upper-lips and waxing and just added them to cart like products on Amazon!




Within a couple of minutes, I had already booked myself and paid for a beautician for 3pm that afternoon. A sign of relief.

I scrolled through the app to see I also had the option to book everything from a yoga instructor to interior designer and even a lawyer! I could also see the booked professional’s reviews, which were a mix of negative and positive.

And perhaps it was because I went expecting nothing that i was more than pleased by the overall experience. Yasmin may be late, one of the reviews had said. So I called up a half hour before to make sure she’d arrive promptly. She arrived at about 3:20 with her waxing and threading kit.

The service was super-prompt, which was amazing because a) I had to leave for a concert afterwards and b) because it was a good change from my usual salon that makes me spend 30 minutes for eyebrows alone.


salon-eyebrows-fashion-threading-urbanclap-review-shilpa-ahujaHonestly, after a tiring, overwhelming day at work, I never feel like walking to the salon. And weekends are always better spent sleeping, I personally feel.

After doing my eyebrows, Yasmin the beautician laid out a clean white disposable sheet on my bed and set out the wax heater on the nightstand. “What do you do?” she made small talk. I told her I’m a fashion blogger and would be writing about this experience for my readers. “Does it feel satisfying to go to customers’ homes instead of being at a salon?” I asked her. “The income is better than before,” she explained, applying a thin layer of wax on my arm with the back of a butter knife, careful not to burn the skin or drop it on my sheet.

shilpa-ahuja-urbanclap-review-beauty-servies-salon-at-homeA plain and simple alternative to the traditional salon visits, I thought. No frills, no grandeur. Just an affordable and convenient alternative. Just like using an Uber or Ola vs. a regular cab.



I’m thinking I’ll book myself an electrician next. Who needs a boyfriend to replace the light holder when a girl’s got a smartphone?!

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  1. Naveen Jain

    November 15, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    I have also used UrbanClap I used their home cleaning service.

  2. Akshita

    November 15, 2018 at 11:45 am


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